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From: “Secret Garden Collection” The Promise ROLF LOVLAND Published Under License From Universal Music Publishing Group 002 Universal Muse Publishing, «division of Universal Music AS Aight for Universal Music Publishing, division of Universal Music AS Conlled and Administered in the ‘United States and Canada by Univers - PolyGram Intemational Publishing Inc ARights Reserved Available at search for: MNOO89419 NOTICE: Purchasers ofthis musical file are entitled to use it for their personal enjoyment and musical fulfillment. However, any duplication, adaptation, arranging andior transmission of this copyrighted musie requires the writen consent of the copyright owner(s) and of Universal Music Putlishing Group. Unauthorized uses ae infringements ofthe copyright laws of the United States and other eountries and may subject the user to civil andior criminal penalties, § THE PROMISE Composed by ROLF LOVLAND, mM Expressive J= 60 lana solo y Pim —! poco ri poco rit. o——~ swith pedal - (poco rit, poco rit 4 — Fém D E ») poco rit. poco rit. SS BI} Masso Davee bat A caries —— aztempo poco rt mf 2 ae ©2002 Universal Music Publshin, a dvsion of Universal Music AS, ‘A Rights fo Universal Mule Publishing. a vison ol Universal Music AS Cont ole an Administered in the Unted States and Canad by Unversa -PoyyGram Intmatonal Pubtahing, ne $ INiRights Reserved Available at