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. UCO BANK Regional Office 2 Alimedabag Prag 1of 7 ‘Terms & Conditions-M/s GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt.ttd, ‘Blo.StXavier’s High School Road,Ahmedapad = ANNEXURESI. NCTION SECURITY, TERMS AND CONDITIONS NAME OF BORROWER: MiS GMBELL HEALTHCARE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED. ACCOUNT WITH ST.XAVIER'S HIGH SCHOOL, ROAD, AHMEDABAD BRANCH, FACILITY. { Rese ofiy | | Amount ~~~} Rs 30 Lacs (Re-Thanty Lacs Onyy mary Sceriy | Hypliosation a enire Raw Maieals, Work Proc, Fished Goods Spares aed Pas | e and. Consunable Stores. Exclasve st chage on ene Curent Asses By wy oF Iypothcaion of socks of Import Indigenous Ras- Marl semi fnshal poode finiked goods stores and spares, pockiog mae and al ter Curent Assets ord {party's premises and ox escwhere icing thos nasi ofthe pay/borowee, Wargin | Stock- Minimum 25% interest Be per Ge OF wasouit. Credit rating oF account Bones] om PaNTOy Bs STTTET] GG is “Av” as such present applicable ste of intrest is 1% above BPLR ie. @ | 2.00% per annum on monthly rest suiject 10 changesevision to be made by the baak/RB! | ORS ls fom antotnen eset rice charges ~~ [AS per Bank's niles eG R5 100 per Rail Lae or part thereollls J/O00I-Na be recoweroT? | wpient for m the pany. | insurance Entre Stocks (Ve: Raw Wiaicnala/Work in Procoss and Finished Goods and Siri) we to be i fully insured against sk of fire, flood, earthquake and other risks im a comprehen | manner with Bank clause. Place of storage to be mentioned inthe Insurance poly and copy | of cover noternsurance policy should be hept with branch recon TT REO aes Ty as OT Primary Security eaice Book Bebis oF the panty” Hiowescr Tint maybe allowed oar] Book Debts ofthe party ol more tan 90 days | [Margin ~~] Book Bebis” Minimam 508% a / [Taierest H rating Of account. Credit rang of acount Wa Seal Oo PI ray Hes | Diprovees | BaeaTe Arte ath pen mpeae mc af moss eS : ce tema aa oe tnt eee em yee | Saviee ages spar aS aR PEERS T Lae or part Herc (RS IDOOR) to be racpvera UCO BANK Regional Office ‘Ahmedabad Paoe 2 of 7 ‘Terms & Conditions-M/s GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt.Ltd, ‘Blo.:St Xavier's High School Road, Ahmedabad PACILITY- 3: Nature of facility ‘Term Loan for construction of Factory Building having project cost oF Rs.70 Lace and Purchase of Plant and Machineries, Fumiture and Fixtures, Elect Insal lectric. Installation, Laboratory and Testing Machines, Air Conditioners and Air Conditioner Plat, Water and Ait Handling Systems and other fixed assets financed by us having project cost of Rs 114 Lacs approxinuately as per estimates subinitied by the party “Amount Rs 130100 Lacs (Rs One hundred thay Lacs Only Primary Security Viypoihccation of eave Plant and Na | Margin ~~] agin conrbtion would be 31% of Taal Pojes Cos and 3550 of Taal Sou oT ies, Fumitare and Fixtures, Electric Installation, Laboratory and Testing Machines, Ait Conditioners and Air Conditioner Plant, Water and Air Handing Systems and other fixed assets financed by us having Project cost of Rs. 114 Lacs approximately as per estimates submitted by the pany, Factory Land, Factory Building, Plant and Machinery and Mise Fixed Assets. Tnterest, As pet Credit Rating of account. Credit Rating oF account Based Gy PONE pessnes ex ‘Wer is *A*" a such preset ppb ale of nes 98 above BPLR WO se fem Spread ie. @ 12.30% per anni on monthly rest subject to changetevision to be 3 ‘ade by the bank/RBI from time to time cts sole discretion COLLATERAL SECURITY FOR ALL THE CREDIT FACIL! Rojec z charged | As per Bank's rules. 1e.@ Tw of Term Loan Limit sanctioned subjest to maximum of 82 for Term | Rs.1.00 Lacs (i.e. Rs1,00,0001-) to be recovered upfiont from the party | Eniire Fixed Assets of tie Company (ce. Rntre Plant & Machinery, Miso Fixed Assets and Factory Building) to be flly insured against risk of fire, flood, earthquake, theft and | bother probable risks ia comprcheisive rsanner with greed bank claves ) “The entire tenn Loan shall be repaid by the company with ina maximum 60 equated ‘moathly instaliments commencing ftom April 2006,During moratorium period company | shall repay interest amount as and when charged, su WITH ROG: © All the above credit facilities will be secured by exclusive first charge on company's entire current (present and future) as well as entire fixed assets (present and future) and our exclusive first charge on company’s current and Gixed assets will be registered with R.O.C, with in # one ‘month from the date of ereation of our charge. ® Immovable property situated at Survey No-427ipaiki, Sub Plot No348 & 346, at Mahagujarat Industrial Estate, Village Moraiya, Taluke Saoand, District Ahmedabad is in the aame of the ‘company as such our equitable mortgage charge on said immovable property must be registered with in 30 days from the creation of equitable mortgage with the Registrar of Companies, Abmedabad. * guide Monge of land simeasing aout $106 10 Sat. a Suey Nedra, Sub Py? ® Noa45 & 346, situted at Mahagujarat Industrial Fate, Village Morava, Taluka Sanand, Dist /— c+ Ahmedabad in the name of the company and construction thereon. (Purchase price of said land as ple C' Sale Dood is Rs-4.28 Lacst Cost of Stainp Rs.0.60 Lacs and cost of construction projected in projet’ report of Rs.70.38 Lacs R13 86 Lacs) % Equitable morgage of resident Ral admeasuring 145 Sq Yes iat at 13.Shivam Apa 18'Supadiya Colony Near Setar Patel Colony Narapora Atmedavad0 O13 in De name ot SM Hien Viphumar Dost having vile of Rs 160 Cavs mer bans approved vale SHAR ¢ Sharp de 260204 wn ase al HEA : reputed Gannoed efor eee ental Taxauah, lt Awe \encdd won\cone omen} SERIE toe fs eat weg th up-Redeado. | 4 UCO BANK Regional Office Ahmedabad Page 3 of 7 Terms & Conditions-M/s GY althcare (India) Pvt. Se eee Hata nd Reith # Be Ciel Repo ded OF OTHDOS propanad by the branch] Name of Director 1) Mr ten” Vijaykumar Doak ) Nie layeah Rana cha Cae STANDARD COVENANTS: % Reaoh of the propery offered as Pry as well a Collar secur should be made by the Bank though See ABMOved lawyer and the Search Centtcae shoals ene « erty is free from any cncumbrances and / oF Ltigation and that (2) clear makewole Pe 1s available and thatthe ite docuneasptiable mortage, up tothe station of Seach Narre oy borrower shall furnish ‘te docimens in orignal tothe Baus ay be equa p Roa ee the said purpose 2) aluation ofthe properties offered bythe company a coltteral county will be made by the Bank trough pan apProved Vales to verify and satisfy themselves about ie ey ee value of the propery. The pepe sal orisha he documents in orginal the Bak af be Fequited by the bank forthe said © Qian advised to creat valid and proper equitable morgage on above refered immovable properties any eas of Term Loan. For creation of valid and props couse ‘mortgage, branch is advised 0 DpPmBE cedure as contained in Manual of tnstwatons Vol Vf teen ee, (Part), Chapter-12 O De Gibersencat of Tern Logo shall be made on reimbursement basis on the strength oF capita re won aera onthe project a per Chartered Accountants confiat subeiand eae company for Re grk already done til the date of disbursement To aval the abuse ne company shall submit CA Carntcae ane Yalation of site development work and buldig conatacnos eo Mee goer ocd nate, THe disbursement shall be made in provata to the pommtee come eee and invested inthe projet as per the C.A. Cerificate for disbursement purer © oeee aman Shall subat copy ofall the neces approvals. Licence obsined form respective Government Deparanent for the projec. 5 Zam Loan wil be disbursed in phase mamer taking in t0 consideration the proportionate margin seaniog ous in bythe party as envisaged inthe means of seine ot he Project at each stage of ispursement and after necesary verification ofthe assctstnachine ite, quotation invoicefills ee Ther etlsation ofthe fund. Payment wil be made dicey 10 the eppic no one necessary at each state of disbursement, All original urchased out of bank finance should be hept manne ea, tll rise promote'scowtibution for meting working. capital margin money in phased fealines CMe Working capital margin shall be raised belore release oF 100% oy he ‘working capital facilities. 1) Any escalation in projet cost willbe met by the Company from 1) Cash Credit limit may be released nly afler completion of factory building as per approved by competer Far mare Goverment nsalation of al Plan and Machin and tec otey oe Drug Licence {or manufacture Medicinal /Phamaceutcal Oinimons an Couns owed Ie Se Government in favour ofthe company. and Mise Assets and Stock wil ake loodiriovmalicious damage risk relevant policies as well as im the \W 2 AN the premises/fctory building, plant and machinerievequipoents Somprebensively insured against fie and allied sks includ cart in the name of the company. Bank's interest shall be reconsed on i Hooks ofthe insurance company and copy ofthe policy shall be kept on hanks een \ UCO BANK Regional Office Ahmedabad Tem & Condon. Se ec ‘Bla.:StXavier’s High School Road.Ahmedahad ) The 8a the hs to mainainunsocuted oan to the rune of seas of R26 1m) Valuation of Goods of the Company isto be done as under: & Raw Materia: At cost, curent market rates, Govt Conirot rates or invoice rates whichever be the lowest. 2 ‘Stock-in-Process: Raw material at cost plus factory overheads *% Fiisbed Goods: At com, markt rs, Gov. Cour rat, Firms sling pice whichever isthe lowes, Maen ool Bank: St.Xavirs High Schoo! Road, Almedatudl Branch and Goods at mat ee no Mechineres are bypothecated to UCO Bank, t Xavier's High School Road, Ahmedabad Bresckee Guual Interest as per Bank's extant guidelines given in Head Office Circular No CHO/ADV/40/2000-2001 deren 3/2001, and Loan Policy Docurmens-20022003 should be recovered in ease of excets drawing! Unpaid stocks ae to be excluded from advance value while computing Drawing Powerin other words Cash Credit (Hypothceation of Stocks) limit may be allowed to the party only against paid stock and afer ‘Providing necessary margin as per terms of sanction, details as above. *)_ Stock inspection will be conducted by the branch Offical/Manager ofthe branch atleast once in a month at ‘tregula intervals. The Bank wil conduct Sock/Receivables Audit once in a year, if so desires 'e *) Inspection of Fined Assos, Plant and Machinery fnanced by our bank es © Ts cath Credit imi against Book Debs not mor than 90 days may be allowed tothe party only afer ‘aigtzning minimum margin of 50%. The branch should create a charge on Book Debts by excsusen of ‘special letter of hypothecation, which must be stamped as an agreement. ¥) The Company /borrower should be ‘of the company on every month ™) Branch should depute a senior officer ev ©) A emiment of Book Debts duly certified by Chartered Accountant regarding the age of the book des, ‘Quality et. should be obtained every quarter from the borrower, : 9) Goods received under DALC remaining uopuid shoud be exch fom the valu hf aiving drawing power. However, such goods should be shown separatcly in th ony i 4 UCO BANK Regional Office Boge 5 of 7 “Tons & Conditions: M/s GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pv... Bla.iSt Xavier's High Schoo) Road, Ahmedabad 2 Reps Misbursement of loan Branch shoud obtain an undertaking fromthe company and its directors tht LES Dereyy Someta with any conceralcompany/ccounts sypewes arpa Wilfal Defaulters ‘Lis/RBI Defaulter List and ECGC Specific Approval Lin information Opinion on BA format form existing Bankers of the DirccorParacrbre as ankets of sistevassocited concemed in which, Drees eye company is eee ne Proprctor and Manages tnust ensue and satiny elf ene of the account as bP) MCMR statement of account should be submited by dhe branch to the General Manager (Operation), Heed Obie under advice wo Regional Ofice, Ahmedabad, Ahmedaad on cock renee (oP days from ‘he completion ofthe month 1o which it relates. ese, of Suton: The sanction wil require revalidation ater expiry of tne (2) months fom dae of Foo th das ches sameoNeM in vou of the party isnot eased with 8 peiod ef de ae fom the date of sanction. GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SANCTION 1 Be Ban wil have the righ o examine at all times, the company’s books of socounts and to have the Somony’s factories inspected fiom time to time, by ofice(s) ofthe Bank and fr qualified sudtees og capeTent auditors appointed by the Bank and / or technical expers and! or management comealong Cr ‘other persons ofthe Bank’s choice. Cost of such inspections wil be bom bythe eerpary 2. The borrower should furnish an undertaking to dhe Bank thot 0 shall wot use short term funds for long-term purposes, G@® sal not create any further charge on ts fined and curentastets without prior consent of the Bank 5. aig the cureney ofthe Bank's Credit facilis, the company will not, without the Bank's prior permission in writing: {& Effect any change in the company’s capital structure; Fommulate any scheane of amalgamation of reconstruction and effecting any merger oF acquisition; ‘® Enter into borrowing arrangement either secured of unsecured with any other Bank finoncal instiutons: & Undertake guaranice obligations on behalf of any other company, fm or person; ‘* Greate any Tuner charge, len or encumbrance over the asst and properties ofthe company to be Names: 1. Mr. Jayeshbhai . 2. Mr. Hirenbhai » 3. Mr. Bharat Rami > 4. Mr. Vivek Rami FOLLOWING POINTS DISCUSSED AND AGREED: 1) M/s. Yash International would be the Marketing Agent of M/s. Universal Impex, for thé States of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. For other states, the marketing rights will be decided with mutual consent. ‘The Letter of appointment will be issued by M/s. Universal Impex. 2) Mis Universal Impex would be paying 4% overriding commission to M/s. Yash International for the sales from other than Gujarat. The commission would be paid on quarterly basis after realization of payment and after deduction of applicable taxes as per Govt. rules. 3) __ Pricing Structure for the States other than Gujarat: Rate offered to Yash + 4% addition (minimum) or more as per the instruction of Yash on product to product basis. 4) Credit Period’: 30 days ftom the date of LR. 2% cash discount will be allowed ffom invoice to invoice, for advance payment. 5) Collection: ‘ollection of payment will be the responsibility of M/s. Yash. 6) __ Freight: Upto March'2006 transportation charges will be bome by Universal. After that, the same discussed and decided mutualiy, iooking w the average transportation cost on all India basis, seneesnes (Ep SuBEL Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. —————————— GuaeutS DERMATOLOGY AND SKINCARE To, UNIVERSAL IMPEX vT. 1&od zee MUMB. owned by Universal Impex. We confi of executl (0471072003 was to Bi 1) Healthcare (0). Pv aasvcrpcture the products of Universal Impex bearihe its trade marks. Yo Fointed out 0 us about te dispute amongst the pariners of Universi IMPS We have cine received a letter Dtd 28/09/2006 from Mr. Satish Meha We hereby confir “and not for any aaher puroe I Impex schedule to the agreemen’ is Uni cade 2x. We confirm that s by virlue of the proprietor of the m We have no claim, tite, im manufacturing the products fight, title and interest in the mark: agreement Thanking you. For Gmbell wea Director TRUE COPY QAR By rodls U. R. BHATT NOTARY GOVT. OF GUJARAT Agi g)o% otce 297, AeandMangh Caplan, hid Siar Hoan, Nea Sess Cht Raa, Roe Naan, ANA! ‘one O782essa624 Fax 079 20463107 Janay Road Mri, Crangoda, Taluka Saad, Ost Anas Too ronene sano vioasewran | Facory Plat No. S046 Mahouara in Esta, Sf int tee Veer Savara Mag, Prabhadon, Mumba! a a I al 7~~ Ve "0d oe No. Mfg/G.M. Bell/J-2/ 2B, COMMISSIONER of me Re eee. Food & Drugs Control Administration, a Gujarat State, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, ae a 1" floor, Dae Ma G.M. Bell Healtheare = Prt. 1 Lt, 345-346, Mahagujarat Ind. Estate, we FO erovents 2924 fede cieloc Moraiya, Dist. Ahmedabad. Sub: -Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 and Rules thereunder. To stop manufacturing & Sale of Clobet GM skin cream. Dear Sir, ‘With reference to the above, you are asked to stop manufacturing/sale & distribution of Clobet GM skin cream, as same brand of product clobet GM skin cream manufactured by different manufacturer is available in the market till further order, Yours faithfully, 44° : BY. ee For Joint Coftimistfoner (Drugs), Food & Drugs Control Administration. 5B No-Mfg/G.M.BelVJ-2/ Se eee tee re Pee eett Commissioner, Food &Drugs Administration (MS), BandleKurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai-400005 for information with reference to your ietter No. DCA/474/08/Zone-. Food & Drugs Control Administration. A GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. $$$ > » GMBELL © DERMATOLOGY AND SKINCARE 12° May, 2008. To, The Commissioner, Food & Drug Control Administration, Maharashtra State, Bandra. Mumbai . ‘Sub.:- Release of Prohibited product Ae GM. Cream manufactured by us. Respected Sirs, We hereby request you to release our product Clobet ~ GM Cream which was prohibited by your office. The product is requested to release on the ground of below mentioned clarifications. 1. The product which is probibited is lying at transporter godown where proper storage condition is not maintained. 2. ‘The product is excise paid goods and hence itis a huge monatory loss to us, 3, The product is bearing expiry date and hence if not disposed will be a national wastage, ‘Under this circumstances once again we request your good self to allow us to call back the goods. We have already recalled the said product from distributor. ‘At present we have stopped manufacturing of this product, there by this product is not available in the market. You are requested to do the needful at earliest and oblige. ‘Thanking you, Cordially yours, & we pee ¢ Hiren Doshi. Director. Cte 207 Anand Mangal Comper. ehing Omar House, Hon Sask Char Rasa, CG. Road, Navangoura, Ahmed Phone O79 » 26460624 «Fax '079 - 26463107 ee ee ee eimeeat ian came ee COMMISSIONER of, Food & Drugs Control Administration Block No.8," floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, GANDHINAGAR.- 382.010 DATE: "9.0 OCT 200 Ms4 BY REGD.A.D. No.MFG/Loan Lig UNIVERSAL/ G7 44 ai To, INIVERSAL PHARM. HAPAT H-IV, OPP KARNAVATI CLUB, . LTHCARE (INDIA ) PVT. LTD, SUB : Grant of joan licence with M/s. GMBI CHANGODAR, Sir, REF: Your application in form No.24-A & 27-A_, Dated 06/09/2007 Licences as per following details are sent herewith. Further you are also permitted to get your raw materials and finished products tested at any gOVL. approved public testing laboratories holding approval in form 37 under Drugs & Cosmetics Rules 1945 only for those tests which require sophisticated equipments. Yours faithfully, For Commissioner, Food & Drugs Control Administration, Encl:- 1. Original Licences “J, 2. List of Products Approved 3. Draft Labels 5) NoMFG/Loan Lic/UNIVERSAL/Gonbell HOPE) 1 GANDHINAGAR. Dt.- Copy with a copy of approved list of products forwarded to 1). The Assistant Commissioner, AHMEDABAD 2) The Statistical Cell, (G-Branch) 3) GMBELL HEALTHCARE (INDIA ) PVT. LTD.. 345 / 346, MAHAGUJARAT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SARKHEJ BAVLA ROAD, MORAIYA CHANGODAR- 382 213, For Colpmissioner, Food & Drugs Cohtrol Administration. ERESH LICENCE FORM 25-A (See Rate 70-A) Loan Licence to manufacture for sale (or for distribution) of drugs other than those specified in Schedule C, C(1) and X Number of licence and date of issue No G/25A/3746-A Dated -24/10/2007 2. DIRECTORS of M/s. UNIVERSAL PHARMA is hereby granted Loan licence to manufacture the following drugs being drugs other than those specified in Scheduled C, C(), and X to the Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945, on the premises situated at B-701 SHAPATH-IV, OPP KARNAVATI CLUB, S.G. ROAD, AHMEDABAD - 380.051. Clo Mis. GMBELL_ HEALTHCARE (_INDIA_) PVT. LTD., 345 / 346, MAHAGUJARAT_ INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. SARKHEJ BAVLA ROAD. MORATYA CHANGODAR- 382 213,. under the direction and supervision of the following competent technical staff: (a) Competent technical staff (Names) Approved technical person of GMBELL HEALTHCARE ( INDIA ) PVT. LID.,CHANGODAR.DIST- AHMEDABAD (b) Names of Drugs As Per List Approved & Annexed 3. ‘The licence authorizes the sale by way of wholesale dealing and storage for sale by the icensee of the drugs manufactured under the licence, subject to the conditions ™~M 5 Jc licenegis subject¥S,\\ conditions stated below and to such other conditions as may the rane ithe time being in force under the Drags and Cosmetics Act, oe | ee Designation: Commissioner, Food & Drugs Control! Administration, Gujarat State. Date- 29/10/200" Conditions of Licence 1, Thisticence and any certificate of renewal in force shall be kept on the approved premises and shall be produced on er the Drugs and Cosmeties Act, 1940, aff named in the licence shall be forthwith reported tothe Licensing operating under the licence. Where any change inthe constitution ofthe firm takes place, the current licence shal be deemed to be valid for a maximum period of three months from the date on which the change takes place uatess, ia the meantime, «fresh licence has been taken from the Licensing Authority in the name of the firma with the changed constitution, FOCAGIUARATIS 28A1372 FORM 28-A (See Rule 76-A) Loan Licence to manufacture for sale (or for distribution) of drugs specified in Schedule C, C (1) excluding those specified in schedule X 1. Number of licence and date of issue No G/28A/4447 -A Dated -24/10/2007 2. DIRECTORS of M/s. UNIVERSAL PHARMA is hereby granted a Loan licence to manufacture on the premises situated at B-701, SHAPAT H-IV, OPP KARNAVATI CLUB, S.G. ROAD, AHMEDABAD - 380 051. Cio Ms. GMBELL_ HEALTHCARE (_INDIA_) PVT. LTD., 345 /_ 346. MAHAGUJARAT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, SARKHEJ BAVLA ROAD, MORAIYA CHANGODAR- 382 21 the following drugs being drugs specified in schedules C & C(1) (Excluding those specified in sch. X ) to the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945. Names of Drugs : As Per List Approved & Annexed 3. Names of approved competent (echnical staff: Approved technical person of GMBELL HEALTHCARE (INDIA ) PVT. LTD. CHANGODAR. DIST- AHMEDABAD 3.A_ The licence shall be in force From 24/10/2007 To 23/10/2012 izes the sale by way of wholesale dealing by the licensee and storage seme: Pbegnen Designation Commissioner Food & Drugs Control Administration Gujarat State, ‘ 2. har sh xs oo OTIS Date- 29/10/2007 Conditions of Licence 1, This Hence and any certificate of renewal in force shall be Kept on the approved premises and shal be produced at the request of a Inspector appointed under the Drugs and Cosmeties Act, 1940. 2, Ifthe licensee wishes to undertake during the eurrency of the licence to manufacture any drug spesiied Schedule C and/or C(1) not included above, he should apply to the Licensing ‘Authority forthe necessary endorsement as provided in Rule 5(A). This licence willbe deemed to extend to the items roendorsed. 13. Any change inthe (competent technical staff shall be forthwith reported to the Licensing Authority ‘4. The licensee shall inform the Licensing Authority in writing inthe event of any change inthe consttation ofthe firm operating under the licence. Where any change inthe constitution ofthe firm takes place, the current cence shall be {deemed to be valid for a maximum period of three months from the date on which the change takes place unless, in the meantime, » fresh licence has been taken from the Licensing Authority in the name ofthe firm with the changed constitution, FDCAIGUSARATASA,28A372 Universal Pharma Office 8/701, 7* Floor Shaphath 1V,Opp Karanavati club, 5.G. Highway Road, Ahmedabed. Mumbai 202, Ridhi Sidhi ivas, Old prabhadevi Road, Mumbai - 400 025. List product to be manufactured by us which are falling under other than schedule C & C1 & excluding schedule X on loan license at M/s. GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. , ta : sanand, Dist : Ahmedabad In form No 25-A Under license No : G/ A/ 3 744-A 01. _| Diclofenac Diethylamine Gel Diclofenac diethylamine 6.P. 1.16 % w/w BP | Eq, to diclofenac sodium 1.00 % w/w Gel base as. __|ENAC GEL ______| |___ — - {92 | Diclofenac Diethylamine || Diclofenac diethylamine 6.P. 1.16 % w/w jOleum Lini, Methy Salicyate, | | Eq. to diclofenac sodium 3.00 % w/w Menthol & Benzyl Alcohol Gel | | Oleum Lini (containing Predominantly Alpha Linolenic acid ) 3.00 % w/w ENAC GEL EXCEL Methyl salicytate IP 10.00 % w/w | Menthot 1° 5.00 % w/w Benzyl alcohol 1P 1.00 % w/w | | | (as preservative) Gel base 4s: 03 Silver sulphadiazine USP 1.00 % w/w Cream base Qs t c - os 04 | Silver sulphadiazine and Silver sulphadiazine USP 1.00 % w/w chorhexidine gluconate | | Chlorhexidine gluconate solution IP cream Eq. to chlorhexidine gluconate 0.20 % w/w Cream base Qs. SILVOGLE CREAM _ e 05 | PERMETHRIN CREAMS % | | Each gm contains : | Permethrin 50mg .| PERMODERM. Preservative Methyl paraben IP :2mg Propyl paraben IP :0.8mg | | | Ina perfumed cream base : QS 27 | Colour : Sunset yellow UNDERTAKING i \ i ‘the above are only the product to be manufactured by us at present. Any ltition to or Geleion there i Trans test aot be Gone without prior permission of the commissioner, Food & Org Control Administatiiy Gujarat state, Gandhinagar. \" ¢ Heat ta tir ae products ore safe for use in content of active ingredients, Dhormacestials ales used inthe fowmulation FOR, universal Pharma wk For Commissioner Feed & Drugs Contro! Administrati® Guiarat State 24 oct 200772 23 OCT 2012 Universal Pharma Office 8/701, 7* Floor Shaphath 1V,Opp Karanavati club, 5.6. Highwoy Road, Ahmedabad. Mumbai 202, Ridhi Sidhi Nivas, Old prabhadevi Road, Mumbal - 400 025, } eee List product to be manufactured by us which are falling under schedule c & C1 & excluding schedule X on loan license at M/s. GIMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. , ta: sanand, Dist : Ahmedabad In form No 25-A Under license No : G/A/ 3446-8 [06. [Aciclovir c | | Aciciovir Bp 5.0 % wlw | | SICLOVIR CREAM | [Weter miscible base as | j | Ketoconazcie 1P 20% wor | | | [Cream base ae ee | (08. ~ FAllantoin with Allantoin &P 502% wi | | urea cream Dimethicone 1P 1.0 % wap | | } | Urea 1P 10.0 % w/w | \ SILODERM FOOT CREAM | | Propylene Giyeol IP | SG vs ui ' | Glycerin iP 5.0 % w/ | Liquid Paraffin IP: 8.0% w/w : | Cream base :QS.« | Hydrous Benzoyl Peroxide BP | Benzoyl peroxide gel BP Equivalent to anhydrous | — 1 BENZOXIDE 2.5 GEL | Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% wiv | || Mater colle tase as | 10 | Cetyl Alcohol and stearyi | Cetyl Alcohol iP 2.650 96 7 [7° Root tation | Steary Alcohol P9360 96 n/a | | | Lotion base Qs | I | MOSTAC-Cs LOTION oe I UNDERTAKING {orm stal ot be done without rior permission ofthe commissioner, Fos Speck Canton enc Gujarat state, Gandhinagar, 4 We declare thatthe products are safe for use in content of active ingredients pharmaceuticals aids used in the formulation. FoR nv gs a sure OO ; Se For Commissioner feed 4 Drugs Control Administration Guiarat State The ebove are only the product to be manufactured by us at present Any of to or Sesigon there iddjtives ana o Universal Pharma Universal Pharma Office 8/701, 7” Floor Shaphath IV,Opp Karanavati club, $.G. Highway Road, Ahmedabad, Mumbai 202, Ridhi Sidhi ivas, Old prabhadevi Road, Mumbai - 400 025. List product to be manufactured by us which are falling under other than schedule C & C1 & excluding schedule X on loan license at M/s. GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. , ta : sanand, Dist : Ahmedabad In form No 25-A Under license No : G/.A/344(,-9 [11 — [Sodium fasidate ointmentg > | | Sodium Fis | | SODATE 2 % OINTMENT | H 2 | Mometasone Furoate Cream |] | | | Cream base | | MOFU-GM CREAM | | Preservatives j | | Methy! 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