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Esoteric Meaning and Healing



B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

and Healing by Dr. DOUGLAS BAKER B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. First Published 1977 This edition 1993 Copyright

First Published 1977 This edition 1993

Copyright 0 I993

Douglas Baker

ISBN : 0 906006 II 2

Published by:

Baker Publications, 'Little Elephant', High Road, Essendon, Hertfordshire, England

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His act being seven ages. At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms:

Then the whining school boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like a snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,

Sighing like a furnace, with a woeful balad Made to his mistresses' eyebrow. Then the soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like a pard, Jealous in honour, sudden, and quick in quarrel Seeking the bubble reputation, Even in the cannon's mouth. And then the justice, In fair round belly and good capon lin'd, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances� And so he plays his part, The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side� His youthful hose well sav'd, a world too wide For his shrunk shank� and his big manly voice, Turning again towards childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness, and mere oblivion, Sans tooth, sans eye, sans everything.

-From As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII,

by John Richardson

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Chapter One Stress-A Dialogue with the Higher Self


Chapter Two Development of Stress Mechanisms


Chapter Three A New Yoga for a New Age


Chapter Four Dealing with Stress Creatively


Chapter Five General Adaptation Syndrome


Chapter Six Mineral Salts and Flower Remedies


Chapter Seven Degenerative and Regenerative Life Cycles


Chapter Eight Where Does Your Energy Come From?


Chapter Nine Fruits of Stress


Chapter Ten Some Exercises for Creative Living




Chapter One

Stress - A Dialogue with the higher Self

Each member of the Human Kingdom bears within himself a

spark of the divine. Together, these form the Great Flame Divine,

which is a real part of the consciousness of the solar Logos. That

is a real part of the consciousness of the solar Logos. That great Being permits part

great Being permits part of his consciousness to become incar­

cerated in form.

The Flame Divine is itself a force centre, a chakra in the body of

a great cosmic Being.We call that stupendous Entity 'The One

AboutWhom Naught May Be Said'. In Him, our solar system, at its etheric level, forms the heart chakra. The collective unit

etheric level, forms the heart chakra. The collective unit known as the Flame Divine exists on

known as the Flame Divine exists on the highest planes interpen­ etrating that heart chakra of which it is a very definite component.

heart chakra of which it is a very definite component. Hidden Significance of the Monads The

Hidden Significance of the Monads

The more practical name we give to the sparks of the divine is 'monads' . They reside in, and are the substance of the various chakras of the solar Logos. Each chakra is disseminated by one of the Seven Rays, the qualities of Life that emanate from mysterious sources in the 'dark matter' of the giant star Sirius. There is a Ray thus governing each of these groups of monads. Second Ray monads are influenced by the heart chakra of the Logos. Third Ray monads, and the author is one of these, are part ofHis throat chakra. Krishnamurti was also one of these monads on the Third Ray. His 'occult' name Alcyone, a star in the Pleiades, indicates this. First Ray monads are related toHis head chakra, and their number, comparatively small, indicate the extent to which this centre is enlivened in the solar Logos,

extent to which this centre is enlivened in the solar Logos, compared with the other two.

compared with the other two. The Ray of the monad may change

compared with the other two. The Ray of the monad may change in the intervening period

in the intervening period between its putting out its mechanisms for interaction with the lower planes so that a weary traveller­

a prodigal son- returning to the Father's house may reenter it

by a different 'door' to the one from which he left it.



The disciplines of yoga, at all levels- human, solar and cosmic - concern the transfer of energies of one chakra to its higher counterpart or 'alter ego' . Thus, at the human level, the energy of the solar plexus centre is raised to its alter ego, that of the heart chakra; and there are definite disciplines which accomplish this. Furthermore, the process produces stress in the related form; a stress which must be resolved before further progress is under­ taken. At solar levels, the whole process of monads coming to grips with material form and then struggling out of it constitutes a corresponding energy transfer to a higher chakra inHis body, and adds a quality to the 'One InWhomWe Live.' This factor

lies behind the whole purpose of a manifesting solar system

and proceeds also at the level of an atom, a man and a planet.

Monads are unable, because of their high spiritual vibrations, to operate below the level of the monadic plane, and must, there­ fore, develop mechanisms to carry some of their consciousness lower and lower into the densest planes, the lowest of which is our physical world. Via these mechanisms, the monad can reach down, at any time, into the lowest five planes of substance. The lowest three planes are reached through that triad of vehicles which make up the human personality. But as the monad progressively takes on it's vehicles it's spiritual power in them is diminished; It's ability, through them, to control the surround­ ings is greatly reduced. Hence the matter of stress which arises out of this inner struggle of the monad to accomplish the final acts of freeing itself from attachments to the material world and its unreal elements.

In their descent, the monads create an intermediate vehicle for their expression - the Self- which is formless and exists on the planes of Atma, Buddhi and Manas to express the spiritual intent



of the monad. We tend to sense the Self inwardly or above us and we therefore also use the expressions 'inner Self ' and 'higher Self' Any of these three is better terminology than the use of the word 'soul' in the Christian sense. The lower triad and the higher Self, share one of the five planes- the mental plane. The higher part is related to Manas and the lower is called active intelligence. Man, as a personality, cannot yet use Manas effectively and is restricted to mental expression through lower manas, the intel­ ligence needed to operate our personalities in the complex environment of the Earth. It is higher Manas that presents Man with his next spiritual frontier and the arena of his mental struggles, which he must surmount if he wishes to progress beyond the confines of his personality and into the realm of his higher Self

Man is now well into the complicated and stressful affair of withdrawal, of returning to the Father. The spark seeks the Flame and the whole process might take a billion years to achieve. Hence the need for many lives on the Earth and perhaps even on other planets. Before taking up the matter of the personality's adjustment to stress, let us take a closer look at the structure which we have described as the higher Self

The Nature of the Higher Self


The higher Self is a unit of energy.


It has no shape peculiar to itself but uses one or many forms in or through which to express itself


The energy unit is a living being. It is extremely subtle and capable of interpenetrating all other forms of energy and material substance known to Man.



4. It possesses a cohesive or synthesising quality capable of holding all substances in association, animate or inanimate, according to the level of its own spiritual vibrations.

5. It may link, organise or influence the movements of
















protein molecule to




multicellular organism



species, right up to man himself.

6. In man, the energy of the higher Self holds all his bodies, subtle and gross, in a loose union.

7. The Self interpenetrates and coheres all its bodies as water may interpenetrate and cohere sand particles in a handful of mud.

8. The higher Self is not pure spirit but is an intermediate energy lying between spirit and matter through which the one interacts with the other. Man is a blending of higher Self with form.

9. As the energy of the higher Self enters the body, we recognise its presence not only by its ability to hold our cells together but in subtler ways through the employment of the intuition, through the energy of the will and through that



energy which manifests in us as abstract thought. These three qualities are known in eastern teachings as buddhi, atma and manas.

10. The Self is therefore a threefold energy unit which is depicted in the Temple of Mysteries as an UPRIGHT



11. The highest form in gas/liquid/solid which the Self may inhabit is the human physical body with its attendant subtle bodies making up the human personality.

12. This latter is symbolised by an INVERTED triangle, each of its three sides representing the three lower bodies called the mental body, the astral body, and the etherico-physical



13. The Self is only able to grasp average man lightly. In most, the energies of the Self can only be expressed to the extent of five percent of its full capacity, this being sufficient merely to hold the bodies of the lower triad together and to drive their totality continuously towards investigating and identifying with all manifestation of forms in our Earth Scheme.

14. In this respect, the higher Self is the storehouse of all memories arising from such investigations even after the deaths of the numerous lower triads in their many incarna­ tions.

15. The Self survives all catastrophes and is man's haven in which he rests between lives. The Self is his temple, the personality his prison.



16. In meditation, man may use his Self not only as a retreat in which he can recoup his energies but as a place of learning about his immortality and what that implies.

17. As lives unfold, the Self learns increasingly to flood its lower triads with more and more energies.

18. It reaches them by means of the Antakarana or Rainbow Bridge, a bridgehead of subtle matter, arising from the planes ofAtma, Buddhi and Manas. At first this is a tenuous thread, but later, as the lower triad also builds its own part of the bridgehead of higher Manas through meditation, the thread of the Antakarana becomes a gateway to a mighty flood from within.

19. The gateways opening the Antakarana are progressively passed through in a process of what is known as Initiations

through in a process of what is known as Initiations � {)� 20. In this way,


20. In this way, the higher Self grasps its personality more closely. It is symbolised in the Mysteries by the impositioning of the UPRIGHT TRIANGLE over the INVERTED TRIANGLE. This procedure takes man to the limit

of his own kingdom and it has happened many times on this planet. The completely Self-infused personality

is then depicted as two SUPERIMPOSED



21. This is the STAR OF DAVID, symbol of perfected man.

22. The Star of David is the symbol of the Master or Adept, of





a Christ overshadowing a man, Jesus. There are very few

living examples of adeptship on the planet at this time.

23. By very special techniques and under certain circum­ stances, a man may forego many lives of learning by trial and error, and, instead, strengthen his Antakarana under the guidance of One, Who has Himself been completely Self infused, a Master or Adept.

Enclosing the star is the UROBOROS, the symbol of

Immortality, the comprehension of which is part of the

initiatory process.

25. This Path is available to all who are prepared to crowd into

a few lives the pain and suffering of many lives.

26. The neophyte, thus under instruction, first registers the sudden inpouring of energy from the higher Self in three


27. as LIGHT, a light vibrating at a greater frequency than the light known to the average personality, one that travels at speeds far greater than 186,000 miles per second. The lower triad has to develop special organs of perception to become aware of the inner light. Physical eyes are not


28. as an expansion of consciousness which, for man, approaches OMNISCIENCE;

as a feeling of Oneness with all Life approaching OMNIPOTENCE.


The experience of these three is called illumination or COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.



The disciple is changing into a solar Deva. He has become an element of the Fifth Kingdom, a solar Angel. His true home is now behind the Disc of the Sun. By meditation he can increasingly reach it.

The nature of the higher Self has begun to emerge as elements of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. It is in the expression, or non­ expression of these three, that stress arises and this book concerns the subject of this situation in human affairs.

Madame Blavatsky paid tribute to the symbology of the inter­ laced triangles, enclosing them within the circle made up of a snake holding its tail, thus forming a rotating hoop, symbol of immortality and of continuity of consciousness. The snake represents eternity and the processes of regeneration. She chose this arrangement as the logo of the Theosophical Society.

this arrangement as the logo of the Theosophical Society. The snake had been used by Aesculapius

The snake had been used by Aesculapius to signify the staff or crutch of Life (See Esoteric Healing Vol./, by the author). Aesculapius had passed through the Halls of Initiation and founded his school on the island of Cos. Earlier, it had been the wand of Thoth-Hermes, the originator of Egyptian Medicine. Further additions gave the caduceus of the Romans, carried by Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, and a god of healing. From this source it was poached by the medical profession of today.

Messenger of the Gods, and a god of healing. From this source it was poached by



The message of the snakes entwined around the rod of Aescula­ pius, the Initiate, is plain for all those who have eyes to see. Health (the continuity of the Life Force) and consciousness (within that of thesolar Logos) are the two snakes whichare supported by the rod of the indwelling Self Only when the Self, the Higher Triad, expresses itself purposefully and in harmony with the lower triad of personality, will the life forces flow endlessly and healthily around and through the man.

Even the Self, man's nucleus, must grow, for growth is a characteristic of life; and growth necessitates change. Real change, lasting and spectacular, must come through the release of energies from deep within us- from the nucleus, a procedure that is always accompanied and accomplished through stress and its correct management.

Reaction to Stress

People react to stress in many different ways, each with a predilection which is generally stuck to. A short plump lady I know, shifts furniture around in her establishment. Perhaps the changes introduce new perspectives that relieve her stress or "get me out of my rut," as she puts it.

People whose reaction to mild stress is to smoke, will intensifY the habit according to developments. A swami I knew, smoked secretly and was deeply ashamed of it, presumably because it was

in direct contradiction to what he taught the young persons


him. However, once he knew you had tumbled to his weakness, he would smoke openly in front of you, and his personality would

become convivial.

Others, before going through some intense, unavoidable stress,



even fire-walking, could only survive the preliminary stress of anxiety by intense smoking. Sometimes the act of giving up smoking would induce more stress than anything hitherto. I have had a wife beg me to save her marriage by my persuading the smoking husband to lapse into his old benign self as a heavy smoker, so changed had his behaviour become.

Some respond to stress by panicking, letting out all the stops until the adrenaline flows and other physiological mechanisms come to the rescue. Others will deep breathe in anticipation of the stressful event, breathe after it has occurred, or may even select special yoga exercises while the period of stress lasts.

Reactions to stress sometimes trigger psychic systems and during them seership, clairvoyance, etc., may occur. I remember well, a soldier in World War II, who achieved this by forecasting just who in his platoon was likely to be killed or maimed.

Some go out on spending sprees; the excitement of the purchase is the only way they can be diverted and the body mechanisms be given the opportunity to recoup. If the spouse is the cause of the stress then the element of spite enters and assists in the diversion. I have seen a neglected husband go out and buy himself a sports car from out of the family savings to allay his stress.

Others relieve themselves by turning on the television, and even provide for such emergencies by obtaining the best TV equip­ ment that money can buy. They shut themselves away for hours until the soothing effects of their particular diversion restores their equanimity. Some may go completely into retreat, perhaps

way up in the mountains or some other natural hideout Perhaps, like Robert Maxwell, they have a yacht to retire to. It is significant



that he would return to such a hideout to commit suicide. Suicide itself, is, of course, the ultimate in stress relief

As a reaction to stress, some may take on, or ape the most stressful situation they have experienced. Quite often this is a simulated asthmatic attack. The effect is psycho-homoeopathic. The sham attack gears the body to deal with the asthma but, instead, copes with the stress effects.

Some will tum to eating, especially when the stress arises from loneliness, isolation or neglect. Others stop eating, or find they have no taste for the food offered. A close relative, informed that he had cancer which was spreading by metastases, stopped eating, saying that the food tasted like toothpaste. It is most frequently the factor of cachexia that kills the terminally ill cancer victim, a condition of intense starvation.

ill cancer victim, a condition of intense starvation. Some lock themselves up in their own homes,

Some lock themselves up in their own homes, not going to the front door, barring windows and shutters, taking the telephone off the hook. They may surrender to agoraphobia or to something more exotic that will divert their attention. The opposing num­ bers take to long walks, perhaps with the dog as company. Playing with pets has been shown to reduce the blood pressure of hypertensives.

Some mothers use their children as emotional waste-paper baskets, pouring their distraught astral effluent into them, an effluent out of which the child must fashion his own astral or emotional nature, thus scarring them emotionally for life. Every­ one in a family shares the stress effects of a single member. At unseen levels, the family reacts as a whole to the one stressed. Usually, it is the weakest one of the family who will reflect this

the family reacts as a whole to the one stressed. Usually, it is the weakest one



esoteric effect. Thus, the stressed father may find compensation in his family, but it is the weakest child in that grouping who will most often suffer.

Fathers under stress will sometimes, in their distress, shut themselves off from members of the family who, by their atti­ tudes, are adding to his suffering. This applied particularly in the U.S. where fathers, ex-servicemen ofWorldWar II, expected their sons to do the right thing and fight for their country in Vietnam. In such circumstances and in others, where the environ­ ment presents with a problem that could be national in scale, fathers will frequently surrender control of their adolescent sons to the mother who is more likely to understand the situation. I know one such stressed father who maintained such a state of affairs even after his spouse had died.

Young men under stress, who are seen as drop-outs, or who have failed to complete their education as was expected of them by their parents, will find solace in strumming a guitar for hours on end, or batter hell out of the keys of the piano and come out of the session refreshed. In these instances it is so easy to see that without such compensations on hand, the course of the stress, especially in youth, might be directed towards very destructive ends, from which the functioning of bodily organs might not be exempt.

Some sing sad songs; and we are reminded that the Negro race in the Mississippi valley went through a long period of collective melancholia as their national response to the dreadful stress that slavery and its side effects imposed on them. Their reactions were demonstrated in a variety of ways, especially in their music and songs, and to these we owe 'The Birth of the Blues.' This is not



surprising. It has long been observed that many an artist has produced his best work under the most harrowing circumstances of his life.

Whereas others are paralysed by the stress of their circumstances and, even if well equipped as creative individuals, may become totally ineffectual and sterile as a response. Some will slide into depression with such a huge consequential loss of energy as to be almost incapable of speaking in audible words. These types are invariably susceptible to rapid depletion of the throat chakra under stress even if it is mild.

In similar circumstances we find the schizophrenic, who has almost no resistance to stress, and will even accumulate its effects so that webs between higher centres in the etheric body are worn through, and psychotic experiences and actions follow.

There are some triggers of stress that are more potent than even the worst bad news. To be under continuous shellfire is consid­ ered the worst. I have seen men crack under such circumstances, both in theWestern Desert and later in Italy.When they give way and rush around in panic, they will even run towards the enemy, and may have to be rugby tackled to halt their flight.

Some react by asking endless questions of themselves, pacing the floor or sitting alone in some secluded spot favoured for such purposes. By so doing, they make themselves the 'dramatic I' at the centre of the stage. Somehow, they pick up their own spotlight from unconscious realms and can be greatly relieved by the whole process. There is nothing psychotic or even eccentric about this. If such individuals, in full sanity, could address the higher Self in this way, they would be greatly rewarded and comforted. In the same way, wild animals under stress of



encagement, will resort to strange movements or repetitive practices that seem to accomplish instinctively the same result; but here they would, through their ritual, be in touch with the animal group soul.

A few persons will unaccountably leave such intensified activities till they rest, and may produce them in a torrent of shouted words, sometimes abusive, usually only for a short period, and remember nothing of it in the morning. Others will have night terrors or even nightmares. I have know several who leap out of bed without warning and rush around the house wildly with no particular intention. It may be hard to find such events correlated with stress, but usually the whole life is under tension of some sort.

Under heavy stress, many of my esoteric friends experience a greatly increased and supportive dreamlife. Dreams become vivid, laden with energy, rich in colour, meaningful and often predictive.Where they keep a spiritual diary and record daily (and nightly) events, there are clear correlations between the stress reported and the intensifying of the dream life.

Only those who call on support from within will cope adequately with stress. Those in the world who practise goodwill, those who fall knowingly or unknowingly, into the category of disciples, probationary or accepted, and those who are initiate, represent the conscious attempt of mankind to arouse the heart chakra of the planetary Logos at etheric levels. Until now, this centre has been awakened only at the level of manas and buddhi through the activities of what are called Masters of theWisdom :-



They that have power to hurt and will do none, That do not do the thing they most do show, Who moving others, are themselves as stone, Unmoved, cold, and to temptation slow, They rightly do inherit heaven's graces, And husband nature's riches from expense; They are the lords and owners of their faces, Others but stewards of their excellence.

Sonnet 94, by John Richardson.

The opportunity presents for humanity itself to reach this plan­ etary group, this planetary chakra, en masse at this time. There are very few who ride the storm-tossed seas of stress with their personalities who have sufficient energy left to cope with this new demand of helping in arousal of the planetary heart chakra.

Their success will be marked by the new forms of education and healing which will be energised by Masters of the Wisdom, Lords of that chakra which is the nucleus of man. As the world grows smaller, man's heart must grow larger to encompass the change and the distress of it all.

What then is distress and a stress disorder?









s q)








s tf.l



In man, there are chakras which must be awakened, aroused, integrated with other chakras, and made radiant and donative of their energy. This is true for all chakras in all organisms from a gemstone up to a Logos.

Radiation of Energies

How does a chakra become radiant and donative of its energies to its higher chakra or alter ego? It must first react with its immediate environment and then with nearby chakras. That great vortex of energy which we call The Flame Divine is in the process of arousal, must interact with ITS environment, must become radiant and radioactive before it can donate its essence - the spark of the divine, the monads - to Sirius.

What does this mean in terms of a human monad? They are Sons ofNecessity. They need spiritual staying power before they can accomplish their own transfer. They are spiritual in essence, but lack the staying power for the transfer to be accomplished. How can they satisfY this urgent need? There is only one known and certain way: the monads must progressively enmesh themselves in the forms and activities of these planes and then, when completely engaged in the densest planes of substance, right down to the physical, they must extract themselves from their engulfment and, at the same time, extract the essence of their experiences gained from the whole manoeuvre.

And so, fully aware at the outset of the hazardous and desperately arduous journey ahead, the monad begins to construct its upper and lower triads to act as mechanisms for its own enmeshment in the six planes. When absolute involvement is achieved, the monad begins to call back its own. The call of the Father in Heaven (the monad) is heard by the disciple. He is filled with

begins to call back its own. The call of the Father in Heaven (the monad) is



divine unrest and like the prodigal son, finally turns (inwardly) for home - sacrificing all and obeying the mounting urges within him for union.

This stage of extraction is reached about the time of the Third Initiation when the disciple first heeds the call of the monad.We begin to understand now that the circumstances of our lives are

to understand now that the circumstances of our lives are what they are in order to

what they are in order to provide us with just the sort of experience required by the monad to develop the spiritual staying power it needs. Our wealth, our tribulations, our family circum­

all are either leading man into further

enmeshment or are helping him to withdraw from it. The will and the compassion, the power to think abstractly, the comprehen­ sion and love-wisdom that are won by us in our struggles to extricate ourselves from the material world are the very experi­ ences which the monad needs. This, is where stress plays its part.

stances, our poor health


I "I

Stress is, therefore, not only a natural feature of daily life in the Western world, but it is the inevitable 'side-effect' of the urge to express the Soul's purpose. Stress produces definite points of tension in the subtler bodies paving the way for their rapid growth. An examination of the bud of any flower will demon­ strate the tension that mounts before unfoldment of the petals. The unfoldment of the petals of the egoic lotus is no different. Tension, crisis and their resolution are the cyclic mechanisms of soul growth.




Diagram from The Etheric Double by Major A.E.Powell

The mechanism whereby one gains impressions ofthe inner worlds and of physical places a great distance away, is through the etheric centres or chakras, which are shown allied to their respective senses and psychic powers in the picture above.

Note. The diagram is of special interest here because it shows the pathways ofvitality energising the centres with the energy of prana derived mainly from breath.



Development of the Stress Mechanism

Each chakra, in successive order from the base of the spine upwards, has been the target of stress. The very act of Man materialising on the Earth's surface some 70 million years ago produced intense interaction with the environmental conditions of that time. These included, of course, a rapidly forming oxygenated atmosphere- which held in suspension heavier and heavier concentrations of prana - and a gravity that was reaching towards its maximum. There were also great variations in temperature on the Earth's surface with accompanying oscil­ lations in humidity.

It was then that Man's primary stress mechanisms began to form. These were integrated about the base of the spine chakra and its corresponding endocrine glands - those seated above the kidneys, the suprarenals. Their hormones assisted primitive man to face up to invasion of his physical body by the viruses and bacteria thriving on the animal kingdom at that time. It was not so much the inflammatory responses that were required, at this stage. These had already been set up in motion by the sympathetic nervous system, a reflection of the astral matrix whose physical expression was the sympathetic cords and the medullary part of the adrenal glands. Inflammation was one of Man's first re­ sponses and it was exceptionally violent. It protected the early physical shadow as best it could, but there was frequent overem­ phasis so that this was as often the cause of death as invasion of tissue itself

The cortex of the adrenals (i.e., the suprarenals) became the site of ANTI-inflammatory responses which dampened down the excessive reactions of the primitive physical structures to bacte-


responses which dampened down the excessive reactions of the primitive physical structures to bacte- 32
DEVELOPMENT OF STRESS MECHANISMS rial invasion. That which stimulated these anti-inflammatory responses of the adrenal


rial invasion.

That which stimulated these anti-inflammatory responses of the adrenal cortex was stress and tension, so that it would be true to observe that the ability to lift the body into a state of stress was a great advance in human development.

This advance was maintained, refined and made increasingly specific to various stressor factors by successive opening of chakras. The first true men began to function on the continent of Mu; and this Lemurian Root Race had, as its target, the opening of the sacral chakra. A preliminary was separation of the sexes. The pituitary action- supported by the adrenal cortex- helped in this differentiation. The stress and tension which we now regard as a natural part of courtship and mating had to be experienced by man for long ages before its rewards were won in the forming of heterosexuality and the variety of forms that resulted in separation of the sexes, and procreation by methods other than budding and those concerned with 'the sweat born'.

(See Anthropogeny, The Esoteric History ofMan 's Origin, by the author.)

This long confrontation with stress is still reflected in adoles­ cence and the transition of the child into the adult - out of puberty into maturity. Appropriate hormones were elaborated by the gonads and the pituitary to fashion the physical faculties for this important development. Man became not only capable through stress, tension, and friction to create an image of himself but the path was laid, at the same time, that led him to the possibility of becoming creative - again through stress - at higher levels, i.e., emotionally and mentally, as the solar plexus and the throat chakras began to unfold.







< M


d >










= M


- - - = - 8 0 5 -1 c. V'
8 0
< M � 0 d > � M 1-3 a 00 � 1-3 s � �


A whole new root race, based on the continent of Atlantis, developed the capacity for emotional stress and its rewards.

The new stress called forth the need for more energy to sustain it. The control of sugar release into the blood- a mechanism left hitherto almost entirely to the adrenal medulla - was now regulated by the endocrine gland that became associated with the solar plexus chakra, i.e., the pancreas. The secretion of sugar, stimulated by adrenalin, released from the adrenal medulla by the tension and stress of fear and aggression was now counterbal­ anced by insulin from the pancreas which helped the organs to store the sugar and to release it as the body required it. Emotional control had to be won; and the Atlantean civilisation provided just the conditions that taught Man emotional discipline.

That process is not yet completed, but already the factor of stress

is being lifted into mental levels and the present Root Race, the

Fifth, is in the process of opening the throat chakra of Man. The endocrine gland related to this centre is the thyroid. Beyond this lies a field of development for a precious few; and this involves the taking of stress into higher mental realms. The creative forces

released when this stress is adequately channeled takesMan into

a higher kingdom, the kingdom of Souls. It is part of Man's

endeavour which constitutes discipleship.

It can be easily deduced from this progressive unfoldment ofMan

that the techniques for spiritual growth will, in some measure,

have to change from time to time. The yoga of ancient Lemuria

is not suited for the vehicles of today. Emphasis has changed from

physical integration to emotional integration, and from the latter

into mental integration; and this has necessitated new interpreta­ tions of yoga from age to age. Currently, there is a change



required for conditions as they now exist in the West, and for the fifth subrace of the Fifth Root Race.

Sustained creativeness is the mark, par excellence, of being able to deal with stress. The upper and lower triads become wholly engrossed in expressing.

The exquisite blending offires that produces the Art ofLiving and

also accomplishes - incidentally the few - the PerfectedMan. It

takes time, usually many lives. We cannot light a lamp without its delicate filament, no matter how sustained the amperage of the current. Nor can we ripen an apple with a blow-lamp.

our culture's Ever Living Art for most, but deliberately for

Man's filaments are his chakras- each with a light and purpose of its own.Together they can produce a blaze of glory. All men, at any stage in their many lives, can express beauty in themselves.

There is brute beauty in the instinctual life of the crudest animals and plants, as also in savage man :-

The summer's flower is to the summer sweet, Though to itself it only live and die.

But more is expected ofMan :-

- The soul of man is immortal, and its future is the future of a thing whose growth and splendour has NO LIMIT.



Idyll of the White Lotus

DEVELOPMENT OF STRESS MECHANISMS And whilst this inner urge of the higher Self to express


And whilst this inner urge of the higher Self to express Truth, Beauty and Goodness is there, man will always involve himself in the stress ofexpressing it. Thus, there will always be stress and the sooner we learn to deal with it, the better. Man achieves his aims through the progressive opening of the chakras - at first those below the diaphragm, and later, those above it.

aims through the progressive opening of the chakras - at first those below the diaphragm, and











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It is truly said that in the nineteen-forties the crisis in human affairs was so

It is truly said that in the nineteen-forties the crisis in human affairs was so intense that man was forced to look into the nature ofthe atom's nucleus for his salvation. The result was nuclear fission.

nucleus for his salvation. The result was nuclear fission. On the surface, this was an event

On the surface, this was an event large enough to change the world order ofthings for all time. But beneath it all, there was an event taking place that was even more significant. In the body of the Logos of this planet something unique was occurring. The mineral kingdom forms, in its etheric aspects, that chakra in His body of consciousness which . is, in man, muladara- the centre at the base of the spine. In the same Great One, the human kingdom represents the throat chakra. It means, in terms of the spiritual unfoldment ofthe planetary consciousness that, for the first time, the attention of a higher chakra was being directed CON­ SCIOUSLY to that of a lower. Mankind, acting as the planetary throat chakra, was stimulating, directly and consciously, the muladara of the planet- an event fraught with massive danger as well as with spiritual possibilities. Until then, the activity of this centre of planetary kundalini had been confined to natural events such as volcanic eruptions and lightning, and in responses to lunar eclipses ofthe Earth, and solar magnetic storms. Now, however, the release of light, heat and radiation from the atomic nucleus, added to the pressures coaxing planetary kundalini from her lair. By reciprocal action, humanity began to feel a series of responses in her most sensitive organisms located in what Theosophy terms the Fifth Root Race- especially that branch of it known as the Anglo-Saxon. We call these symptoms of planetary growth, operating through advanced humanity, quite simply STRESS.

the Anglo-Saxon. We call these symptoms of planetary growth, operating through advanced humanity, quite simply STRESS.
the Anglo-Saxon. We call these symptoms of planetary growth, operating through advanced humanity, quite simply STRESS.
the Anglo-Saxon. We call these symptoms of planetary growth, operating through advanced humanity, quite simply STRESS.



The stress imposed upon us by our way of life- its competitive­ ness reinforced by both church and school, its standard of living, its codes of conduct, its ethics, its laws - all contribute to a situation in which we are subj ected to sustained, unremittent stress. After World War II, most of us fondly believed it would be merely a matter of time before the stress which was mounted by that mighty operation would be alleviated, but it was not. Then we blamed the Iron Curtain, and the population increase, and the unequal distribution of wealth, etc., etc., for our stress. Now we have to face up to the bitter fact that stress is here to stay. It is part of our way of life. More than this, it is a challenge presented to the fifth subrace.

than this, it is a challenge presented to the fifth subrace. Now, this stress, common to

Now, this stress, common to all in the West, is reaching such proportions that many are hard put to cope with it. Indeed, few - only a very few- know how to approach the problem, and, of these, less even know what are the causes of the increasing stress. Not only is the factor of stress here to stay, but it is one that is essential for the spiritual unfoldment of the race. The problems of evolving spiritual techniques for dealing with this entirely unique situation have been given in The Psychology of

Discipleship, by the author.

A New Yoga

Somehow or other we must deal with this factor of unremittent stress, live out our lives and still find in them the possibilities to express Truth, Beauty and Goodness, and more than anything, for Man on the Path to establish ways and means of obtaining union with the Supreme Being. This is the real challenge to esoteric leaders of the world today- to point the way through


A NEW YOGA FOR A NEW AGE a New Yoga that will lead us, despite


a New Yoga that will lead us, despite our very special circum­

stances, to the Feet of the Master.

It is often said that the Buddhist monk must learn to sit under a

tolling bell and meditate. The bell that tolls for man in the West is stress - unabated and omnipresent. Maybe it is part of the karma of living lives of leisure as ruling classes in the slave­

but who knows? This is the

riddled Greek or Roman states

condition prevailing and it must be mastered. We have to live with

it even if we come back ten times into a physical vehicle whose

only response is, at first, to produce diseases of stress origin.

Stress is a characteristic of our subrace and we must adapt to it and evolve a yoga for it. It must be a yoga that does not require

a sanctuary for long periods of time in some hidden cave. The only

cave we have is 'a room of one's own.' There is to be no sitting

in endless padmasana, but the soliloquising atmosphere of crouch­

ing on the front seat of an automobile in endless traffic jams. Not for us to spend six hours in breathing exercises each day, but the breathing that comes from the forced, additional effort we must make to serve others in our community besides ourselves.

make to serve others in our community besides ourselves. The new yoga must be effective for

The new yoga must be effective for the brief periods that we can give to it. The yoga must be working while we work, while we labour at our dharma, at healing, at teaching, at renovating, at being what we are. The yoga must be acting on us whilst we ourselves are in action serving mankind, or studying the classical teachings of Ancient Wisdom, or in the half hour of meditation that we snatch from thejaws of our time-consuming occupations.



The crises of the


We do know that another crisis is arising in which man will be forced to explore his own nucleus for the wherewithal to deal with it. This is the crisis of the Self The Self is a unit of energy*. It has its own radiative capacities and they dwell within every man. A very small percentage of them surface into the personality to bring about transmutation of it through processes which might be compared to chemical changes.

processes which might be compared to chemical changes. *See 'The Nature of the Higher Self,' pages

*See 'The Nature of the Higher Self,' pages 13-17.











. u


. til � �










Distress arises from the inability of man to adjust to the demands made upon him by the stress of life. This distress shows itself as a variety of stress disorders. Stress is always involved in growth -and growth is the way of the monad. The Lemurian civilisation provided conditions, ten million years ago for the growth and integration of man's physical body, which reached perfection in those times. In Atlantis, emotional growth was stimulated. In the West, at this time, emphasis is now placed on growth and integration of man's mental body.

One has only to study the forces at work in the meristem of any plant, and in particular the opening bud of a rose, to confirm that where there is growth, especially rapid growth, there is tension, conflict and stress. These three-qualities and accompaniments of life itself- are aspects of the Fourth Ray of Art and Harmony through Conflict. This is the Ray of humanity and in humanity it is, therefore, greatly emphasised. Add to this the factors of our planet being the Fourth Globe of the Fourth Chain of our Earth Scheme, and of the planet being in its Fourth Round, and we can understand the pressures on humanity at this time. (See Anthro­

pogeny, The Esoteric History ofMan's Origin, by the author.)

The growth ofMan into a spiritually infused entity demands that he express Truth, Beauty and Goodness and these manifest outwardly in the world in the provinces of Science, Art and Philosophy. The man of science struggling with secrets of the universe confirms that his discoveries by experimentation are aspects of Truth. He expends much energy in his arduous research, as any genuine researcher would tell you. This stress



makes demands on him at all levels but especially in his mental and physical bodies. The artist, no less, in his desire to express beauty in terms of pigment, poetry and plaster, finds that his best efforts come when he is most under stress:-

that his best efforts come when he is most under stress :- No wonder of it:

No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillion Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear, Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermillion.

- Gerard Manley Hopkins

and gash gold-vermillion. - Gerard Manley Hopkins A man has to have a philosophy of life

A man has to have a philosophy of life if he intends to do good in the world. He must be prepared for every sort of disillusion in his dealings with humanity before he can truly serve and to act out of right motive. His way is surely the most stressful of all. If you have ever worked with alcoholics or with those who are rich and with those who are beautiful, you will know that to be successful with all types you must be a philosopher.



How do we deal with stress?

We have to draw on energy to meet it. We set in motion cycles which deliver energy to wherever stress is making its demands. We rest and sleep when we can. We should replace materials lost from our body cells. We should eliminate the by-products of stress, the toxins, waste, excretory materials and exhaust prod­ ucts of intemal respiration. If we can manage all these, we resolve the stress. Those who practise carefully the esoteric disciplines of discipleship can even thrive on stress; they can grow massively and spiritually through it.

Dealing with stress successively, leads to opening of chakras in the head region and, thereafter, to their integration and coordi­ nation. This takes us into the Fifth Kingdom and frees us from the Wheel of Rebirth. The whole process of expression and of garnering the fruits of it, is a complete cycle in itself so that the process ends where it begins, but with this difference :

That which started out as merely spiritual-i.e., the monad and its vehicle, the Self - have become imbued with spiritual staying power.

'Staying power' is the crux of the matter. To grow significantly at ANY level, man must develop staying power, spiritually, mentally, emotionally as well as physically.

In the physical body, this operates as homeostasis, a mechanism whereby the body maintains an equilibrium of its physiological functions, and between itself and its environment. The body contains within it a whole climate, or as Claude Bernard, a famous physiologist, called it: a 'milieu interieur.' This internal environ­ ment has a constant temperature of98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Its



acid-base balance is held at a delicate neutrality. The blood sugar

is almost


in normal


and the




within certain









It is said that years ago, a physiologist tested the proposition of homeostasis in a dramatic way. He heated a room up to a temperature of250 degrees Fahrenheit so that a beaker contain­ ing water was boiling gently as it stood. Taking a fresh piece of choice steak with him on an enamel plate and clothed only in white linen, he entered the room and remained there for a period of more than half-an-hour. When he emerged, his body tempera­ ture had hardly risen and he sat down and ate the steak which had been cooked properly by the room's heat.

The story illustrates the capacity of the body to adjust or adapt itself to stress - in this case a hostile temperature of more than double that of the blood. The author can add his own testimony to the stress effects of being exposed to a temperature in excess of 140 degrees F. for many hours during the day while fighting on the northern borders ofKenya as a youth during World War II. Heat exhaustion was a constant threat during the mid-day heat when eggs could be fried on the bonnets of trucks.

Energy is needed constantly to feed the mechanisms of adapta­ tion to heat, to excess of acid, or blood pressure, to the impact of hormones or drugs or even of just plain eating and sleeping. This energy of adaptation comes from the body's reservoirs and the extent of these, according to science, are determined by our genetic background - capacities which we have inherited with our stock. It goes towards making up what has been known in the



past as 'a good constitution' or a poor one, according to our ability to draw energy from it for our daily needs.

to our ability to draw energy from it for our daily needs. At the risk of

At the risk of being tedious, it should be emphasised here, once again, that homeostasis exists on all levels - in the etheric matrix, in the astral body, in the mental body, and in the spiritual. Growth of any of these involves stress and adaptation.

The esoteric sciences, including yoga, teach specialised methods of charging the energy reservoirs and of drawing from them. On this knowledge hang all the laws of Esoteric Healing. An illustration of this understanding may be gained from studying the Caduceus of Hermes. (See Esoteric Healing, Part I, by the author.)

this understanding may be gained from studying the Caduceus of Hermes. (See Esoteric Healing, Part I,



Only when the opposing forces of heat and cold, of acid and alkali, etc., are nicely balanced, can the rod or wand of conscious­ ness seat itself in the bodies. Without this equilibrium, conscious­ ness flies from the body. The caduceus has layers of meaning that which really achieves the energy equilibrium is the co­ ordination of the three spinal tracts in etheric matter : ida, sushumna and pingala; and these are also symbolised by the snakes of the caduceus. Whilst sushumna coincides anatomically with the central canal of the spinal cord, ida and pingala spiral about it in opposite directions. They have no anatomical basis in gross matter. Their malfunctioning produces many conditions of distress.

The possession of the internal 'milieu' gives man greater inde­ pendence. He has freedom to move into the coldest climates or hottest deserts, into sustained and prolonged combat, into peri­ ods of long fasting, or into gluttony. With the growth of his inner bodies and their maintenance within the laws of homeostasis, there comes corresponding freedom but of a much higher order. The final experience of man in the ecstasy of samadhi, heralds liberation from rebirth. The effulgent light and the ecstasy of those experiences are reflections of the huge movement of energies from his inner Self outwards.

We have now developed here the concept of what Hans Selye* has called 'stressor factors,' which we see as threats to homeostasis. These are not necessarily confined to such simple factors like heat and cold but to far more specific and even sophisticated expres­ sions. The intrusion of a single person's personality into our lives, and no other, may be sufficient to act as a stressor to disturb our emotional balance in the astral body, to impinge upon the free

may be sufficient to act as a stressor to disturb our emotional balance in the astral




passage ofprana in ida orpingala and, finally, to raise the blood pressure at aphysical level. A forceful intonation in the words of a dominant mother to her homosexual son, might produce ultimately a powerful retarding influence on endocrine glands

that produce the masculinising hormone

some rare dish may evoke a memory that heightens the heart rate

and brings out a cold sweat.

the faint odour of

*HANS SELYE, M.D., Professor andDirector of the Institute ofExperimental Medicine and Surgery in the University of Montreal, is best known for his work on the body's physiological response to stress, the major subject of his almost forty years of laboratory research. In addition to his doctorate in medicine, Dr. Selye holds two earned doctorates in science plus sixteen honorary degrees from universities in Europe, South America, Japan, Canada and the United States. He has contributed over 1400 articles to technicaljournals and written 28 books including the Stress of Life, a classic and widely acclaimed study. Dr. Selye has received numerous medals, awards, and Honorary Fellowships from scientific societies throughout the world, and has been made a Companion of the Order of Canada, his country's highest honour.

societies throughout the world, and has been made a Companion of the Order of Canada, his



.� Q)


















0 8 Q)


Before dealing with the mechanisms of stress and stress disor­ ders, it is important to re-emphasise the basic virtue of stress and its necessity for growth. In locating the esoteric or hidden reservoirs of energy available to meet the demands of stress we avoid distress. Those reservoirs lie in the deep layers of the unconscious and can be made accessible by various esoteric mechanisms, i.e., meditation, dream remembrance, etc.

In order to maintain the body in homeostasis, energy is required. Every action during our waking and sleeping hours upsets homeostasis to some degree. Laughing, running, eating and even sleeping bring into play forces that consume body energy and put homeostasis at risk. When bacteria invade massively, when persistent hard physical labour, or prolonged mental strain are imposed, then damaging stress may occur. This is distress� and whereas stress adequately and easily resolved is beneficial for growth (and enlightenment), distress is rarely desired by the higher Self and is harmful to its personality vehicles. In healthy individuals, the correction of the various imbalances is automatic and in certain well-defined stages. Selye calls this a "resistance to stress," and points out the body must adapt itself to it, hence the General Adaptation Syndrome (G.A.S.), or the biological stress syndrome.

This is so fundamental a device for restoring harmony to an organism in conflict, that the student of esoteric healing methods cannot help but recognise the action of the Fourth Ray here, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict - itself the basic Ray of humanity. The important point for the disciple and for the

Ray of Harmony through Conflict - itself the basic Ray of humanity. The important point for



esoteric healer to remember is that, in health, the G.A.S. should operate at all levels of consciousness, that is, in all the inner bodies as well, for they are, in their own planes, units which possess their own physiological laws and have tomaintaintheir own homeostasis despite changes in their emotional, mental or spiritual consciousnesses. Constant exercise of these inner vehicles and their restoration to homeostasis gives them the same staying power so earnestly sought in their outward expression - the physical body. The highest qualities thus gained are reflected inwards, finally reaching the level of the monad, the purpose of Whose whole involvement in a material body is just that -to gain spiritual staying power at its own levels in order that a cosmic transition can be achieved.

Failure to adapt at any level to the stresses of this long monadic process, leads to distress, an attempt to adjust, and withdrawal of expression in the outer level, i.e., death, if the adjustment is not successful. Adjustment by the Self shows as disease.

Disease is a contrivance of the higher Self for adjusting its obdurate or disturbed vehicles to the demands being made on them for change. When those demands are within the framework of the soul's intent, every attempt will be made from within to purify the mental, emotional and physical bodies even through disease. Thus, 'disease is a purifying process' wherein the higher Self tries to adjust. Where it cannot or where the personality is obviously not ever, in that life, going to express the Soul's purpose, the Self will withdraw. These are statements that must be carefully pondered upon before the esoteric healer can coop­ erate effectively with the higher Self of the patient, from whence true and lasting healing should stem.



We are ready to examine now, with a broadened viewpoint, the three stages ofSelye's G.A.S.


We all possess a normal level ofresistance - which is shown as the horizontal line in the diagram. This varies when the body is subjected to a significant episode ofstress.


At first, in phase one, Selye described an alarm reaction on the first exposure to the stressor factor in which resistance drops. During this phase, the body's physical agents gird themselves to action. For example, through secretions ofthe adrenal glands, the body increases the output ofblood from the heart and the rate of breathing, dilates arteries s�pply)ng blood to the muscles, depos- its more sugar into the blood, stimulates sweat glands, etc.* Ifthe stressor is too powerful (lacerations, bums, hypothermia), then death may occur here.

(lacerations, bums, hypothermia), then death may occur here. � *Other more complicated devices involving the endocrine

*Other more complicated devices involving the endocrine glands also come into play but these are referred to later in relation to other matters.



SlRESS DISORDERS PHASE TWO: Here, resistance rises as the outer signs of the alarm reaction diminish.


Here, resistance rises as the outer signs of the alarm reaction diminish. Energy is required to sustain all the body organs and contrivances involved in adapting to homeostasis, in the face of it.

Selye says the energy of adaption, which we all possess, is finite. We can resist exposure to cold, to muscular effort, bacterial invasion, etc., only for so long; and the length of our resistance (shown as the flattened summit ofPhase Two) is dependent on the nature and persistence of that which is stressing us (stressor factor) and the body's inborn qualities to adapt. These are said to be determined by our genetic structures, which we inherit. Others would call this a'good constitution' or a poor one. There is no scientific proof that we can call on any energies from any other sources except those which we have inherited from our parents.

except those which we have inherited from our parents. It is here that esoteric science must

It is here that esoteric science must supplement the exoteric knowledge as to other energy sources available to the constitu­ tion. The whole science ofYoga is demonstrating actively in the West, today, that Man can tap energy sources from within. With Theosophy, it gives clear and specific instructions as to how energies from inner space can be made to surface into the physical body via its etheric matrix. 'Energy follows thought'; and esoteric healers learn to employ this maxim in their methods.

Meditation itself, as I have stressed (the pun is not intended!) endlessly in my other books, is basically an'energising process.' Those who can meditate have no better recommendation to



qualify as healers. They learn to align themselves with that unit of energy which we call the higher Self They can help to align the patient with his higher Self They can stir the soul of the patient into reaching down to its diseased vehicles. Energy from within can sustain resistance to stress in Phase Two. Here lies the hope of the Fifth Subrace- now subjected to intense and unremittent stress as a part of its daily existence. Orthodox medical science has scraped the bottom of its barrel for the wherewithal to instruct its patients how to meet stress disorders, and there is nothing left there. Man must draw from within or perish mentally, emotion­ ally and physically, under the stress of current life. Of course, we can resolve reasonable amounts of stess with perfectly ordinary expedients.


Depending on how good the constitution and the capacity of the body to adjust itself, resistance to the stress in Phase II will be maintained. But eventually, if exposure to the stressor is not relieved, the energy becomes exhausted and, as Selye asserts, the alarm reaction which was described in Phase I, reappears. But now, either because of age or energy depletion, it can not be countered, resistance drops invariably and the patient dies.

It would appear that the intervention of the healer should be to:

1. Remove, or at least reduce the harshness or persistence of stressors being encountered by the patient; and these might include the disease itself

2. Assist the patient to adapt to the stress, or to resist it, through showing how to draw on energies not known to orthodox healers.



3. Encourage the building up of energy reservoirs as part of Preventive Medicine, so that increasing amounts of stress can be dealt with.

Old age and an inherited 'poor' constitution need not condemn one to becoming a casualty of stress disorders. The existence of pranic energy and of faculties in the subtle bodies for storing it, is not a new concept; but it has been almost entirely ignored by drug-oriented medicine at a time when its laboratories are frantically searching outwardly for answers to stress, which really lie within!

outwardly for answers to stress, which really lie within! The first indication that we have of

The first indication that we have of stress moving into the realm of a stress disorder is when mental and emotional behaviour surfaces in disquietening signs and symptoms which are not being resolved by the natural methods of sleep, cell-salt replacement, elimination of waste, etc. If they persist, these are early warning signs that the personality bodies are unable to find the where­ withal to deal with the stresses of self-expression.

When we understand the purpose of stress, we are soon able to answer the questions :-

Who are we?

Why are we here?

Why do we have to suffer pain?

of stress, we are soon able to answer the questions :- Who are we? Why are



Z'�UTff 13£:A1A-T'Y §OOD�ESS Ra-y �II �ill I l �·e<l� j\�'r l SC1&NCE.
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Cawc.tty t fvr Stress
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'rR'UT1-t £s�JTY



These early warning signs and symptoms are precursors of physical disease. If the origins of their motivation can be reached, adjustments will take place and disease may be prevented. Or, if they have already reached physical expression in a disease, treating these symptoms, rather than the disease itself, can alleviate the condition at its causal level.

When the stress disorder has already shown itself physically, the healer should make certain that the patient is seeing his physician before helping with what is surely the most important task - reaching to those CAUSES which lie in the etheric, astral and mental bodies.

Usually, if the disorder has not yet reached severe proportions, some simple adjustments to the patient's daily activities can eliminate distress. An examination of the chart 'Aetiology of Stress' shows six factors which can resolve stress. If these are adequately implemented as a regimen they will permit exposure to large amounts of unremittent stress.

will permit exposure to large amounts of unremittent stress. Balance of Rest and Sleep 'Rest and

Balance of Rest and Sleep

'Rest and Sleep' hardly needs comment except to add to this essential need that of planned leisure. The Tibetan Master emphasised this factor in his teachings on achieving the balance necessary for integrating the personality of the chela. The Master R.B. used to insist that whether the individual thinks he needs it or not, he should fit a period or two ofrecreation into his crowded day.

It is a characteristic of incipient hypertension that the sufferer­ ignorant of his mounting blood pressure - progressively does




away with his leisure. The simplest small chores or occupations can be used by some as leisure, especially for those subjected to intense and sustained mental concentration. A leisurely walk into the market place or mall - just mixing your highly organised vibrations momentarily with the hurly burly of the marketing scene - will stem the corroding effect of some stressor, espe­ cially when it is a single and constant one in your life. This is a 'change of scene' in miniature. Even orthodoxy knows that a short holiday or change of scenery can acts as a tonic to those beset by stress.

of scenery can acts as a tonic to those beset by stress. It is an occult

It is an occult fact that we exchange energies with scenes of turmoil or tranquility, spirituality or criminality, harmony and poise, sloth and gluttony.

· - :.:: ���r;gL;;���'�:��:::::�··:' -· /�· I' ,, - ---'"'::5 _
· - :.:: ���r;gL;;���'�:��:::::�··:'
- ---'"'::5






- �















Esoteric research has shown that within the cytoplasm of all living cells, there are twelve basic 'tissue salts' which need to be replaced when the body is subjected to stress. Normally, the cells can cope with the exigencies of living and with short excursions into physico-etheric, astral and mental activity. Energy expendi­ ture at harsher and or sustained levels requires cell salt replace­ ment above what can normally be provided from the body's stores; and they must be in a refined, 'etheric' state in order to move rapidly out of tissue fluids through cell walls to the sites of energy expenditure.

The twelve tissue salts as elaborated by Dr. W.H. Schuessler*, not only supply the immediate deficiencies of a cell under stress, but arouse and stimulate the natural recuperative forces of the body as a whole. The use of biochemic salts in the treatment of stress disorders now forms part of what we call alternative or complementary medicine. In no way do they interfere with the therapy of the orthodox physician which should be continued where prescribed.

In 183 2, a medical paper announced that :-

"All the essential components of the human body are great remedies."

The Tissue Salts are all body components and are, therefore, natural remedies.

*Dr. Schuessler's Biochemistry, by J.B. Chapman, M.D., New Era Laboratories Ltd., London.




Calcium Sulphate Potassium Phosphate Sodium Phosphate Calcium Fluoride Potassium Chloride

Magnesium Phosphate Calcium Phosphate Sodium Chloride Iron Phosphate Sodium Sulphate Potassium Sulphate

Through the consumption of these salts, the stress of the body can normally be compensated for. In Dr. Schuessler's and other works, the mental, emotional and vital signs and symptoms of stress disorders have been correlated to each of the twelve salts. We may take dosages of the appropriate cell salts in order to compensate for a particular stress symtom that is presenting. From experience however, we have found that the easiest way of dealing with stress signs and symptoms is slowly to introduce foods containing the appropriate salt into the diet. (See pages 72- 78 for an extract from Guide To Biochemic Treatment by C. Stirling Saunder, listing the chemical contents of foods.)

The Twelve Tissue Salts also have their correspondences in the Twelve Zodiacal Signs so that the effecient astrologer can detect latent weaknesses in body constitution in terms of the salts, and assess and give prognosis in cycles of time when these weak­ nesses are most likely to manifest.



Generally, the patient should have the cell salt corresponding to his sun sign. For example, Sun in Cancer will always receive, as part of the repertoire, Calcium Flouride. Thereafter, you can prescribe according to afflicted areas of the horoscope and the specific symptoms presenting.

In our consideration of the action of the twelve salts correlated to the Zodiac and therefore to anatomical types, we should be careful not to think in terms of the salts themselves achieving the results which are often so spectacular. Just as an enzyme acts upon a substrate as a sort of catalyst so, too, do the twelve salts act as catalysts in the substrate of etheric substance of the body.

In the more subtle substance of etheric matter the infinitely small dilutions of homoeopathic remedies have an even more powerful action.

In my work Esoteric Healing, Part I I have shown how etheric vitamins can reinforce the etheric body.

Another treatment of stress disorders that is becoming very popular indeed is the use of flower remedies, and these have been dealt with extensively in Esoteric Healing, Part II & III, and

Bach Flower Remedy Repertoires, Part I & II, by the author.

Generally speaking, the biochemic salts do best with the physico­ etheric body and the flower remedies are better employed on the signs and symptoms of the astral-mental bodies. (See Appendix for the correlation of flower remedies with the signs of the Zodiac).



In the following extract from Guide To Biochemic Treatment, Dr. Stirling Saunder gives a summary of the various minerals and salts as contained in the various foods, together with a brief report on the necessity and function of each mineral or salt. A list of the various foods is also given and it should be noted that some foods contain a preponderance of one mineral or salt over others, but all foods contain more than one mineral or salt.



Magnesium is the great vitaliser of muscular and lung tissues, and the bones; a nourisher of brain and nexve tissues. Working with other elements like Phosphorus,Calcium, etc., it gives hardiness to the bones, teeth, and skull, elasticity to the muscles, and ease to the nexves and brain. Magnesium promotes sleep at night and normal activity during the day. It soothes pain and prevents fever. It relieves jaundice and auto-intoxication. It balances

other minerals and tends to make the body alkaline. Magnesium reduces pain.

tends to make the body alkaline. Magnesium reduces pain. Lack of Magnesium causes the tissues to

Lack of Magnesium causes the tissues to be inflamed, drying them up, especially the brain. Deficiency of Magnesium may produce constipation, headache, and insanity. Acid people need Magnesium.

The body contains about 3

following foods:

ounces of Magnesium and is found in the

Almonds, Apples, Asparagus, Avacodo, Bananas, Barley, Fresh String Beans, Green Limas Beans, Beech Nuts, Beet Leaves, Beets, Blackberries, Brazil Nuts, Brussels Sprouts, Buttermilk,Cabbage,Caraway Seed,Carrots, Cauliflower,Celery,Cherries,Chives,Chocolate,Cucumbers, Dandelion, Black Figs, Filberts, Sea Fish, Pecans, Green Pepper, Pineapple, Pinions, Potatoes, Pumpernickel, Pumpkins, Radish, Kohl Rabi, Lemons, Lettuce, Goat's Milk, Mushrooms, Oats, Onions, Oranges, Oysters, Parsley, Pars­ nips, Peanuts, Green Peas, Raisins, Rutabagas, Whole Rye, Fresh Salmon,



Spinach, Fresh Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Turnips, Walnuts, Watercress, Water Melons, Whole Wheat.

Magnesium gives firmness to the bones.


Lack of Calcium means rickets, all3emia, defective bones and teeth. Carbon takes Calcium from the teeth, causing them to decay. Sodium keeps Calcium in solution, thereby preventing the bones from becoming too brittle or too hard, and the joints from being encumbered with Calcium deposits. After maturity we do not need so much Calcium, or we should eat plenty of Sodium with it.

Four pounds of the body are Calcium, and the following foods contain Calcium:

Asparagus, French String Beans, Beech Nuts, Beets, Blackberries, Brazil Nuts, Buttermilk, Cabbage, Caraway Seed, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Chives, Cranberries, Cucumbers, Dandelion, Eggs, Filberts, Horseradish, Kale, KohlRabi, Lemons, Lettuce, Goat's Milk, Raw Milk, Molasses, Onions, Oranges, Parsnips, Peaches, Pike, Prunes, Pumpkins, Radish,Rhubarb, Rutabagas, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Turnips, Watercress, Water Melons.

Calcium forms the bones and teeth. It gives strength to the walls of the blood vessels and is necessary for a strong pulse. Calcium is needed for a strong, healthy body. Endurance, good memory, executive ability and long life come from having plenty of calcium in the blood and body. Calcium helps iron in making the blood red. Calcium and Magnesium also work together.

the blood red. Calcium and Magnesium also work together. POTASSIUM (Kali.) Potassium is the builder and


Potassium is the builder and healer of the body. It supplies materials for the muscles, making them pliant and elastic. It is not only a muscle builder, but also a healing agent. Potassium attracts oxygen, giving life and energy to the mind and body. It often prevents infection and reduces pain. Potassium gives enthusiasm to the brain and body. "Without Potassium there is no life" is an


and reduces pain. Potassium gives enthusiasm to the brain and body. "Without Potassium there is no


old saying. Vegetables contain large quantities of Potassium. Potassium should be balanced by Sodium.

Lack of Potassium leads to muscular weakness, inability to recuperate, and opens the way for infectious diseases.

Four ounces of Potassium are found in the body, and the following foods contain Potassium:

Apples, Apricots, Green Lima Beans, String Beans, Beet, Blackberries, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cherries, Chest­ nuts, Coconuts, Cucumbers, Currants, White Currants, Dandelion, Egg Plant, Figs, Grape Fruit, Grapes, Horseradish, Huckleberries, Kale, Lem­ ons, Lettuce, Limes, Dried Olives, Onions, Oranges, Parsnips, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Plums, Pomegranates, Potatoes, Prunes, Radish, Raisins, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Rutabagas, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Tur­ nips, Watercress, Water Melons.

Tomatoes, Tur­ nips, Watercress, Water Melons. IRON (Ferrum) Iron gives warmth and magnetism to the body.

IRON (Ferrum)

Iron gives warmth and magnetism to the body. It makes the blood red and brain active. United with Oxygen, Iron gives man hope, happiness and success. Iron causes Hydrogen to be taken into the system through the lungs and thus breaks up fevers.

Lack of Iron produces pale people. Insufficient Iron in the blood is the cause of cold hands and feet. People who lack Iron are irritable, lack self-control and poise.

Excess of Iron sometimes produces haemorrhages and bleeding from the nose.

Only 4 ounces of Iron are in the body, but it is Iron that gives the body its vitality, and the mind its endurance.

Iron strenthens the will, produces fearlessness, and makes it possible for us to see things through. Iron is found in all red fruits and vegetables. The following foods contain Iron:






Beech Nuts,


Brazil Nuts,


Brussels Sprouts, Buttermilk, Cabbage, Caraway Seed, Carrots, Cauli­ flower, Celery, Cherries, Chives, Coconuts, Cucumbers, Dandelion, Eggs, Figs, Filberts, Gooseberries, Grape Fruit, Grapes, Horseradish, Kohl Rabi, Leek, Lettuce, Lentils, Goats Milk, Mushrooms, Oats, Onions, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Pinions, Plums, Potatoes, Prunes, Pumpernickel, Pumpkins, RedRadish, Raisins, Rhubarb, Rutabagas, Salmon, Fresh Salmon, Sorrel, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Turnips, Walnuts, Water Melons, Wheat.

SILICON (Silicea)

Silicon is the great hair grower and disease fighter. Its antiseptic qualities protect the body from ulcers, and prevent tumours, cancers and tuberculosis. Silicon gives lustre to the hair and polish to the skin, nails and teeth. Silicon makes the eyes bright. Silicon breeds optimism, joy, hope, courage, and happiness. It is Silicon which makes it possible for wheat to hold its head up and stand against adverse winds. Silicon does the same thing for people.

Lack of Silicon means loss of hair and poor teeth and eye-sight. It is often the lack of Silicon which makes us depressed and open to infection. Expectant mothers should eat plenty of Silicon and Calcium foods.

Only an ounce and a half of Silicon is found in the body, but it is a powerful and necessary element.

We can obtain Silcon from the following foods:

Apricots, Asparagus, Barley, Beets, Celery, Cherries, Cucumbers, Dande­ lion, Black Figs, Horseradish, Lettuce, Oats, Onions, Parsley, Parsnips, Pumpkins, Radish, Spinach, Strawberries, Water Melons, Whole Grain Wheat.


Chlorine is called the laundryman of the body because of its cleansing properties, especially of the intestinal tract. It is also a powerful reducing agent. It is therefore a purifier and fat reducer, thus stimulating the activity of the cells of the body. Chlorine is a very important element in elimination, as it expels waste matter from the body. Chlorine breaks down albumen and aids digestion.



Lack of Chlorine is likely to produce catarrh, bloated abdomen and albuminuria. A deficiency of Chlorine is depressing, makes one nervous, and often gives the face a greenish pallor.

Chlorine is good for Bright's disease achingjoints, and auto-intoxication. It often prevents pyorrhea. Chlorine foods are an aid in supplying hydrochloric acid to the stomach. Chlorine overcomes constipation.

On the other hand, too much Chlorine produces the mental effect of fear, cowardice, and suspicion.

From 8 to 16 ounces of Chlorine are found in the body.

Chlorine is prominent in the following foods:

Fresh String Beans, Beets, Butter, Cabbage, Celery, Cheese, Cucumbers, Dandelion, Horseradish, Lettuce, Goat's Milk, Oleomargarine, Oysters, Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes, Radishes, Rhubarb, Salmon, Spinach, Tomatoes, Turnips, Watercress.


Fluorine is called the youth preserver, and is the body's police officer, protecting the bones and spinal cord from infection and the teeth from decay. Fluorine forms the enamel ofthe teeth and nails, and cements the bones and skull. Fluorine seems to keep the glandular system well balanced. It also strengthens the eyesight. Fluorine gives genius to the mind. It is the mother of inspiration.

Lack of Fluorine tends to produce ulcers in the body. It's deficiency is the cause of anaemia, necrosis, decomposition and short life.

Flourine is needed in tuberculosis, syphilis, erysipelas, varicose veins, bladder and kidney stones, paralysis and hardening of the glands. It is especially effective for crumbling teeth and prolapsus.

Too much Fluorine makes one gloomy, foreboding, eccentric, and psychic.

Three to four ounces of Fluorine are found in the body, and can be supplied from the following foods:

Black Bass, Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Goat's Cheese, Garlic, Mackerel, Goat's Milk, Steel cut Oats, Spinach, Watercress.




Phosphorus is the great brain and nerve food. It also gives sex power. Every time we think we consume phosphorus. Phosphorus is necessary to other elements for the creation ofbone, brain and red blood. Phosphorus gives us the power to put things over.

Lack ofPhosphorus produces mental weakness, anaemia, rickets, excitabil­ ity, or stupidity.

Too muchPhosphorus may produce nervous irritability, and lead to abnor­ mal and cancerous growths unless balanced by Sulphur.

Phosphorus is very volatile and food that is cooked loses its Phosphorus.

The body contains about two pounds of Phosphorus, and Phosphorus may be found in the following foods:

Almonds, Apples, Asparagus, Avocado, Barley, Kidney Beans, Beets, Blackberries, Brazil Nuts, BrusselsSprouts, Buttermilk, Cabbage, Caraway Seed, Cauliflower, Celery, Cheese, Cherries, Cucumbers, Dandelion, Eggs, Figs, Sea Fish, Gooseberries, Grapes, Horseradish, Huckleberries, Kale, Lemons, Lentils, Lettuce, Limes, Meat, Milk, Goat's Milk, Raw Milk, Mushrooms, Oats, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Green Peas, Pike, Pinions, Plums, Prunes, Pumpkins, Large Radish, Seed Radish, Raisins, Red Rasp­ berries, Rhubarb, Rutabagas, Rye,Salmon,Sorrel,Spinach,Sprouts,Straw­ berries, Tomatoes, Turnips, Walnuts, Watercress, Water Melons, Wheat.

Tomatoes, Turnips, Walnuts, Watercress, Water Melons, Wheat. SULPHUR (Sulph.) Sulphur is the great "toner" of

SULPHUR (Sulph.)

Sulphur is the great "toner" of the body, promoting the secretion of the bile and creatinginternal heat and energy.Sulphurbeautifies and clears the skin, and stimulates the growth of the hair. Sulphur has insulating power, protecting the body from infection and loss of magnetism.Sulphur, through its eliminative qualities, keeps the body in good tone. A good supply of Suphur prevents the formation of tumours and other cancerous growths.

Lack of Sulphur causes obesity, asthma, rheumatism

Sulphur balancesPhosphorus, and prevents abnormal mental excitements. Cooked sulphur creates gas and causes biliousness.

and toxic conditions.



There are from4 to8 ounces ofSulphur in the body, andSulphur canbefound in the following foods:

Asparagus, Avacado, FreshString Beans, Beef, Beets, Brazil Nuts, Brussels Sprouts, Butter, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cheese, Chicken, Chives, Cranberries, Cucumbers, Egg Plant, Filiberts, Sea Fish, Horserad­ ish, Kale, Lettuce, Oysters, Parsnips, Peaches, Green Peas, Pineapple, Radishes, Red Raspberries, Red Currants, Rutabagas, Salmon, Spinach, Tomatoes, Turnips, Watercress.

Rutabagas, Salmon, Spinach, Tomatoes, Turnips, Watercress. SoDIUM (Natrum) Sodium is the great dissolver of the body,

SoDIUM (Natrum)

Sodium is the great dissolver of the body, keeping Calcium in solution, and nourishing the ligaments and tendons, as well as alkalizing the blood. Sodium gives grace and elasticity to the joints, strength and speed to the muscles, and keeps the bones and teeth from becoming brittle. The presence of Sodium helps the body to take up Iron. Sodium prevents hardening of the arteries. It prevents the formation of kidney and gall stones. It gives relief in diphtheria, diabetes, and constipation. Sodium removes carbonic acid from the blood, and those who exercise a great deal should eat plenty of Sodium foods.

The following foods contain Sodium:

Apples, Asparagus, Avocado, Bananas, Green Limas Beans, Beets, Butter, Buttermilk, Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Cheese, Chicken, Cucumbers, Dan­ delion, Eggs, Black Figs, Lentils, Lettuce, Oysters, Pike, Pomegranates, Pumpkins, Radish, Rhubarb, Rutabagas, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes,



Chapter Seven

Degenerative and Regenerative Life Cycles

Of the six factors listed in the aetiology of stress, especially as contributors to the resolution of stress, probably one of the most important is the elimination of waste products through the various systems of the body.

Energy gained by the purely physical body is directly from food, its digestion, absorption, assimilation and metabolism. The books on diet and nutrition are legion. But there is a matter of great importance to the esoteric healer that is rarely brought to light. "Energy follows thought" is the basic maxim of Esoteric Heal­ ing. On it hang all the laws of that spiritual science which we call Yoga.

Physiologically, man is a tube. His head, arms and legs are mere appendages. The assembly of food in the 22-foot human tube which we call the alimentary tract leads to the production of huge amounts of energy.

tract leads to the production of huge amounts of energy. But what if this maxim is

But what if this maxim is true? The matter also gives rise to an eternal question not unlike "the chicken and the egg." When we swallow food, is it in the body? It lies inside that tube but may not yet be, or ever be inside the cells.

It is truly said in the Bible that "man does not live by bread alone." Food sustains his gas/liquid/solid body but etheric energies, especially prana, sustain his vital body which interpenetrates his physical body.

It is then true to say that every particle of food devoured has an etheric matrix, a mental and an emotional sheath. The absorption of food leads to the passage of energies not only into Man's physico-etheric body but the appropriate elements of the food

to the passage of energies not only into Man's physico-etheric body but the appropriate elements of





















' \ / - a::: c:: 0 ::::! ::::! c:: � fll s. fll
a::: c:: 0


DEGENERATIVE AND REGENERATIVE LIFE CYCLES pass into the emotional and mental bodies of the eater. Where

pass into the emotional and mental bodies of the eater. Where those energies flow to, is greatly decided by the attitude of mind of the individual and the state of his emotions at the time of


Edgar Cayce said "what we think and what we eat - combined together- make what we are, physically and mentally." In the language of esoteric science this means that the energies freed from the food will energise what thoughts and feelings we have at the time of eating and digesting, and those parts of the aura related to them and, via the aura, various correlated organs will be impacted negatively or positively by the quality of those thoughts and feelings.

"Never (when) under strain, when very tired, very excited, very mad, should the body take foods into the system, see?"*

Through these observations we should better understand the occult implications of saying grace before a meal. The dedication of food, the thanksgiving for it, were all originally calculated to raise the awareness of the individual out of the wrangles of everyday problems for that period of extreme importance when he was receptive to energy. It is truly said "Joy is Wisdom" and "Love is a Cohesive."

*Edgar Cayce (137-9).



Loving thoughts (ofHim) during grace compose the mind and

harmonise the emotions so that the passage of energy through nutrition into the body, with its various interpenetrating auras,

into the body, with its various interpenetrating auras, c-an one who can relax rapidly into a


one who can relax rapidly into a condition of detachment from his worldly cares (stress), at least while he is eating and digesting, is

someone who will be able to resolve the effects of stress massively.

be a "state of grace."

In practical terms, this means that the

The more relaxed the body, the more composed the emotions, the more settled the mind, and the higher the spiritual aspiration, during eating, the deeper the penetration of the acquired energies of both prana and metabolism.

The elimination of waste has a far more inclusive meaning for the esoteric healer than it has for the efficient nurse who merely sees to it that her patient is 'regular.'* Elimination from the physical body is important, and it is relevant here to mention excretion. Biologically, excreting means the elimination of materials that were once part of the body cells- materials that were actually inside the cells and are now being discarded. Materials in the alimentary canal that are the residues of digestion like fibres, cellulose, and bacteria, have not come out of cells. Technically they have not been inside the body but merely lying in the alimentary canal, moved along for elimination as faeces by peristaltic action. Excretion from cells in the liver, like bile pigments, are added to this waste.

*Those concerned with natural methods ofphysical elimination would find helpful the very useful book recently published, The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health through Drugless Therapy, published by MacMillan Publishing Co., New York.



From the standpoint of the esoteric healer each individual has some control over what is contained in his cells. The life force and that which bestows consciousness are cohesive. They hold the cells of the body together, constantly informing the sentient lives in the nuclei of the cells. The cells respond to 'the one in whom they live and move and have their being."*

The phase of excretion in their lives coincides with the outbreathing of the One in Whom they live and move and have their being. This should be pondered.

Inner Beliefs Control Outer Processes

"There is nothing, but thinking makes it so!" Thoughts of elimination directed to all cells during the period of exhalation assist them in their ejection of excretory materials especially when these are being generated powerfully by stress.

Tension created in muscle cells continually exposed to stress is easily recognised by their partial contractions and stiffness; but we should remember that tension exists in all cells burdened excessively with the elimination of their excretions, under stress. All cells excrete carbon dioxide into the tissue fluids and from there it is carried by the blood for excretion from the surface of the lungs. Another organ concerned with excretion is the skin, which, through perspiration, eliminates water, salts and minute quantities of urea (the product of protein digestion). The skin is not difficult to visualise when directing attention to it during exhalation.

*Postulate Two of the Seven Postulates of Ancient Wisdom, Jewel in the Lotus, pp. 19-24, by the author


The kidneys filter a huge variety of excretory materials from the blood, not only water and mineral salts, but the waste products of liver cells breaking down the amino acids derived from the digestion of proteins. These are nitrogenous substances like urea, uric acid, creatin and creatinine. Their retention in the body leads to coma in the physical body but long before that, there are effects on the etheric body and the capacity ofthe brain to register mental and emotional directions coming from the inner bodies. An examination of the anatomy of thy kidneys and the ability to visualise them or those of a patient suffering from kidney disorders "in the space between thoughts," especially during outbreathing, can be invigorating to their cells. Whilst much of their work of filtration is passive, even passivity can be enhanced.

The writer has observed in himself, for instance, that intense one­ pointed concentration or study produces a diuretic effect on the kidneys with consequently greater excretion.

It can also be stated that tissues which have become sites for abnormal deposits of toxins and excretory products during stress can be reached reflexly through Zone Therapy.*

The Ancient Wisdom teaches that the attitude of Man's mind during eating and digestion of food is a powerful factor in three



The amount of energy that is finally appropriated (from the canal),


the quality of the energy,


the destination of the energy.

*Zone therapy is a therapeutic treatment of body organs through manipulation of certain pressure points on the feet.










0.• 8 s


<I) 1-4









s <I)


Any picture of Man, depicting his energy resources, would be totally inadequate without it showing those that flow into him from within. The graph ofResistance becomes more meaningful if it is shown that there are two major influxes. There is the energy of metabolism that we have already referred to including reser­ voirs of energy in liver, muscle and the cells in general, which are ours through biological inheritance. These are purely physical in nature, and are shown by the arrow at 'A' :-

in nature, and are shown by the arrow at 'A' :- ENERGY FROM WITillN I III

But there is another group 'B' that reaches us from structures unknown to science. Man's etheric body is not only itself able to absorb the energy of prana and convert it to a force that vitalises the nervous system but is a receiving plate, and a transformer of



energies that flow into the aura from the unit of energy we call the higher Self. The electromagnetic energies of the Self are of extremely high voltage. But with transmission down through the planes into the etheric body, the voltage is greatly reduced. An idea of the transforming process can be grasped from the spiral structure of the anu, the ultimate physical atom, out of which all matter is constructed. Their outer spirillae complete the final transformation of inner energy into 'matter.'

final transformation of inner energy into 'matter.' The etheric body of Man, which vitalises his gross

The etheric body of Man, which vitalises his gross physical structures, is made of atoms which lack the outer spirillae. In the diagram, part of the spirillae are shown of a single anu. This would be an anu involved in the construction of a gas, liquid and solid form such as the physical body.






< 0 e



4) I




Progressively increasing the relative number of these etheric anu in the physico-etheric body makes available more and more energies stemming from the higher Self We can achieve this through a variety of ways :-






Expressing the purpose of the soul

Careful attention to diet - vegetarian diet is helpful

Rhythmic breathing

Meditation and the meditative way of life

Opening the chakras above the diaphragm

The gross physical body is not a pathway for spiritual forces. Its anu are 'dead-ends' and saturated. Their numbers can be greatly added to by gross, animal or earthly behaviour and by enslave­ ment to sensory perception. The passage of spiritual fire beyond the etheric into gas, liquid and solid tissues of the body can only be brought about through passing the fire down the vagus nerve and its wide ramifications, and even then only under rare circum­ stances which do not concern us here.

Diseases Begin in the Subtle Bodies

The etheric body is the end plate for the outpourings of all bodies from the monad down to the astral. When the Soul's purpose is being expressed adequately, in terms of the rounding out of its personality and, later, in terms of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, there is progressive transforming of its energy through each successive body down into the etheric matrix.

9 2

,·�->A.· -------, t:', ;1: d z • First Etheric ' ; Atoms containing only 6
t:', ;1:
• First Etheric
Atoms containing
only 6 spirillae
make up the
Second Etheric
'-·�"'":· ,-
Third Etheric
(_ j.
. ,
Atom,.; containing
7 spirill':lc make
ur the


Any inhibition of that flow, at a spiritual, mental, astral or etheric level, will lead to disease. Pockets of static energy produce nodules of repressed growth, sites which can harbour emotional and mental disorders that may or may not work through to the etheric matrix and physical body but which will certainly show up somewhere in the psyche if not in outward signs or vague mental and emotional symptoms.

Through meditation, the down flow of soul force can be progres­ sively increased, but this necessitates expression ofthe energies thus released. It is unwise for the Westerner to practise medita­ tion without appropriate adjustments to his way of life. The stream of divine force thus encouraged to flow must be channeled into creative acts as well as into the mundane necessities of everyday living.

The disciple of today learns to balance hard work in service

mankind, creative expression ofhis Soul's purpose, meditation, and study ofthe occult classics.


Where there is a diseased condition already present, meditation should NOT be recommended. The illness should be resolved and the personality adjusted before meditation- or for that matter, any spiritualising process, i.e., energising from higher levels­ to be undertaken.

In English mysticism, seekers after the Holy Grail (which they ultimately found to be within themselves) were only successful if they wore coats ofmail and shining armour- symbols of purity and refined mental and emotional health.



Disease - an attempt by the higher Self to purifY its bodies - must first be resolved. When the purifYing process is at an end, the tarnished armour glistens once more and the Knight reaches a state of grace, becomes himself the Cup or Holy Grail ready to receive the downpouring of spiritual fire.





' '














E �f!E_ -- DRIVE




Stress results from growth, from attempts to express Truth, Beauty and Goodness. It involves us in something more than merely living out a 24-hour day. Anyone can do that. But where there are urges and aspirations to do something more than exist entirely for our own individual personality ends, there comes spiritual growth fed by spiritual energies.



STRESS DISORDERS Very few can cope with the energies available to them in terms of their

Very few can cope with the energies available to them in terms of their spiritual status. Those 'treading the Path' of discipleship use the disciplines and psychology of discipleship to guide them, or they quickly become prone to over-stimulation and the 'diseases of discipleship.' For the masses of mankind in the West, who are not yet consciously treading the Path, and, therefore, to whom discipline-ship is unknown, their sensitivity is their undo­ ing. They are urged by their inner natures to express themselves, or to round out personality defects that clash with their growing 'conscience' or soul awareness, but do not know the soul's purpose because they never relax, nor even sit in silence, nor pay attention to their dream life, not to archetypal patterns that well up into their consciousness from time to time. Even where they do what there higher nature is telling them, they are so enmeshed in Maya, the Grand Illusion, in purely objective living, that they can't extract themselves from it.

These are the candidates for distress. "Ifl only knew WHY I am placed in this situation, I could manage," is a common cry


a sign from on high that I am on the right path, I wouldn't mind the pressure!"

"If there were a meaning to it all"

"Ifl could only have

In thousands of consultations with the spiritually oriented, this refrain or variations of it have confirmed to me that the Fifth Sub­ race, confronted daily with unremittent stress, is at last searching for its soul and unless it is introduced to the basic mechanisms for unlocking the energies of the higher Self, this stress will increas­ ingly tum to stress disorders.



It is not sufficient to bring down flashes of high voltage energy from the higher Self These can be had cheaply and aberrantly through momentary short-circuitry of the transforming equip­ ment, through destruction of the etheric webs between chakras, through alcohol, drugs, pranayama in the unready, sex emphasis and other black magical devices. But the price will have to be paid for such abuse of etheric nadis and tracts. There is a far surer and safer way to obtain regenerating energies from the higher triad which happens to conform with the soul's intent.

triad which happens to conform with the soul's intent. I am often asked how I get

I am often asked how I get the energy to manage my own very

heavy schedule. On average, over a period of one year, I give approximately 600 public lectures, 300 counsellings, write three books, run a printing works, organise international festivals, conduct a school of esoteric science and research into a variety of esoteric fields, travel 50,000 miles as well as practise strict

esoteric disciplines. My answer is always the same: "Where do

I get my energy from?- I get rid of it!"

"Where do I get my energy from?- I get rid of it!" I know of no

I know of no better advice to give anyone than that. It is never

true to say that we cannot get enough energy for our needs. The problem usually is the opposite. The energy is available, but we just cannot express it. My own complement ofRays enable me, now, after years of adjustment, to express myself almost equally in at least six different ways- artistically, in teaching, in healing,

in writing, in publishing and in mysticism.

We should be open channels for the boundless energies of our higher Selves. Instead, we constantly inhibit the flow. Our fears, our limitations of expression, lack of confidence, or sloth, karma, upbringing, religious attitudes, entrenched codes of conduct,



concretised thought, all inhibit our expression of soul-energy as Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Stress is healthy for us when we can deal with it. It not only brings down spiritual energy but increases our access to it. Constant resolution of stress leads to increased capacity to deal with stress. The device has produced, throughout history, our most precious souls - poets, men of action, scientist, artists, humanitarians, and sages- who have been creative into extreme old age. Their staying power has been inward and outward. How have they achieved this?

has been inward and outward. How have they achieved this? There are other assets that come

There are other assets that come to those who submit themselves to stress for mankind's sake. We could call them the intrinsic rewards. They arise out of the Law of Infinite Supply. The disciple really and truly involved, totally pledged and committed, knows well that in the heat ofbattle, under the constant welter of expressiveness, the occult or hidden law helps him,

In teaching he is taught,

In healing his is healed,

In serving he is served,

In loving he is loved

so that all things are given him. This great law, in operation, experienced and demonstrated by the truly great leaders of the race, gives the initiate under stress that serene confidence and certainty that relieves him of much of his burden, that he shoulders so nobly for mankind.


















It is taught in esoteric science that there is always an inner side to the manifestation of a phenomena. Some call this the noumenon. There is a hidden fire that is masked by every visible fire. There is an inner counterpart to the glucose molecule and that is the vitality globule. The former is the basis of nutrition and sustains through metabolic energy the gross physical body. The vitality globule releases pranic energy to the etheric matrix through the mechanism of breathing. We talk of esoteric Christianity and esoteric Buddhism- teachings that lie hidden behind the outer forms of religion as presented to the masses of mankind.

We have considered the importance of spiritual staying power for the monad. Is there any evidence that this quality is being progressively synthesised by the outer shells of the monad?

The staying power of an athlete is important. Whether he is a boxer or a long-distance runner, he must keep himself fit. Fitness means co-ordination of nerves with muscles, and muscles with muscles, remembering that blood carries oxygen and that oxygen is the bearer of prana- the life force. No mountaineer attempts the cliff-face without due preparation and much hard work. He requires muscles strengthened into steel-like qualities; he needs to develop the head to withstand vertigo and fear of heights. The disciple must also withstand the attractive forces that are asso­ ciated with spiritual heights, and also needs the courage to cling on to the cliff-face, to maintain his foothold on the mountain of initiation when the whole hillside seems to be crumbling beneath his feet. Such staying power brings very quickly integration of personality- an outer sign that the disciple is really prepared for the major initiations.



Altruistic Egotism

Hans Selye was once asked a question that has a direct bearing on our subject here.

Having the reputation of knowing more about the effects of stress on individual cells of the body, he was asked to compare cells to mankind and to suggest what factors in a man's life might help him most to adapt himself to stress- to deal with it, and not only to survive but to thrive in the process. His answer was that a man should practice 'altruistic egotism'. He had observed that when cells worked in cooperation with each other, almost'thinking' of other cells groups in their concern while maintaining their own strength and resourcefulness, they did best in stress situations.

There is a lesson for disciples here, all of whom should be aware of the great Pillar of Ancient Wisdom that asserts "all men live within the body of a greater Being." This postulate should be examined carefully and the full significance of'altruistic egotism' will become apparent. Altruism - the regard for others as a principle of action - means esoterically, recognition of the Greater Entity in Whom we live and move and have our being, and cooperation with Him and all parts of Him, which include men and other kingdoms of nature. This means the observing of Natural Law.

The more we work with Natural Law, the more we recognise that

the greater our degree of union with

Him, the greater our integration with His Body. It is then that His

life and His consciousness flood us increasingly. In this way, spiritual staying power suffuses our lives. It shows as increased Will-to-Be, without an alienating ego.

we are part of the Logos



Personal ambition becomes transmuted into desire to serve the Plan, and to help mankind to do the same. Yet the energies which are found in the ambitious are no less present here. They are, in fact, more emphasised but the ambition is no longer personal "Not my will, but THY WILL be done."

personal "Not my will, but THY WIL L be done." These steps, taken, lead the disciple

These steps, taken, lead the disciple progressively to the feet of the Master. They bring into his aura, energies that transform his way of life, giving him the capacities to realise the powers latent within him, as they are within every man. These energies make of the disciple a many splendoured thing. They give the initiate the power to adapt; the same energies which, reaching down as far as the physical body -mainly via the vagus nerve -adapt the disciple to stress and feed the powers of resistance to those forces which would upset homeostasis in the normal individual.

They enable a Socrates to stand barefooted for hours in the snow and ice in deep contemplation and communion with his daemon -and a Xenophon, leader of the immortal ten thousand Greeks out of certain death in Asia Minor back to the safety of their homeland, by his immortal examples of courage and endurance. The pages of history abound with examples of altruistic egotism. The egotism we have today in abundance - showing in our competitive way of life; and the altruism is growing. The blending of both to the point of stress will pave the way for the new yoga. It's target? The rounding out of the personality, its integration and its dedication to the higher Self as an instrument of service to mankind.

out of the personality, its integration and its dedication to the higher Self as an instrument
out of the personality, its integration and its dedication to the higher Self as an instrument



There are many known examples of superhuman forces coming

into play during moments of extreme stress. Herculean powers

have enabled trapped men to hurl aside crushing burdens.

Mothers have rescued children from savages or wild animals.

Men have won races almost in physiological coma. If danger calls

down the forces of courage, then surely stress induces malleabil­

ity and receptivity, without which growth is impossible.

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Man is Two Fires

Man is a blending of two fires, Solar and Kundalini. The first is related to, and stems from, the Heart of the Sun. It flows down the spine, part of the central nervous system. The second pulsates out of the core of the planet and moves majestically up the spine from chakra to chakra.

No man is barred from access to Solar Fire but that access is intimately correlated to spiritual growth. More than this, Solar Fire is responsible for the impelling force behind all evolution as that term is understood by the esoteric sciences. Involution is complementary to evolution and marks the descent of life into ever-grossening, denser forms. Solar Fire stimulates the opposite effect. It encourages the construction of subtler and finer forms for the indwelling life. Solar Fire employs solar devas for the construction of such forms and the driving of all life towards perfection in expression.

It is through the opening of the chakras above the diaphragm that the solar deva in each individual is able to anchor itself and begin the regeneration of the mental, astral and etheric forms. The rapidity and effectiveness in this task of the solar deva in each life is determined by the extent to which chakras ABOVE the diaphragm have been opened, especially those in the head. Until they are opened, and engagement with stress ensures their opening, the work of the deva is hampered and the amount of solar Fire that can be brought down into the personality through its vehicular transformers, down as far as the physical base-plate, is restricted.



Solar Fire flows in all Man. However, its voltage, though high, has no significant amperage. Average man can only register the presence of Solar Fire as flashes of insight, momentary urgings of conscience, faltering inspiration. But when his chakras above the diaphragm are opening rapidly and are interacting with each other, then amperage is increased, the Solar Fire is harnessed to express Truth, Beauty and Goodness in any of those many variations of the triplicity which we call the art of living. The more the chakras are open and functioning, the more sustained is the resistance to the stress of living. It is as simple as that. Stress that is habitual is an excellent medium for the opening of the chakras. They, in their tum, draw off energy from their lower counter­ parts, those chakras which lie below the diaphragm :-

Head Chakra from the Base of the Spine Chakra

Heart Chakra form the Solar Plexus Chakra

Throat Chakra from the Sacral Chakra

Alta Major Chakra from the Throat Chakra

Ajna Chakra from the Heart Chakra

Where this is done scientifically, we call the process YOGA.

Where it is done through creative expression in the outer and inner worlds we call it the Art of Living.

Where it fails to be done, where chakras are not transferring energies to their higher centres (alter ego), we get stress disor­ ders appearing.



Access to Solar Fire is almost always related to the degree of sensitivity and receptivity of the individual. Man on the Path seeks constantly to raise his consciousness, and with it his vibrations. He seeks through the practice of specific disciplines to become the 'shining bowl' - a Holy Grail, a vessel for the inpouring ofSolar Fire- preparatory to pouring it out in service to mankind.

"Playing With Fire"

It is not an easy task. Playing with fire never is without its danger and the greatest danger that confronts the average disciple- or, for that matter, anyone with more than average sensitivity, is to become so involved with what is'up there' as to lose touch with what is'down here'- he cannot keep his feet on the ground. His 'earthing' mechanisms are lost. This is the candidate for stress disorders of a mental and emotional nature that basically stem from the incapacity to transform, to channel, and to express the energies ofSolar Fire as they pour into the lower bodies. Loss of contact with the physical world, and excessive sensory with­ drawal, and confrontation with even ordinary amounts of stress can bring about a 'blowing of the fuse' of personality.

Where the individual is a schizophrenic (and most of them are without any knowledge of esoteric matters) there is tremendous vulnerability to this situation. Genetically, they are structured in ways which make it impossible for them to deal with stress. At a personality level the Solar Fire, which should anchor the vehicles of the lower triad into a stable personality under the hegemony of a single (personality) identity, becomes too easily directed away from this cohesive mission into dramatising a current scene of fragment of the central personality. In such a



personality the Solar Fire becomes directed to whatever is the object of attention.

Some causes of schizophrenia - as related in Part One of Esoteric Healing by the author- are important to the esoteric healer in considering this all too prevalent stress disorder:-

The instability of relationships between the astral body and the mental body are exagger­ ated when certain genetic factors are present. In schizophrenia, the connections between the personality and its vehicles become tenuous. There is disorder of association. Trains of thought take unusual paths away from the hegemony of the personality which, already lacking synthesis, becomes further weakened. Illogical thinking and incoherence in the men­ tal body and its parts occur; and this situation allows categories and complexes of thought to become independent and isolated from the personality. It may be understood now why the symbol for this condition, in the English ashram, is bouncing rugby ball- its direction is unpredictable.

is bouncing rugby ball- its direction is unpredictable. In advanced initiates, the Fire is excessive; but

In advanced initiates, the Fire is excessive; but where it cannot be channeled into head chakras, it can be re-diverted to others in teaching and healing or even to alchemisation of animal, plant or mineral.



There is a flame within me that has stood Unmoved, untroubled through a mist of years, Knowing not love nor laughter, hope nor fears, Nor foolish throb of ill, nor wine of good.

-John Spencer Muirhead

Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion Times told lovelier, more dangerous, 0 my chevalier!

- Gerard Manley Hopkins

This solar energy, a manifestation of spiritual fire, reflects outwardly from the inner Self to the other vehicles and shows through these facets of a human entity in many ways

as SACRIFICE through the Throat Chakra

as CO.MPASSION through the Heart Chakra

as ILLUMINATION through the Brow Chakra

as INTUITION through the Solar Plexus Chakra

as the WILL-TO-BE through the Sacral Chakra, etc.

The fire is very real, though an inner one, and to most, invisible; but then the 'fire' or 'combustion' which produces the heat of metabolism of food is also invisible, though it still consumes oxygen in what we call internal respiration.


"He Who Has Eyes To See ••• "

"He Who Has Eyes To See ••• " The inward fire released in meditation is as

The inward fire released in meditation is as real as that visible fire we call fire by friction. The ancients noted that the only fire they

ever saw was induced by lightning

a miraculous event. Even today, we know practically

nothing about fire and still less about that inward fire which H.P. Blavatsky called fohat and which stems from the centre of the

lightning which came from

the gods


But one day, in the middle of the next Round, the Fifth, four-fifths of humanity will have 'seen' that inward fire for themselves in their initiations. They, the goats {Initiation in Capricorn, the goat) will be sorted from the sheep (those in Aries, the ram) who have yet to enter thezodiacal wheel of rebirth in an anti-clockwise fashion - which means 'treading the Path.' .

The inward fire is as real as the outward fire; and the nature of the inward fire can be assessed, with limitations, from an understand­ ing of the outer fire. This was the basic technique of the alchemist who noted the purifying effect of fire, the way in which it melted metal or made it more malleable so that it could be molded into the form chosen for it by the one who wielded the fire. This was applied to the inner fire and we got the birth of the concept of divine alchemy in which Man on the Path subjects himself, in meditation, to the inn�r fires and becomes purified and more malleable. "My God is an all-consuming fire" has real meaning for those who meditate. We live in a sea of fire; and to the eye of an adept, that fire is visible.

has real meaning for those who meditate. We live in a sea of fire; and to












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0 E Q,)








Pause a moment and visualise every atom that exists. Each emits the light of its fire as electrons in the atom move outwards from orbit to orbit.

Visualise every cell that is and the fires they emit as the combus­ tion of metabolism provides it with energy.

Consider then, also, that beneath every living form there is a fire raging; and then you will have a concept of what is meant by that 'sea of fire.'

The God ofFire and the fire of God interacting upon each other, till all the fires blend and blaze, and till all that exists is passed through the fire - from a solar system to an ant - and emerges as a triple perfec­ tion.

The wheel of fire turns and all within that wheel is subject to the three-fold flame, and eventually will stand perfected.*

This is the mystery of all mysteries, and it is adequately guarded from the uninitiate by the simplest of all devices: the human mind. "The mind is the slayer of the real," said Madame Blavatsky; and she meant it. While the mind is diverted by the five sense and the hundred-and-one things of the outer world, no symbol of power

can be placed in the sacred square inch of the eyebrow

in the

space between thoughts. The brain is locked in beta rhythm, and energy is being directed outwards in massive and exhausting

*.A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Lucis Publishing Co., New York.




effusions. When the eyes are closed and awareness of the outer world is greatly reduced, the brain slips into alpha-rhythm� the stream of thoughts is slowed down� the mind becomes more manageable. By various techniques it can be virtually stilled� and in that stillness the visual image of a symbol can be wrought out of manas, itself the substance of the higher kingdoms :-

But from these create he can, Forms more real than living man, Nurslings of immortality.

- P.B. Shelley

Visualisation, and the focus of attention on the symbol visualised, is an ancient and well-tried step of meditation: dharana.

It is because the West is so obsessed with the notion that intellect and its instrument, the mind, are the ultimate targets for attention of the intelligentsia of the world, that meditation is so difficult. The Western mind is an obdurate camel, set in certain ways and will not tolerate change.

The traditional method of releasing the stress-resolving energies of solar Fire into the aura is through meditation.* This energising process is achieved by slowing down the thoughts (A) and the positing of a symbol or any other object for meditation in the space between thoughts (B). This leads to an influx of energy directed towards the symbol (C) which is the outer manifestation of a whole line of archetypes reaching from the spiritual planes of Atma, Buddhi and Manas right down into the space between thoughts.

•see Meditation (!'he Theory and Practice), The Psychology of Discipleship, & Beyond the Intellect, by the author.



In this way the disciple engaged in unremittent stress always has on call whenever he meditates, all the energy his work needs.




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Energy in Shapes

But where do these resetvoirs of energy exist? New discoveries are upon us- or, rather, we have old wine in new bottles. We are fast becoming aware that shape conveys a quality to an object, and that that quality is linked to the energy of the shape.

Very recently, the age-old knowledge that the shape of a pyramid will produce conditions favouring the presetvation of mamma­ lian tissue placed in it, has become widely circulated. Many testify that the sharpness of a blade's edge can be maintained so long as it is kept in a pyramid-shaped box when not in use.

In public demonstrations, carefully devised instruments have shown that the type of energy found in a pyramid varies according to its location. Thus, the energy found in a pyramid varies according to its location. Thus, the energy that presetves tissue is about one-third of the distance upwards from the base of the pyramid to its apex. But the energy found in the apex of the pyramid is different. It has much higher and more spiritual applications. The energy found there is a Ray correspondence, in fact, of the same energies which are released in the science of meditation.

The Platonic Solids

It is now realised that ALL shapes of some regularity, irrespective of the material out of which they are formed, contain energy of some quality or the other. Shapes are accumulators. The surfaces of a pyramid must be orientated towards the poles of the Earth's magnetic field to be most effective. In fact, the pyramid's



energies, more than any, are related to magnetism.

The ancients believed the universe to be constructed out of certain basic shapes, and we still refer to these in terms of the 'Platonic Solids.' What is still not yet recognised is that if these shapes are placed about us, they can, through their qualities, affect the nature of the vibrations of our environment. More than this, if these shapes could be created visually in the mind, they could be used as accumulators of specialised energies which could be released into the various bodies, and directed to the opening of the chakras and their related petals.

Thus a sphere, visualised meticulously in meditation, would generate and accumulate the Ray type of energy for a sphere; and this would be available to a chakra, in the head region say, which is in Ray correspondence with a sphere. The material out of which the regular shape is constructed is of no consequence. It can be constructed as effectively out of thought substance as out of the rocky material of the pyramids at Gizeh.

This important knowledge can be applied in discipleship, both for the sensitisation of the environment and for creative uses in healing and teaching at a 'visionary' or abstract mental level.

Key to the Energies of Shape

We need here, a key to the energies of shape. How can we allocate the qualities of the Seven Rays and their correspondences, to the accumulating capacities of shape?

It is well-known in esoteric science that the last solar system was materialised through an etheric matrix constructed out of square shapes. The quality ultimately radiated by this system was on the




Third Ray of Active Intelligence. We can, therefore, safely ascribe square shapes and cubes to this Ray. Thus, cuboid structures hold energies in harmony with the colour green, the planet Saturn, the throat chakra, the zodiacal sign ofLibra, etc., etc. Consultation of the chart of Ray Correspondences would give further examples. An environment bathed in green would be a harmonious one for a disciple earnestly endeavouring to open his throat centre to direct the energies of the sacral centre to it.

Another shape, found to be the most effective from the point of view of storing energy was the helix, made of copper wire. A similar device is used in Delawarr' s radionic instruments.

When a man sits in the lotus posture (padmasana), he forms, morphologically, a perfect pyramid. The elongated transformer shown on page 63 becomes concertinaed to a helix. The effect is to give man the ideal posture for energy accumulation and storage.






it does not even have to be

an asana, so long as you are relaxed. I well remember during my period of three years of isolation in the wilds ofPhillipi, carrying

Seat yourself in a relaxed posture

an old easy chair to the top of a sand dune, pointing it towards the east, and using it for my meditation at dawn and dusk. It was

a great success.

Gaze at the huge orange/gold sphere of the level sun, either at dawn or sunset, and then, visualising it inwardly behind the brow,

bring into the etheric matrix pranic energy of the type that regenerates the nadis that underlie the nervous system. Nervous exhaustion is a frequent preliminary to stress disorders. Visualise

a spheroid shape in gold or, better still, alternately in gold and in

violet, and see it take in a golden torrent of prana through its

vortex at each inspiration and expel violet into your nervous system with each expiration.

The breathing should be, in seconds :-









It is the province of the esoteric healer always to treat disease in its prephysical states, leaving the physical body itself to the patient's medical practitioner.





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e e 1/J}


If we had access to a variety of energies with qualities more appropriate to the astral and mental planes, where imbalance in ninety percent of all diseases manifest, we would find a more appropriate way of treating the whole man, rather than his outer shell. Symmetry of shape makes any object an accumulator of energy. Even the sculpture, the hymn, and the sonnet are all energy accumulators. We ignore the great heritage which is our culture. Few people, in these stressful times, bother to read poetry, to sing the simplest songs, or treat themselves to a new painting or a visit to the art galleries. Yet the recitation of some stirring ballad or soothing sonnet is as good as any planned recreation.

Try out Wordsworth's sonnet: Upon Westminster Bridge

its great energies lapping at your nerve endings and mark what a tonic it is for you- even if you only get the hang of it after many recitings :-


Earth has not anything to show more fair :

Dull would he be of soul who could pass by

A sight so touching in its majesty :

This city now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning; silent, bare, Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie Open unto the fields, and to the sky :

All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.

Never did sun more beautifully steep

In his first splendour, valley, rock, or hill;

Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep The river glideth at his own sweet will :

Dear God the very houses seem asleep; And all that mighty heart is lying still.


:a • - - -· , I UiS� Utll aa�· ··�· I L a J
UiS� Utll aa�· ··�·
J �I
I -·






Correlations -



L a J J �I . " I -· U 0 , c:a � n "'

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