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Aether: English edition
Aether: English edition
Aether: English edition
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Aether: English edition

Valutazione: 3.5 su 5 stelle



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From Cotton Tales’ author, after the success of Francis and Sol, a new anthology of wonderful and sophisticated illustrations.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water: in magic and alchemy those are the essential elements that rule the balance of the Universe in its every material aspect. This anthology of fine illustrations, short silent stories and a tale, is a celebration of these elements, up to the fifth one, Aether. Imbued in every other element, in this book’s characters and in their imagination: like a thread it binds them together, it dwells in them, it gives them life.
Data di uscita28 mar 2022
Aether: English edition
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Valutazione: 3.3333333333333335 su 5 stelle

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  • Valutazione: 1 su 5 stelle
    This graphic novel is completely messed up to no fault of the author but you can’t read anything with the words overlapping which is a shame the artwork is stunning

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Aether - Jessica Cioffi

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