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7-2 OM August Crude 4 9 nsx] [752 ff aa (23) 38.39 (e7 i S90 142.26 141.30 MOSd Sep Mini Dow [BQ 1508 &) = [2Y Sep Nasdaq vest ¥ f (8M aul [582 sTbd (4h J865S A [55h nys4 (137 M1316 1882 /863 S425 Sep S&P 500 Aug Gold a NE | Bip] qs J |iaet-s] 2785 ([EAl\¢em.s| 940-0 a Blass. pion [OS [OY tg | BO Dec Corn Nov Soybeans -757 esta| 77 } OO 623.4 16/9 Lies. 5] 74 [Mise 18% G a ¥ | sey 4984 {S88 767 ~ js36 | 48S PP" Sep Euro FX Sep Silver # pstss He | 1.5816 Gnisve |S | eas (a7 ].sxs Lsv7s BV\1172 | 18.18 ~ ESO 4st ss § 17-52 |/406 — THE RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING FUTURES,OPTIONS AND SECURITIES CAN BE SUBSTANTIAL YOU SHOULD THEREFORE CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER SUCH TRADING IS SUITABLE FOR YOU TN T.TeHT OF YONR PTNANCTAT, CONNTTTON August Crude Crude traded in a volatile session testing either side of the value area before the ELA energy report. Today’s value area was 140.60 to 142.70 with a 142.10 Point of Control. Sep Mini Dow The mini Dow sold off away from value late in the session and may be starting another leg, down, Value from 11315 to 11415 & 11355 poc. Sep mini Nasdaq ‘The Nasdaq traded on either side of the value area with a late day break. Value from 1840 to 1871 & 1855 POC. Sep mini S&P 500 ‘The Emini S&P 500 traded in a balanced ses- sion for most of the day and then broke out of value and began a lower trend. Value from 1280 to 1294 & 1285 POC. Dec Com Com traded balanced for the most part with a late day break out with responsive buying to take the contract higher. Value from 757 to 769 & 762.50 POC. ‘Sep Euro FX ‘The Euro continues to trend higher. Value from 1.576 to 1.5820 & 1.5795 POC. August Gold Gold traded in an efficient auction today with more TPO’s above the POC. Value from 937.5 to 944.5 & 941 POC. Nov Soybeans Soybeans continue to trend higher with any sell off being met with responsive buying. Value from 1600 to 1616 & 1609 POC. Sep Silver Silver trade had another “trend up® day with plenty of buying interest on any type of weak- ness. Value from 18.14 to 18.34 & 18.22 POC. THE RISK OF LOSS IN TRADING COMMODITIES CAN BE SUBSTANTIAL. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER SUCH TRADING IS SUITABLE FOR YOU IN LIGHT OF YOUR FINANCIAL CONDITION.