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Piano Ballads a es I Want To Know What Love Is ‘Tempo: J+ 82 Te got to take a lit-tle time, a lite | time to think its I better read be-tween the lines need it when Tm old- = Mut un Txt Mick ae © 1987 by SOMERSET SONGS FUBL., EVANSONGS it, ir Deland un oeuopiche Lander: MUSIKVERLAG INTERSONG ‘OMB, Hasbry 67 Now, this moun-tain I must Tm gon-na take a lit tle time, It keepsme It lookslike| love has lite te I Want To Know What Love Is like the world up lirile time to Through the clouds 1 see love Tye got nowhere left to ‘rows cold- er. nly found me. Piano Ballads 68 (ee Am’ Am DA Am there's been | heartache and pain. Am’ Am DA GA Am Am’ Am DA Am tray-eled Cmaj’ A G cD