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DRIVING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Words and Music by CHRIS REA Amaip A Amaip driv ing home for Christ - mas oh 1 can't Top to toe in tail - backs Top to toe in tail - backs oh 1 got NNuty pobrane = htp:kwwwe.nuty gop. tp:ikwwwe. nity. org wait to see—those fa. = ces, red lights alla - round, — red lights all a - round, — ‘Ammaio A Ama Hl 1] ERB raf driv - ing home for — Christ- mas well I'm soon there'll be a_ free = way get my driv- ing home — for — Christ- mas eet my mov ing down. that line feet on ho - ly ground feet on ho - ly ground. chiar Fim? Bm? Bsus fH eae ffitit fe — the time a you near me, 1 sing this, get song when 1 through Esuss ay - Ea ae ('m) driv - ing home for Christ - Amaia a Anais ; 's going to 'Driv-ing home for take some time. — but TH get there. Christ -mas. 72 Dai? Ds. Amajo J {itd eae With a thou-sand = me- mor - ies Amsig cap ae iy | at et ae 42 === eS = = 2 =e yea 1 take @ look at the dri ver next to me, Ding? De Jessie the Daj? just the same. 73 fo wt ou cfs cag it i ee cova i an is a —— He’s just the same. Christmas. Dma? ttt an He's driv-ing home, — driv-ing home for SS