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I'll Stand By You Words and Music by CHRISSIE HYNDE, TOM KELLY and BILLY STEINBERG Moderately slow D Bm A fo D Fem why you look sos the tears are in your G DA A D Bm come on and come to me z ‘And don’t be a-shamed to rt Fim G Bm A let me see you through, ff ff © 1904 €M! MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD. trading at CLIVE BARKS MUSIC LTD. TOM KELLY SONGS ana JERE AWARE {Al RightsReserved International Copyright Secred Used by Permsion| When the night _ falls s F Fim Bm ait know _ what to do, 3 noth-ing you con # G A D> 1. a fo een g =i - a] 7 = fess could make me love you less. V'llstand by you, Vllstand by won't let no-bod-y hurt you, — i - if you're mad, — F SS 7. V'll stand by you. get mad; don’thold it all in - 3 CG Gp aE 2 : SSS eee v et ae 7 z come on and talk to well, P'm a like you. When you're Em Am ae p. ———_——: 2 ; Sy —[——_| Ge ee be ge ——* eS # stand - ing at_ the cross - roads and don’t know which path to choose, let me come a = Ss Sep on PS Gg == long, “cause e- ven if you're wrong, Yl stand by D Bm7 Amz G a ie En Ei . ST 2 take me in in-to your dark-est hour,___—_ and I'll nev-er de-sert__ you,_ T'll stand by when the night falls Fm Bm G _ E. i 5B # — on you, ba-by, you're feel-ing all a - lone, you won’t be on your own, Till stand by 3 Til stand won't let no-bed-y hurt. —— you. Til stand by you, take me in in to your Repeat and Fade Bm7 Am7 G and I'll nev-er de - sert__ Tl stand by