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Bido-the-Bent. Edgar, Meno pitt non a! is no more! Meno ‘Sben-tu -| ra - fot venta | fa - for Oh what | sor- row! ‘Oh what | sor= row! Sven- tu - ra - to! ‘Sven-fa - ra- tol ‘Oh what sor- row! ‘Obwhat sor-row! Moderato. r: ings ag 233 EAgarseousing himset> Tu cheaDiospie - ga - sti Thouhastspreadthy wings to le-l, 0 bal- Yad main . ta, ti rie heay-en, thou spir-it, der, From on oppure BPOSE a fr era > CBE, ae vol-gia me pla - cata, te - co a - scenda, te-coascentailiuo fe - highmid star - ry splendorLook down in _pit-y, look in pit-y and for- Ah! se li-ra dei, mor-ta-li fe- cea noi si cru-da Tho’ by mor-tals doom to -sever, Ours a. lovethat can-not, 4087 guer- ra, se di-vi-si fum-moin ter- ra, ne per — ish, Thee onearth a - lone I cher-ish, Reft. ob 3 Poco pitt mosso, me eS gium- ga il Nu © me in ciel, o bel -Tal-main-na- mo- thee, reft of thee I will not live, no, thou spir- it pure and calando ra-ta, bel Yalmajm-na-mo- ra-fa, ne con-giun-gail Nu-mein ten-der, thou spir- it pure and ten-der, reft of thee, I will not Cora Fag. sustain p> ciel, 0 ‘bel -Yal-majn-na- mo - ra- ta, bel - Yal- main - na - mo- live, no, thou spir - it pure and ten-der, thou spir- it pure and Allegro. ra-ta, ne con-giun-ga il Nu-me in ciel! tender, reft of thee,reft of thee, I'll not live. OnE a Vin & Fag, Bide-the-Bent. #5 se-guo_ For - sen-na- fo! for- sen-na-to! An! che fa- 1? ah! che fol-low. Tempt not heav-en with thy rashness, Ah, thy mad-ness heav'a wil Ant Ghdfa- i? ah! che Chorus. An! thy [mad-ness heavn will ‘Ah! che fa - i? ah! che ‘bl thy mad-ness heavn will =z Bide-the Bent. Edgar. ‘Mo - rir vo-glio,mo- rir vo-glio. Ri Life is hate-fulwhere she is not! Oh, T hb, Fy. Obsete Sf vee ves Eagar (stabs himsainside-the Bent. te, ri-tor-na in te, ri- tor-na in te. No, no, no! grief, "Twasheaven's de-cree;twas heaven's de- cree. No more, no,— ti-tor- ha in te, FT- for- na in | te. grlet, "Twasheav-enb do-ree,twas heaven's de -[cree. te, ,, ‘i-for-ng inte, ri - for-na in te. gtidt, "Twasheav-ens de - crée’twas heavens de- ore # soar Edgar (with broken voice) - A fe ven-go_ Moderato. Larghetto. None shall part us Che fa- ce-stil Fa-tal rashness! Hi Ti-vol-gi, ah! Lookin pit-y, ah, Seia - gu- Day of del. Ah se li - ra dei mor-ta - li give. ‘Thoughby mor - tals doomdto sev- er, Pen-saal ciel. Turn toheav'n. Qua-leorror! Qua-Ieorror! Day of woe! Day of woe! Qua-legrror! Day of woe! jua=Iordori Day of woe! ‘Cette and. 12087 si orm- da guer - love _can- not per - Gh Dio, per do = heavn for - give Yal-ma, ne eon thee, of thee, I junga Pensaaleiel. ‘Turn toheavin, > __———____ ra- tay ten-der, thou spir- it saoa7 il Nume cannot, I can ~ bel - Tal -main-na- mo - pure and 287 ra, ish, na, thee, rqvvivando it tempo in ciel, 0 bel-Talmainna-mo- not _live, oh, thou spirit pure and Ob avn = ly yh Heavn - ly lraveivando it tempo ra- ta, ne ten- der, Reft con - giun-gail Nu-mein of thee, I will not Pen - Ob 288 ——$—$—_—_ orese. bel - Yal-main-na- mo - ra- ta bel - Iul-majn - na- mo - thou spir- if pure and ten-der, thou spir-it pure and a zo Ss 7 aa 7 Z aa ra-ta,______ ne con - giun- ga il Nu-me in ciel! Se di- ten-der,_____reft of thee, reft of thee, I'l not live! ‘Though by ah_ scia- gu - ra-to, pensaaleiel. D- Ob, give, Thou heavi-ly___ mercy, oh for-give, heavy - en, a a the n= topr - crime for - do - fan - tor - > give, the crime for - give, heavy = en, ‘047 239 vi-si _ fummointer-ra _ne con- giun-gailNu - meinciel, ne con-giunga il mortals doomlito sev-er, Reft of thee, bereft of theeyreft of thee,I no per-do- fa, per- do- na tan - to or - ror, forgive him, in mer-cy, do thou for - give, per-do- na, ‘per-do-na tan- - taor-| ror, for-give him, in. mer-cy, oh, for ~ |give, per-do-na tan - fo or - ror, for-give him, in mer-cy, do thou for ~ give, Poco pit ciel, live, soa per = do- na oh heav, in per - do na oh havin, in per ~ do - na oh heav'n, in (Ralls and dips) or - ror! for- give! ‘or -|ror! for-|give! or - For! for - give!

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