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Office of he Superintendent of Schools MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Rockville, Meryland set25. 208 js errr real sn hee pe rir Suivi: Board Appeal Nd, 2008-14 ‘Zion Akpan, Fs is appcaling he deca oF sition waiver on bel of Ma. Kanya Amompimonka, ‘who was approved e5 JOSS cent guriza by te Creu Court of Mentgor=ry County, Marylnd. o1 Apr’ 21, 2008, 4th tbe proviso Out Be sppoimtnent of « guardian cbald wot be considered «waiver of mon, Mas. Fisine Lestenco, beanng joficer, mot wit ©6 Alqn, Ms. Amoropimeni, and Jam on ‘March 26,2008, Her report te N Tary A, Bowers, chief operating officer died April 23, 208, ‘eomsnmnded devia ofa ition waver because see was ao documeatston of cri thal woud ji {wviverof ition, Mr Bowers woopted Ges recoramendation in bis te fo Ms. Aorpimonl dated ‘April25, 2008 In her leer of Jane 12,2068, Ms. Akpan appeaied to de Board of Bastion and feramced documecis fom am mothe searing ber raise for eauesing a tion waver The ocumest forded rm Thaéad hades scanned and were so icu ort at clear copies ee reaped, es Ms Alpan bad siggeiod in ber lei Despite sever] slephone calle ad eetonie resem no clear copes have bee rceved ‘With the opening of the new seco! year, I would ike to resolve this ease. It is my befef da he eeimente forded, s estas Lean ea ther, do nt docu: » ens tat would reve Jamo Tisig Wh is mothe and atending schoo! i Thain Iga Fer’ monthly slay of €700 Oni oot aveage in Berg, aocordg 0 Une Thei Naionl Sasical Office. MM mother's lee es tober facil stustn, Sut lic emphasizes IW deste tive and sy i the United Se, where he ismore efi with he language and he ale fee ay opinion that there a neuer dcurnetation of crisis tht woul wart tition waive. | foive that this i a enter of MM desire to lve and to sidy mn the United Sis, Therefore 1 scent Bod of Ren rel din 6 ein oe yt LAB Cory Me. Bowers Mostow Ms Deester Du Lacey Samet Mu Clansy Be Brown ‘Aspen Me King Min essence Mp Amorpimonkt