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PM UUECi be ae asl fers NT Ooh ae || Ligaen) LC VAN MORRISON the guitar collection “Tanserbed by Dale Taner, Mask Newman, Jee DeLor, Kenn Chin Book Design: Joseph Kucar Eder: Aaron Stang (© 1995 WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS INC, 'APighls Reserved ‘Any tation, adapaton or azrangerent ofthe compesitons coniined inthis eaioton requires the writen consent of the Publisher No pan of tis book mney be photocopad or reproduced in any way winout permission. ‘Unauthorized usos avon ntingament of U.S. Copyright Act and ae punishebl by Lav, ic iene een en elena CONTENTS AND IT STONED ME .........0ceeceeeeeeeee ee IE MONEY ........6. 14 BRAND NEW DAY . BROWN EYED GIRL CARAVAN . CRAZY LOVE 20... eee eece eee eee e ence ences AB COME RUNNING ....... 0c cece cere scence ne BO DOMINO 2.2... ccc ncccccccccrcsececesee Ol INTO THE MYSTIC ........0cceeceseceees ees 66 JACKIE WILSON SAID ('m In Heaven When You Smile) . MOONDANCE .........0006 SWEET THING 2... .ccescccccrcrececeeces BP TUPELO HONEY ......2eccceeeccecncc reece IF WARM LOVE ... 2.2 cece e sce e eee c cece nee OF WILD NIGHT ......---s000% 12 WONDERFUL REMARK .. 121 AND IT STONED ME Words & Music by VAN MORRISON @ > ¢ jm t 5 al fa ie iF a if ‘Moderately stow 4 = 80 vere > ¢ ean cad. tie TD ET) I NIT Te nants 1, Half a mile from the county feir,.. and the rain. come-pourin’ down, — WR. lg 1 (Gir. 1, 3 cines) ‘Me aud Billy stand - in’ there. with ail ver half’ 8 crown. fie o D c G ‘We just stood. there gettin’ wet__ with our backs a - gainst. the fence. Bridges Am D Am D Rhy. Fg. “THITATAET AH FRIAS AITH ‘Two hms ranged forone ular © 1909 Wo MUSICCORF,& CALEDONIA SOUL Music ‘Asis lasetd by WB MUSIC CORP, ‘And Stoned Me 10-1 Poosat THIS AT aes Hope it don’t. rain Chorus: a c @ Ry. Hlg.3 we Andit—stoned_.'me. tomy. soul. Rit Gtr. 3 (Acoustic) of And Stoned Mo 10-2 Passat 2d & 3rd time, Gtr 3 subst, w/ FILL Em rman 3 PY ena Rye. 8 Stoned me just ike —— jelly roll, ___ WIR. Wg. 3 (Gtr WRIT (Gr. 2) 2ad time Gte.3 subst, wi FH 2 G c G mam Gina ‘And toned Me 10-3 Passat ‘Stoned me just Verse 2: w/Rhy. Fig. 4, (Gir 14 umes) o fin let up, Almost Jcte.2 inc ‘And tStoned Me 10-4 Poss2i To Cota LasiineTo Cota, like goin’ home, and. it stoned D c and the sun D c lad a pickup 2.Then the jamped right in, ‘ and he dropped us up the road. looked at the swim, and we jumped right. in, not to men ~ tion = fish. ‘And one Me 10-5 Pansat Bridge: vw) Rhy. Fig. 2G. 1) ‘WI RUE (Gr. 2) Am D Am D the wa. ter, DS.$ ol Coda Q Coda ] Guitar Solo: WR Fi. 4 (Gir. tines) Bo oo, D And Sioned Me 10-6 essa Piano Solo: ‘wi Rhy. Big. 2 (Grr 1) Am D Am * Plano eranged forge And Stoned Me 10-7 Possei u (Gre, Lou) Am D Bm Ds ' Verse 3: ‘WR. Fig, 1 snl, Gira 1 3 (2 tines) WRIT C (Gr. 2) a D c a a way back home we sing a Song, bot our throats were gettin’ dy. Then we saw the man. from a-cross the road. with the san shine in his eye, Well he lived. ‘And It Stoned Me - 10-8 near | 12, ! —— all a= lone. ‘own litle home. witha great_ big gal-ton 3 56 bot-tes, wo, fone for me end you, and he ssid, “Heyl “There. you areP” Bridges w/ Rhy. Fig 2 (Gir 1) ‘WIRIMEB (Gi. 2) vw! Ry. Fy. 4 (Gir. 3,2 times) Am D An D pees tie oh tes, Ry. Fig. end Ry. Fig d oh___ DS. al Coda it Am D BS Gray te wa + te, Get it myself from the mountain steam, — @ Coda Outro: wi Rhy. Fig WRIT stoned me tomy soul Ston-in’ me just like. Jelly roll, and it stoned Stoned me just Hike go + in And R Stoned Me 10-10 Passat 13, i 14 i BLUE MONEY Words & Music by VAN MORRISON oa Moderately d= 1520] =1 )) Intro: A ted (Acoustic) of 6 Vers 142: D tog = ra - pher srs. &2 hold. Singersole ‘042 (len lee doubles by Gc 1 eougoat ‘om ston raged or gut (aet 1. ‘© 1971 WB MUSIC CORP. end CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Blue Money 10-1 Al hs aise by WB MUSIC CORP. Post "A Rohs Reserved 15 five hon-0y. five honey.’ (You) search ‘Well you search Blue Moors - 10-2 ‘wr Rutt A (Gir 3) D jn your bag, — light up a fag,— think its a drag, but Jn your bag, — Hight up a fag, — CS ae tes. 1.82 *Second ime only. > you're 0 glad be ative hon-ey. you're $0 glad tw be a-tive— hon-ey. Chorus: “w/ RIB (Ger. 3) BS Hey, when this is all o = ver, you'll be in. clo - ver. Bue Morey - 10-3 Passat We'll go out and spend irs. 1 82 (Blue mon-ey.) Blue money) Blue. Bhi Money - 10-5 DBlueMoney 10-6 9 To Coda DS. $al Coda 2. Well the cam- 20 Coda Blue Money -10-7 passat One more Say, when this Chorus: ‘wf RUB (Ger. 3) BS Blue Money 10-8 Pansat 3 338 oN We'll go out and spend all. yout. Blue — mon-ey. (Bhwe mon-ey) = Ble mon. ey. Blue money.) Outro: Juice mon-ey. Blue Money 10-9 ma _ smon-ey, hon - ey ‘What kind of mon-ey honey? @o, do, do) o, do, do, do.) *Repeat and Fade Bue Money 10-10 Povo od Lad orl Lb Sse 24 CARAVAN Words & Music by VAN MORRISON g En, > Bat Ant dm core) cm) mr) Amo Am oa GP GP GP fr ar Slowly J = 82 Ino Botinodeey AM 6 Fe Rea Blac an pi, Verse: G Em c D e Em “iT FAIA Amman rnin np Pn mmm mm Param 3 gypsies play. ‘Mama, ma~ma— fook at Rose, ‘© 196,191 Ws MUSIC CORP. sed CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Cuaran 9-1 ‘igh dnd by WA MUSIC CORP. Passat TAU Ris Rexred r Verse Cussyan-9-2 wri Bm7Am? oe a, fa, G And the caravan — has all_—my_ frends, til he end, — tell me ev-"ty thing” 1 she's a play-ing with the me di-o, cr Gg oh? Bt brie) Fame dd} : fF ae ky mrarnnm momingm im NITEM Gypsy Rob-in, TIT nT nim om mel ! need to know. hao range for 26 (orns ou An? G Bm? Am? G dD) bas PPAR GP PT OW ta, ta I, a a Jay. lat, ta Verse: c 0 t jm pn mp An a c Bm? f_—. and a let a-me old throughout Amt 6 c Bm? ‘Am? 6 hear the song. — Verse: {edd hors) c Bo? An o c Bi? fied oe 2 what is really wiong, — Jong justo ccawvan-9- c Bul Ani G Ieyou will. Bi AY wa ‘Tumit op, Curayan-9-4 Posszl sm 7} ‘bum it up, Interlude: c Gre) Bm? HSI ie) ‘Turn it vp, turn ieup, Amo a 7) } $0 you know, Am @ Ba tae Am9 lietle bit high ex, Chorus: Ceo Gg cle shall. medio, 2 Fd ea £ Bm7 Am? a oer Hea eee ‘Bm7 Am? a ee ee) Verse: Tram mpm naparoen And the car-a-van - is painted red and white, that means ev-"y-bod.y's stay - ing = vee night, — And the bare foot gyp-sy play-er round the camp-fire —. sing and play, Chorus: GCP Gg Cl aan ae 2 ee And awoman tells. us of her. ways.— Ly In ly Am? G CORD gC BT Am7 G Pele es Lek a PE ee eg I a f zg z fila, ta, tl Verse: c mp Bri? Amt te. 3 (R.Ch) te. 3. Ch * Barat Vit Am a c the songs Cusvan-9-6 prow 29 o om Bm? P mp your adi-o— and a fet a-me — Bui Am tf ‘Switch on your electri light, . 30 hk cm Bn | Amo a then we (ean) get down {0 what is realy wrong, Am? Am) G cme i hold. you tight Ba? sobaby I 31 cle) Bri? Amo o coe) Bm? Intertude Amo G lve) Bint Ama ey Sie: S wia SS Hf you wil, Tittle bit higher, ra-di-o. Seren 9-8 2 | com) Bat Ano c com PsA Ab GAL VA? GAL fh Tumitup, thas enough, soyouktow, ——-egot_ soul Rado, medio Outro: Amo G lee) ‘Bm Amd G iy. tg ; ey - - tum it up fume, mmm. La Ta, a yay Tay fa, tay tay tay tay, Ta, a, na, a LRP cont ile cre) Bm? c Bm? Amd G end Rhy. Fig. 1 Lo, lalala, lalla, lata, tala, La, Ia ay ala, ata Ja, ‘Bia. Vocals La, to a, la, tay tay Is, ta, Play Three Tes and fade Am a cred) Bm? Am9 g Tay In2a, yaya, na Lo, ta, 1ya1a, Ia,layl, fa, tala1a, Jay nay a, na, kyl, ty fy da Lay ta, ty fa, ta, Byala, Tad, Ua, 2 BRAND NEW DAY Words & Music by VAN MORRISON g Him Bn, ¢ > Peusd Dauot it by He - Slowly d =69 Verse: Fim Em c aes Cae) fad eae FHIRAIHATH ee ear 1. When all the dark clowds.roll a - Wij 23. See additional fries "(00 ‘sPayeda on repeat erat ‘Sanday va el Tet Vee, a “and the sun be-gins to shines 20, ‘op 01,197 WH MUSIC CORE. & CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Brande Day -6-1 ‘a aps ames by WH MUSIC CORP c D a D G end Rhy. Fig. 1 DV THFATA FAIA ATH a ey > ‘and it comes sight in on im 00, 00) Biand New Dy -6-2 Poss21 D o D — Dsusz SSI 7 and it comes fro ©, °°, the sky above. — Fim Bm makes me feel ike me, ———— and it lights my Tife with 1ov=—— 35 ‘Makes me 36 Chorus: Dsus Deus? : : ~ Ys Ci, gd jo =p eee fa j= seems Te. and it feels Tike and it like, feels like, (scene path —e pet BO soca wv aoe ie wT — i —— — ‘Bo a — seems —_ Tike, and it feels ike. brand seems Tike, Teele Tike Brand New Day -6-4 Passel 37 recat : } 7) TS rf ey: 7 Bie >) — 7a (A. brand-new Abrand new day, Piano Solo: W/ Rhy Fig. (Ger. snl) aaa Fm 2m c D G D Daz a Jeo LS | OPS et. Ds. ol Code BandNow Day -6-5 Po9s21 bed “Outro: **Repeat and Fade FE aye wr ead voc ad Lae, Verse 2: was lost and double crossed With my hands behind my back, {was fongtime hurt, and thrown in the dirt, Shoved out on the railroad track. T’ve been used, abused and so confused, ‘And Thad nowhere to run, ‘But stood and looked, and my eyes got hooked ‘On that beautiful morning sun, {To Chorus:) Brand New Day -6-6 Seems iike brand new , day, dy +2 played sao on ees Verse 3 ‘And the sun shines down all on the ground, ‘Yeah, and the grass isch so green, ‘And my heart stil and I've got the will ‘And I don’t really feel so mean, ‘Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes right now. ‘And it coines tight in on time. ‘Well it eases me, and it pleases me, ‘And it satisfies my mind. (To Chorus:) BROWN EYED GIRL Words & Music by ‘VAN MORRISON ‘Moderately fast J = 144 Intro: NC. @ © © o Gut Iridpetng sss Gtr, of 0 * Doubled by keyboard on repeat * Verse I: G c 6 Rhy. Fig. Goose Py eee een ey ia) end Rhy. Fig. 1. Hey, where did we go? — Days.when the rains came. us te cetioes sie, Bowe Byed Gil -9-1 ‘Copy © 1957 SONGS OF POLYGRAM INTERNATIONAL INC. ‘ Passa International Copygh Seered AURIS Reserved i af W/ Rhy ig, 1 (Ger. 2, 3eines) snile I 6 c Down. in the hol - tow — Laughing and a running, bey, hey, In themist = ymom = ing fog — with Bridge: c D Rhy. Fg.2 ed The) 1) 7) ) ) my brown eyed - git Brown Byed Giel-9-2 Pa9sa skip-ping anda jumping. four hearts a thump - in? and you,. G Em JT) ) Tid 7D (Spoken:) Oh, yeah. Brown Pas ) 79) )70) 7 brown eyed — idl. — Verse 2: ‘Wl Rhy Fig 1 (Go. 2 4 tines) snile G c Andwhatev-er tap + pened * Reybond anager i. Eyed G93 a 27)) ) 4a D end Rhy. Fg. 2 TTT) 7) to Tues - day and so slow? ; 42 Going down the old rine with a c ‘Standing in the sun ~ light Iaugh-ing, bid ~ ing be - hind — a inbow's a a-tong the water ~ fall with you, i Gr.3 000) { Bridge: i vw Rhy Fy. 2 (02) sie i own eyed { i y Town eyed — girl. i { | 4 Brow nyed it p Bromn bred c-9-5 Chorus: — FF) Fd 7) ATFs | @ we used © sing: D end Rhy. Fig. 34 TW)! 0) FW (Spoken:) Just like that end Rhy, Fig. 3 ‘W Rhy. Figs. 3 & 3A (Gis. 1 and 2) sim c 3 2.) fee. da" "Shata - des la Brown Byed Git -9-6 pops i \ 4 oT) ITT | Bass Solo: NC) as Gtr, Verse 3: WR Fg. (Ger. 4simes) smite G yds) © c Sohard to find. my way Beye syedoul-9.7 ‘saw.yajust theother day. Co} Gus. 1 & 200) o now. that Pm all on my own. My. hhow you have grown. 45 46 tot oa Some nes 'm 0 - ver-come thinkin’ "bout it Cast my mem: "ry back there, Lord. soe, e the ing and 2 running hey, hy Laugh Bridge: ‘wh Rhhy. Fl 2 (Ger. 2} snile c sta di-um— with you, own Byed Gi -9-8 Possas 4a 3) 0) FW) Ai} Do you remem-ber when © wo used 1 sing: Out-Chorus: sw Rhy Figs, 3 & 3A (Gis J and 2,3 tine) snile G c aaa) D oe Tm land-in? a geet isk (Shto s e e ~ teda) * Dowastemned ecal ween 8 thoughout to factste eng. Ly Bit, bit by bi, by bit, byt, by bit Shasta fa Ta - (Shale te se ee | - tedaey Fade G c e D ae a4 arta Of frre oe (asta = las la-la-fe-dy = Inte-da = tastesda - da-da-da- da dav dada da-da-dedada Brown Bjed Gt -9-9 48 CRAZY LOVE Words & Musi by Moderately slow J = 76 Verse 1 A cm a MED A 3 1. 1 ean her Heartbeat. str 1 (Acoustic) * Ped Singer ugha es pays. cim BrvD A chm ev = “ry time she smiles. — She give me where E_be-long, Crazy Love- 8-1 {© 19701971 Wo MUSIC CowP. a CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC a9s2t Al hs abnitered by WB MUSIC CORD. I tove, chm Pim a oe love, love, (ove, Tove, Tove, 49 A D _ = oo: love. ‘She give me zylove) Iv. when Dm low down, . Gary ove 8-2 Passat 50 ‘when the sun goes — down. ‘Take a-way my tou-ble,— take a-way my grief, cem Chm take a way my. heart - ache, inthe night Tike a thi She give me ) (oh, (cry Love. 8-3 poss2i a] st ‘She give me cute | aut i and T. need her in the night ‘Yeah, T want to kiss and hug— hen Kiss and hug her tight. cmy Love-8-5 ro9s21 53 Verse 3: srotuming — sives me some — sweet lov-in’ brightens up my day. | ——) —_=>= Cém BmD A Fe a it makes me right-eous, yeah, and it makes me whole. ei) Cry Love-8 6 34 chm D Clim _Bm A S——__, down in - to my soul. _____. She give me (ob. A cm Fm Bsus D B A chm Fam A D A : ‘crazy Love 8-7 ove, love, Tove, - ay love. 56 COME RUNNING (COME RUNNING TO ME) Words & Music by VAN MORRISON ‘Moderately J =96 Intro: * AeoueGe Dobe tine ed Verse: D A D A 1. side of the tracks where the train goes by, — the wind and rain will catch you, 23. See additional iries deep in your heart. ‘And you'll come run ‘©1869, 1971 WB MUSIC CORP. nd CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Come Running -$-1 ‘AILRighissdnalseed by WB MUSIC CORP. Passat nail Rohn Record 37 zB D Dsus ng to me, (@) you'll come running to me.. SZ Yeah, yeah. ToCoda yeah, come a -ran-aing (0 me. With your by your side, ‘And your arms. stretched out open Come Ruowing 5-3 In themom = ing sun, DS.% al Coda Tn thecoun - uy, kick the t = i Wan-na run fo you, come on run. Come on Some Running - 5-4 Oh, come a-run-ning o me. running, Gey, bow ‘Come Raming-5-5 come on, un tome, yeah, come aran-ning to me.) it yoo run Verse 2: ‘Well you watch the tran go "round the bend; Play in dust and dream tha it will never end Deep in your hear ‘You'll come a-running to me. ‘You'll come a-running to me. (To Chorus:) Verse 3: Kick the sand up with your heels, ‘You think to yourself how good it feels Put away all your walking shoes. ‘Then you come running to me. [Now you come running to me, (To Chorus:) 61 Words & Music by VAN MORRISON, A D Ds ak Moderately Fast d Intro: Gtr ‘ My a ie 1.Don't wanna discuss it, think W'S time for a change. — 2. See addtional lyrics A D A D6 A oD el my get dis - Donino- 5-1 Alleighs edie by Wb MUSIC CORP. j : (© 1869 Ws Music CORP. & CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC ei Basar "Al ighs Reserved i a Sart.think-in? that 'm strange. — ‘That_case — TM go un-der-ground, get some heavy rest, ‘bout what is worst, or what is best, — Roll me ov - et, Domino «5-2 Pana NC@ Doming-$-3 ree © 63 Lord, have mercy. Say it again, To Coda | | : ® © a Ds A D6 Dig it (@2nd tame) Hey, Mr, D1, A D A D6 A D6 A Rly. Fig. end Rhy. Fig. TOA IISTT) STOTT) TSI A DS% al Coda TAA TT) oo no eee Code ‘wf Rhy. Fig 1 (Gtr. 1,5 tes, sine) A D A 3 bs A D A a 1 just wan-na hear some Rhy-thm and Blues. = sie, yes. On the amino -5 4 Passat Ds A D A D6 A 4 eo oe aedico, On the radio. on the ra-di-o, A aa al - right Outro: Abas a-al-right— AR, aa al right Ah om, Spoken: Hear the band. De Ds A D a 6 A D A TAT) T OAT OAT) ITNT ATT) Hom: A ep T en epiphany eyed ese ie Domino 5-5 Verse 2: ‘There's no need for argument. ‘There's no argument at all. ‘And if you never hear from him, ‘That just means he dia't call, Or vice-a-vers, that depends on wherever you're at Alright ‘And if you never hear from me, that just means {would rather not. (To Chorus:) 66 NTO THE MYSTIC Words & Musie by ‘VAN MORRISON Csusd i a #51 "» hol rag Le te A a B ; oe onaegnd “To match record key of Fb: Gt, 1 eapo I, G2 apo Vi eaten) © 1970 WB MUSICCORP.& CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Into The Mystic 14-1 Allrighs bined by WB MUSIC CORP, Passat ARs Resered 67 c caved sus c Csus2 Verse: Cus. c Csus2 c Csusd ™p Into THe Myst Fe the bon-nie boat was won a8 we sail Ino The Myse= 14-3 Passat 4 the mys-tie. Verse: Into The Mysto 4-4 fete the saileors ry. sued 70 c sued Smell. the sea feel the Let your— soul — andspir-it fy Tato The Mtc- 14-5 4 ‘Ang when that fog — hor nd Rhy. Fig. 1 Ino the Mya renga se 46 n co) ane will be coming home. — Em ‘And when Sideways (lcs baa Into The Mysie- 14-7 sued Psd st horn blows, T want to that fog Verse: vw! Rhy. Big. {contd sil c By sy — a have to fear it and 1 end Rhy. Fig. 2 soul, just lke way back inthe days of olf, i "Rothe Myae-14-8 4 Verse: Cstramenta with alto and tenor ses) c Rhy. Fig 3 tet Into The Myst 4-9 iag-nif 7 ly we wilt float ond Ry. Fig. 3 tito The Myte- 14-10 16 ‘wi Rhy. Fg. 2cont. simile Em fog — Em F ‘And when that ied F Fou? ous? fog — hom whis-tle blows, . Tidon'thave to fear— it and Verse: ‘Wi Rhy. Fig. cont. snile c Into The Mystic 14-42 Pot want to rock way back to - geth in the your. gyp ays of ol. we will flow sy soul, Verse: {instrament with horns as before) ‘91 Rhy. Fig 3 cont simile c = ‘Two guitars ranged as one. Into The Mysto 14-13, crescendo .. hate M414 Ino Them Passat 80 | JACKIE WILSON SAID (?M IN HEAVEN WHEN YOU SMILE) Words & Music by VAN MORRISON ia B — om Moderately J =1560) = J) Ihr: NCG) Dada dada dup da da da da dup, Ba da da da dup. Ba dada dada dup da (au) Dsus Day (Am) Jackie Wil - son said it was "Reet Petite” Kind of love you got knock me off 23. See additonal tyres 3 Das =D @ ia 3 Letit all Ob, Jet it all hang out, (© 172 Wa MUSIC CORP. and CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Jackie Wilson Sold-4-1 ‘Mees sanseredby WB MUSICCORP. Poosat ‘NUR Reseed 81 (ioeaeeet 2a, ~~ Pre-Chorus: ‘And Dang-a lang-a lang, dang-a fang-a lang dang. Dang-a-tang-a dang, dang. lang-a lang dang. Doo da da da Gas as o Bsus Gru Asus Bus Asus ous Gsus Bsus ‘Asus Gaus Bsus Gaus Asus Bous Asus Iechie Wison Sad -4-2 Possar 7 82 DS.% al Cou To Coda (tied tvcnns =] ‘When you smile, - when you smile, when you smile. 3. And when you Bsus Gsus Asus Bsus Asus Byus Gsus Bsus Asus Gus, Bsus Gsus Asus Baus Asus 6 when you smile, One more Jackie Wilson Sd -4-3 PGosat 83 7 Sere creer Outro: Fsus Gsus G NCO © © © © ” choo rup, choorap, choo rap choo rap. Verse 2: And you know, T'mso wired up, Don't need no coffee in my cup. Latitall hang out Lot tall hang out. (To Pre-Chorss:) Jacke Wilson Sad - 4-4 Poss! Verse 4: And ev'ry time ‘You look that way Honey chile, you make my day. Let ital hang out. Like the man said: Let i all hang out. Da da da dup. Verse 3: ‘And when you walk ‘Across the road, ‘You make my heart go Boom-boom-boom. Lett all hang out (fo Verse 4:) 4 | MOONDANCE | Words & Music by ih ‘VAN MORRISON | ray Moderstey J =132 (07 eid Intro: ) *N.C(Am) (Bm/A) (Am) (DIA) (Am) (Bava) (Am) (DIA) Pho aceongusinen. Well, its a Verses I, 2 & 3: : Am)" Bmviay (Am) (DIA) (Am) _ (Bava) (Am) (IA) 1.3, mar-vel-ous night for a moon - donee with the stars up a-bove in your eyes. — A tan 2 See additional lyries (Am) (Bava) (Am) (DIA) (am) (Bava) (Am) (D/A) = mance. ‘neath the cov-er of Oc - to-ber skies. — ‘And all the Am *BmIVA Am DIA Am BmIVA, Am DIA Jeaves on the trees. are fall at of the breezes that blow. "is general phy Apel osghon vee Am Bmil/A Am DIA Am Bi V/A Am DIA, 3 tty-ing 10 plesseto the call. ing heartstrings that play soft and Andall the {©1970 1971 WB MUSIC CORP. ad CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Alii anitered by Wit MUSIC CORP, Possar AIR Hose Moondance 5-1 Bridge 1 & Dm a night's 2.Seeaddlional ries tet t +cte.2 + Pte ranged fe gu mag ie. seems 10 Tight. seems t0 Dm shine . I in your blush, — IS 86 Chorus: Just ave one a= more moon. dance. with you, - Dm Am Dm Am Dm Am just make. some. more 10 - mance with a - you, swell + Voss ft ne oly Piano Sol Saxophone Solo: Gt. 20tAm — BmIVA Am Dm Am Gite.1 Play Stines Play 3 tines ns0- 5-3 DS% al Coda Dm 7 Am Dm Am BI Play 7 inet | 3. Wellit's a ae Am BmI/A Am DIA more moon = dance with Gtr. 2out i Am | Bmtva. Am DIA Am Bmiv/A, Am DIA b on a omig” = te night Am DIA Am Bmli/A, Ngghee4 i 88 Am Bmtva Am DIA Am Bmiv/A Am DIA Am BmvA Am DIA G F Em —. ~ e 1 just have one mote dance . with eee cree et pea om, Verse Well I wanna make love to you tonight, {can’t wait til the morning has come. ‘And I know now the t i And straight info my arms you ‘And when you come, my heart will be waiting ‘To make sure that you're never alone. ‘There and then all my dreams will come true, dear, ‘There and then I will make you my own. Bridge 2. ‘And everytime I touch you, you just tremble inside. And I know how much you want me that you can’t hide, (To Chorus:) Moondance 5-5 sl t | i Intro: Fim Git. 1 (deousto) f 89 SWEET THING Words & Music by VAN MORRISON ‘Moderately d = 182 A As AG BG AGA Fim A Asw2 AS Sot Thing 5-1 Verse: w/ Rhy. lg. 1 (Gir 1 6 tines, sine) AGA Asus? B Fim 1. And F will, stroll the merry way and jump the 23. See additional lyrics end Riy.Fig.1. *Gtr.2 Nou 2 Bit Vers 2 aly Gir 2 Lon Vee Sala Vere, (©1568 WB MUSIC CORP. end CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC ‘Allipesominstered by WB MUSIC CORP. i, 90 A Asus? hedges first. Fim clear, clean water for A Bo foquenech my thirst. Asus? AGA 46 Aw2B ‘And 1 shall watch the fer - ry-boats and they'll. get BS AGA Asus And I will walk and tk. BS AGA in gardens. all Neat 2b adie only 02s Sed ne ie See Thing 5-3 Pow wet with rain, —. And Twit 92. A B ‘end Rhy. Fig. 2 Contry. simile TAA AT) FT FT) — bei fai Ini tai my <2 Sweet Thine 54 Outro: eo WR M2 (Gr “Repeat & fade 4 Sugar ba = by, sugar ba “Adib ted wes and Gi Ben eps Verse 2: ‘An I shall drive my chariot down your streets and. “Hley, it's me, I'm dynamite and I don’t know why. And you shall tske my strongly in your arms again, ‘And will not remember that I over felt the pain. ‘We shall walk and talk in gardens all misty wet, misty wet with rain, And I will never, never, never grow so old agai (To Chorus:) Verse 3 ‘And 1 will raise my hand up into the night-time sky. ‘And count the stars that's shining in your eye. ‘And just to dg it all not to wonder that's just fine, ‘And I'l be satisfied not to read in between the lines ‘And Iwill walk and talkin gardens all wet with rain, ‘And I wll never, ever, ever, ever grow 60 old again, ‘Oh sweet thing, sweet thing ‘Sugar baby with your champagne eyes ‘And your saint-like smile. (To Chorus:) HOE Swe ting. 5 ab cee 4 TUPELO HONEY Words & Music by VAN MORRISON Dm b cm, mr? 7 Slowly ¢ = 69 nero: Ne@homa) (Gh) my ®) — @ Gtr. Aeonste) 3 te. 2 (Acoustic) Gi. 3out end RITA > Pte and teybourd sranged for aie, (©1971 Wo MUSIC CORP. & CALEDONIA SOUL. MUSIC ‘Tupelo Honey 10-1 ‘Allg slansteredby WO MUUSTECORP, Passat ‘Ath esee | DmvA Bb Bb 14, You can take. Ry. Fig. Giet all the tea in China, * eboar outer sine rongtant Vee I Sail right “round. Tol Honey 10-2 rea cmBb Bb the sev.en 0 Dm/A put it in a big brown Bb ceans, cmBb 96 To Coda U4 Bb Dm Bb Bb cm drop it straight in - to the deep blue__ sea, end Rhy. Fig t end Rly. Fig tA, Chorus: ry Rg. 1 BA fn 2 ne Bb Dna. Bb, Bb Cm Bb —s— Piva = ttt ee deem mela Eb F Bb Bb DnvA ‘Bb Bb ‘Cm Bb the first de-gree, She's as sweet, she's as sweet as-tu-po-la hon-ey, > bma a Bb SS SS g Saat = honey, ba = by, from the bee. just tke $$ verses? 5: hy (0 se Bb DnvA Eb Bb CmBb 2. You can’t stop us fon the road 10 free = dom, 3. See additional lyrics “Tupelo Honey 10-3 Passat { { you can't Keep us Bb Bb cmBb ‘men of gran-ite, — Chorus: Rhy. g.2 Bb F Eb Bb “eause our eyes — can see. DmvA B ma. knights in ar ~ mor bent on chivat Bb cmBb FIST) ) ) twpelo honey, ” Diva ‘Men with ia - sight, Bb cm ty. Dm ey) the first_de-pree. (She's an an - gel.) Bb Dm ob Bb Cm ond Ry 2 ) } dene) TIAT) Cove. in otton Just ke honey, ba = by, from the bee. — * Instrumemtal Solo: b) (vs) ) ort amo # Gus. Land 2 one by sacophoee nm exchange ides, ‘Tupelo Honey 10-5 ey mv) wb) eh) way ey ‘Topelo Honey - 10-6 Po9sa 100 Guitar Solo: ii @) may) eh co) (oma) ey ® (Bb Da ) (Bb) (way hy wb) ‘Typo Honey -10-7 Pebsar 101 DS.% al Coda ey Bb) Q-codat *Playd times Bb Dm Bb Bb cm Bb Rhy. Fig. 3 end Rhy. Fg. 3 fTdIT) FRHITTI TRA ATWT last tne cont. i notation Well ya know she', know she’s al - right. with me, — (She's ap an = gel) end Rhy Fg. 34 eran on een ‘Tpslo Ho Topo Honey 10-8 5 102 she’s alright (he’san an - gel) & 1 DS.%% al Coda Coda W/Rhy Fgs.2.& 2A (Gis. 1 &2)sinile Bb Dm B Bb cmBb ss sweet as______ tipo lo. hon-ey. (Spoken:) Yes, sheis, ‘Tupelo Honey - 10-9 She's aman - gel of the first de-gree. eee (She'san_ an Dm eb Bb cm tw pe fo hon - ey, — Jost ke honey, ba = by, fromthe bee. ____ 0h, (She's an_ an - gel Outro: ‘wl Rhy gs, 3 & 3A sinile, Gis, J and 2 (2 tines) fe Hs wi RHEA (Gir 3) Bb Bb Dm , . —. Ge Ee ee a o ? cS = from the bee. -Youknow she's al = rh she's al = sight, he's an an .- ge + Play 2 times and fade Bb Bho cmb Dm Bh BbCm Bb ra a-Se she's alright with me, (She'sanan-gel) She's my ba- by, yaknow she's al-right.__—_ She's my ba by. — (She'san an = gel) ‘wicca sib on pent, Verse 3 ‘You can’t stop us ‘On the rond to freedom. ‘You can’t slop us “Cause our eyes can see ‘Men with insight Men of gran-i Knights in armor intent on chivalry. (To Chorus:) ‘Tupelo tone 10-10 reer 104 WARM LOVE G D Em ‘Moderate rock J =92 Verses 1 & 3 NCW) 1. Look st the =f - vy on. the old cling - 2. The sky is ery - in’. and— its time © Gte-1 (Acoustic) (© 173 Wa MUSIC CORP. and CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Warm Love 8-1 ‘Alviahs ae MUSIC CORP, ing — all. ‘Words and Music by ‘VAN MORRISON 105 Look at the flow - ers. and the green grass so tall, ‘And we shall hur - ry to the car from tho "Secondary veal anon DS. ony. ‘mat - ter of when push comes to fire and dry out our wet * Woodinds mange for pita, We just the hour Wes ain = ing out > side skies up — of __ dove. ove. - 1. That's just In = side its Conti sleshes end Rhy. Fig. ‘end RITA Bridges 1 & 3: G D D a Me Ped FD gre ties eee warm —_ fo 2, Sev alional rics Gee. o Wamtove-8-3 Tes just wari M~T 7): Tove. To Coda Db (Cote, in notation Verse 2: W/ Rhy Fl. sil (Gtr. 1) ‘ NC@ i A Bridges 2 & 3: { ‘WRIT (Gtr. 3) G ae oa yarm—__ love. — St-2 3, See additonal Iyries 1 wan re an-cy, } AM dressed up i These in D Em? M7) ) Ws just W/RTA (Gu. 3) Wi + ation’ got to G D warm aot spl 107 when you have. a tion's got to Wand Know. “2lt's just Contin slasher 108 Chorus Bm Rhy. Fig.2 “yy And it's ever present ev-ry-where; - cia Rly. Fie 24, and it's ev-er present ev-'ry-whero,.. warm love. : }—S7 } } end y.g.24 Worn ove 8-5 Gte.3 009 Interludes A oy LPS TT | | i t | | | | | | Bm F4m Bm Fim & i } TOA ) } p+ ) | Warm Love-8-6 i vpoasaL 110 DS.% al Coda Card Gte.2 have some igs.2 & 2A simile (Girs. 1 & 2) wi RItC (Gir. 3) =~ Em > ‘And its ever present ev-'ry where, ands ever present ov-'ry where, that Outros Ist time Gee. 2 subst. w/ FL 2nd time Gtr. 2 subst w/ ll 2 3rd time Gtr. 2 subst. w/ Fill3 Wi Rhy, Bigs. 2 & 2A, Gers. 1 & 2 (Ist 2 bars only) 4th time Gte.2 subst. w/ Fill 4 WRI C, Gtr 3 (Ist 2 bars only) D Em RQ ae Play 4 ines _ warm love. ‘And it's ever present ev-"ry where, i, 2 Gtr Gir Warn Love: pete NC@) and i's ev-er present ev."ry where, that Worn Love-8-8 Pa3sai 1 grad. release Bridge 3: Inside it's warm love. Inside it's waren love. (To Chorus:) ut 112 WILD NIGHT Words & Music by vena Em He F Ds DT Bie) af ste Hs se a citys) Gm D nn | i 7 “Moderately fast d = 144 a Gletsatel ss acslceaacd Ge BAY Niet end Rhy. Fig. “+ Beton @ w/t, yRiy.Fe.4 (01.1) Em G CGom G * Gu, 2 dated sine by Bas rowan, Verse 1 & 2: W/Rhy. Bg, 1, Gt 1, (2 122 ines) WI RUTA, Gtr. 2, (2 12 tines) 2nd time wi Ry, Fig. 3, Gtr. 4 (3 tes) Bm, shoes — and stand be = fore 2, See additional lyrics te mie Gm G_CGGna 1s you brush your ead RTA G IG Gm G CIG. Gm — 4 + Hom secon aga gut cS 1971 WR MUSIC CORP. snd CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC wil Nite 8-1 ‘Ailes niniere by WB MUSIC CORE. Possal AINRighs Retened 113, GCG GmG Em G OGGmecGGm and you comb your hair and grab your coat and hat, © cGGmG Em ‘And you walk wet streets, ty foe = mem ~ 2nd ne wd Rhy Tg (Ge) @ CGGmNC Em cs cocs: Ds D6 Ds GS ht breenes— in your__ mem = "y, ev Waligh PM. on @) Ry. Fig Wid Nigh - 8-2 Passat 114 Pre-Chorus: ‘thew Ty. Fig sie, Gi (4 ens) oc c cscs a Bm c Foc Rhy. Fig 2 end Rhy, Rig. 2 )OITA MIT thingtooks so com - plete. Gte.2 Cont nstashe RU end Ru nd RuTBL wf Rhy. Fig 2, Gre. 12 tues) 9! RUTS B&B sine (2 tines) Em c FC Bm c Foe you walk fon the street. and the wind eatch-es your feet. and. sends you fly Rhy Fl 5 Get —__ Wiis Nie-8 3 Fossa Ds br us Chor: ore, > tes. 1&4 TT) TTT) TIT) TF) ) DITA) ) DFT) ** Depress bar before sking nts, Em?) ) OA 9.) amo Wie vighn 8-4 oh Gis 1 doubled smile by hom scton (Gt. 4). is call - 116 coe (wee coe cGmG CGma CGma orem) MT an) Yon) orm (Spoken:) AL- right. D Byf992) . ONY 9587) om) = saan" ‘The wits Wild Nigh -8 5 night. 9 o 7 IESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE eee eae coe goee 3) ven im G__C'Gm G oa &Gh em 6 IT FT, ae $6 chon 2: a anes ani) hy. ig. 5 Gt. 384 Bao. Wald Nign-8 6 * Hen eston dots Ped Sel se TITY TTTT ] eterna 2. All the Abtight saft!)—pafor®) fre) g emg condg a ent. AYA) 2 771) FD) A 7 F 5 night. is call = ing oe ESE iol end Rhy. Fig. $A = 118 | sy. 84 8 se 1 cus | im Qetecorcratica in | | | wild — nigh is call = ing Come on out and dance. Interlude weft ann or?) eee) ITT) Iya i773 Come. on out and make ro —_(Spoken:) Yer = yinn ToGo Comeon out and dance. ‘Come on. out. make ro - mance. s(6u-20u0 + tums cal ‘Wola nigh 8.7 Saxophone Soto: 119 Wiles bars of Rhy Fg (Ge 4) ‘w/Rhy. Fig (Ge 1) 0 ow) Gna "Gm G Bm oe di - + Seoptone araged or a. G CGGmG CGGm w/Rhy. Pig. (Gr, 153 Dare onl) Em Pos ne CG GmG DS.%alCola ——-) Coda wens.) ‘at bas of Rhy. Pe (i 4) So ets eee @ cGGn 6 cama eGna "Gn a elie “TT ITT) ) a Verse 2: ‘And all the girls walk by, dressed up for each other. ‘And the boys do the boogie-woogie on the comer ofthe street, ‘And the people passin’ by just stare in wild wonder. ‘And the inside juke-box roars out just like thunder. (Zo Pre-chorus:) ita igh -8 120 WONDERFUL REMARK Words & Music by YAN MORRISON 4 g, D br a E fe i ay Stowiyd =68 Inv ‘opp p@ OR CED G oo pw cGCED 9 DG CH Gtr Acasa forte) af bod toughow %G Verse: G Ds c o cn PS 1.How can you stand. the sii» lence that pervades when we all ery? 2. See additonal lyrics Verse I: Verse 2: Whrenae ees © 1969 wD MUSIC CORP. and CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC Wonder Remk 51 Wa MUSICCORP. How cean— you watch the viol How can you tell us some - thing, Wonder Remark 5-2 Pansat ence ia i be-fore your eyes? b when we see it, yore gone. ful Romack-5-3 the same old Telbing us Chorus: ya c Get) sony, know-ing time is grow-ing old, Po) FP 123 rm) os won = der - fol. remark, m7 1 had Doublestime sighed a million. sighs. To Coda} G my yes the dark. T told a milion tes. fo my = self, Wonderfil Remark 5-4 to my - self, 124 DS% alCoda | br c ca jope a) eee) | Cine 2nd tine aly br c Baby, to my > self Repeat & Fade (te. Cone rh snie by, to-my-self, ~~ ent i ‘deh we ee i — een —— Verse 2: How can we listen to you ‘When we know your talkis cheap? How can we ever question ‘Why we give more and you keep? How can your empty laughter Filla room like ours with joy ‘When you're only playing with us Like a child does witha toy? How can we ever feel the freedom (Or the flame lit by the spark? How can we ever come out even When reality is stark? (To Chorws:) nem You Sunil) TOT net