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ALIVE ‘Words and Music by BARRY GIBI and MAURICE GIB! Slowly But you've got to live (© 1972 Gi8B BROTHERS MUSICLTD. ‘Administered in Due USA. by Cores Misc Inc, ; ne ee ig if little bit fast - ‘cause you’vegot a lit-tle less time to go. _ SO A ext tft it fae {et T ain't lost and I ain't search - ing, et fae He but then youknow me ver - y well. B/Dt Cm siti ca i And I can’t change the wind and make it blow the oth -er And I can’t change the world_ and make it go the oth-er that Pm a live and that’s all, that I can getup just as fast as I fall. walk and run butI’ll nev-er crawl. ‘And in the end it does-n’t mat-ter at all.