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7 Ke August. Crude Sep S&P 500 Aug Gold Earns | ys es Y PRS | gat | p20s 9524 | 1471 | 93786 [si] |e} ness Y [1962-5] (263-5 SLE = 1960] BH [IRS Tg a) ass | 430 [1288 sing | 17? | #50 w Vv v Sep Mini Dow Dec Corn Nov Soybeans U ines |aet | ag 762. | go |qas bee | 6 | spy Lf pinge | wave 776-50 | TSS? blisss | js97 TM men | | 1729 ror | y yey | 8% lisét Sep Nasdaq Sep Euro FX Sep Silver U 1853 | 925 | jee Capes [872% sso TG ¥.4 | 82°F pp rg v | 1898 | casy [FDIS | 1 se30 L [BOT a cus wiata | HI | Sw L569 24 | 15a vb ined [M37 | pe THE RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING FUTURES,OPTIONS AND SECURITIES CAN BE SUBSTANTIAL. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER SUCH TRADING IS SUITABLE FOR YOU TN LTGHT OF YOUR FTWANCTAT, CONNTTTON August Crude Crude traded in a balanced overnight session with more TPO’s above the Point of control. Value area from 135.90 to 136.60 & a 136.25 point of control. Sep Mini Dow Like the S&P the mini Dow saw some ii ated buying interest early in the overnight ses- sion to auction the market out of the value area, Value area from 11127 to 11211 anda 11175 point of control. Sep mini Nasdaq ‘The Nasdaq saw some decent buying interest luring the Japanese session which allowed a rally with balanced trading since that point, Value area from 1833.5 to 1843.5 and a 1837 point of control. Sep mini S&P 500 The Emini S&P traded in a trending higher session during the overnight markets, Value area from 1245.5 to 1255.5 and a 1251 point of control. Dec Com ‘Dec Com traded in a balanced session over- night with more TPO’s below the POC (lightly bullish). Value area from 705.50 to 712.50 and a 709.50 point of control. Sep Euro FX ‘The Euro traded above 1.57 last night and was immediately met with responsive selling inter- est, Value from 1.5641 to 1.5675 anda 1.5664 point of control. August Gold Gold traded on either side of the value area uring the overnight session with 2 exten- sions. Value area from 929 to 931.80 and a 930.2 point of control. Nov Soybeans Soybeans saw some initiated selling interest at 1556 during the overnight trade and finally balanced outside of the value area low. Value area from 1553 to 1568 and a 1562 point of control. Sep Silver Silver traded in a mostly balanced market dur- ing the overnight session with responsive buy- ing seen below 18.145. Value area from 18.18 to 18.25 and a 18.215 point of control. THE RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING COMMODITIES CAN BE SUBSTANTIAL. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER SUCH TRADING IS SUITABLE FOR YOU IN LIGHT OF YOUR FINANCIAL CONDITION. 44570 ast Ged 13-06 eS {2-43 v Le7ss Ay ly jeer [eglsiss 3% 4 ors J 404s dy b 6.34F GPUS 1784 pate 70a | Tt v4 | jase v THe, FO STS 111198} 1) 5060 [oi ser ove 386 | yo ses] 12° 933 |3. @ina by fp 4678 A jer (4) % joasd livers 4. S Nn 162.5 SfuS 1333 qt (ous Fu”s (36 {ulooo [aus ERDB Set 6S 731 q1e? e764 G132 Wars i (72 Tee $70.5 6B 66aS