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eS GMBELL Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. $$» JERMATOLOGY AND SKINCARE CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF THE RESOLUTION PASSED IN THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING HEALD ON 7" SEPTEMBER, 2007 AT THE REGISTERED OFFICE OF THE COMPANY AT 11:30 AJM. “RESOLVED THAT, the name of Mr Jayant N. Shah isto be included as director of te company in the current Ac No.026102000004077 with IDBI bank RESOLVED THAT, a current Bork Aecount No.026102000004077 of the Company with TDBI Bank, Prabhedevi Branch, Mumbai is now onwards be end is hereby authorized to honour all Cheque, bills of exchange and promissory. notes drawn, accepted or made on behalf of the Company by any two the Following Greco of the ‘company jointly : i 1) Mrdayesh K. Menta 2) MrJaykant N Shah 4 oo\ 3) Mriren V, Doshi ‘And to act on any instructions so civen relating to the said account whether the same be overdrawn or not relating to the transaction ofthe Company.” “FURTHER RESOLVED, the name of Mrs. Nisha J. Mehta is to be deleted for the ‘records of IDBI bank, as she has resigned as a crector ofthe company. FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, MrHiren V, Doshi, Director of the Company be and is hereby authorized to forward a certified true copy of the said resolution to the said Bank to act upon the same.” CERTIFIED TRUE COPY FOR oc (INDIA) PvT LTD, eo DIRECTOR. ‘once 207. ran Haga Coro Baia Ona ue: ea SW Gos Fas. Pb Nemagp. Aad 380. ‘Prone ‘679 Sass sFax O78. Sas1oF ‘Fury Peto 345946 hai i. Ele Sa Bava Re. Ma, Chard Taka Sra Dt Amada 202218. 'o."42 Ungsnars! En On Yr Sarr Mars Peo Mus 42 Prove 26 169842102029