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Plant-Based Sirtfood Diet: 4-Week Meal Plan for Beginners | Enjoy Plant Sirt Foods and Live Healthy

Plant-Based Sirtfood Diet: 4-Week Meal Plan for Beginners | Enjoy Plant Sirt Foods and Live Healthy

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Plant-Based Sirtfood Diet: 4-Week Meal Plan for Beginners | Enjoy Plant Sirt Foods and Live Healthy

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Apr 21, 2021


Have you heard of the Sirtfood Diet, but it seems too complicated to get going? Do you want a plant-based alternative to lose weight fast and look for a step-by-step 4-week plan that will get you to some fantastic results?

If you want to burn fat fast and EASY, just keep reading.


The Plant-based Sirtfood Diet is based on eating foods that contain a lot of sirtuins. These amazing proteins help with cellular rejuvenation, give you a healthy glow, and, the best part, make you skinny!


But it's not just a matter of looking healthy: a recent study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine stated that "nutrient-dense plant-based foods increase the cholesterol-lowering effect of a low-fat diet."


A well-planned Plant-Based Sirtfood Diet can effectively impact frequent issues like high cholesterol, while more evidence shows a reduction in the risk of developing chronic diseases in general.


Eating a Plant-based Sirtfood Diet will help you protect your body and your health in the long term.

In this book, you will find a 4-week Plant-Based Sirtfood Diet Meal Plan, suitable for everyone, even for absolute beginners.


--- Here's what you'll learn from Plant-based Sirtfood Diet 4-Week Meal Plan by Kate Hamilton:

✓ The 2 phases of the Plant-based Sirtfood Diet explained, with tips on how to repeat them during the year if needed

✓ WHY you need a THIRD Phase to transition to everyday healthy eating easily. HINT: Thanks to this Phase, you can feel good and stay healthy for life.

✓ A full list of plant-based ingredients (no hard-to-find stuff!) with meal prep tips and tricks, including chocolate and wine (YES! They can be included in THIS diet and make you happy AND healthy)

✓ 1 Plant-based Meal plan for 4 weeks, including 3 Phases, packed with dozens of delicious meals and shopping lists so that you can start right away.

✓ 98 plant-based recipes full of scrumptious flavors, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Are you ready to drop that weight, give a boost to your health, and start living the life you deserve? This book will bring you one step closer to your dream weight!

Get Your Copy Today!

Apr 21, 2021

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Plant-Based Sirtfood Diet - Kate Hamilton


Plant-based diets have picked up steam over the last 15 years, with an exponential explosion of an estimated 9.7 million people in the US alone following this kind of diet. It is also so popular among stars that it is often chosen gala event menus of the most famous film awards, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars.

A plant-based diet is primarily (or entirely) consists of foodstuffs of vegetable origin, such as vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits with few (or no) animal products. The definition of plant- based has changed over time and can be used to refer both to diets that do not contain foods of animal origins and to diets that include dairy and eggs but no meat.

The Sirtfood Diet comes from the research of two celebrity nutritionists, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, and is a diet that focuses on a series of foods containing a particular group of proteins called sirtuins. These proteins regulate the metabolism and the body’s capacity to burn fat. In essence, sirtuins are involved in many physiological processes and help make them more effective, making us live longer and healthier.

Food of animal origin, such as meat and fish, although present in the original version of the Sirtfood Diet to offer a balanced nutrition, are not, however, sirtuin-rich foods and can therefore be replaced in a Plant-based Sirtfood Diet, without affecting the effectiveness of the diet itself.

The Sirtfood Diet began to spread in 2016, and since then, its effectiveness has been continuously confirmed not only by targeted clinical studies but also by sensational transformations. One such case is that of the famous singer Adele, who in a few months, lost  66 pounds, achieving a truly enviable state of physical and mental fitness.

The Plant-based Sirtfood Diet is the meatless version of the original Sirtfood Diet and is a real revolution, for the first time available in this book only. Thanks to its nutrition model that promotes the maintenance of results over time and general all-around improvements, without the suffering typically experienced in other diets. For this reason, it has been and continues to be a triumph promoted by nutritionists all over the world.

The next chapters will go into the details of the Plant-based Sirtfood Diet, and you will discover all its secrets.


A diet can be defined as plant-based if it stipulates the exclusion of all forms of meat (pork, beef, mutton, lamb, poultry, and game), products made out of meat (sausages, cured meats, patè, etc.), fish (including sushi), mollusks, and shellfish.

As far as dairy, eggs, and honey, essentially there are two camps, one in which they are included, and one which excludes them completely.

The Plant-based Sirtfood Diet contained in this book notes which recipes include dairy and eggs and the recipes that exclude them to best meet the dietary needs of each plant-based nutrition camp.

Typically,  the Plant-based Sirtfood Food Diet is followed for those needing to slim down,      as it includes two phases specially designed with this goal. Once you have reached your ideal physique and weight, you can continue to eat a daily diet of sirtuin rich foods without the calorie restriction.

The Plant-based Sirtfood Diet regime takes its name from SIRT1, a protein that positively impacts fat metabolism. In particular, certain foods high in sirtuins can speed up weight loss, allowing followers of the diet to lose up to three and a half pounds a week.

Unlike many other diets, it is not based on fasting, which in many cases, is responsible for feelings of hunger, irritability, and the loss of muscle mass.

The Plant-based Sirtfood Diet introduces a group of nutrient-rich foods, named sirtuins, into daily meals. These can activate the skinny genes triggered when you fast, without actually forcing a person to fast for real.

Sirtuins became quite well-known thanks to research conducted in 2013. In that year, it was seen that resveratrol, a substance in grapes and red wine, can have the same effects obtained by calorie restriction. As a result of this study, researchers decided to further investigate the topic and find other foods with the same properties.

The scientific basis behind the Plant-based Sirtfood Diet lies in the fact that sirtuin activators have several health benefits, including building muscles, suppressing appetite, improving memory, and controlling blood sugar levels, while cleansing cells of free radicals that accumulate. Resveratrol is an excellent example of an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective properties. Other similar plant pigments have a chemical substance that prevents liver damage

and antioxidant actions.

When Goggins and Matten got together to study sirtfoods, they tested them and designed a diet to maximize their intake while encouraging a mild calorie restriction.

In their test group, they found that, on average, participants who consumed sirtuin-rich foods and restricted their calories to between 1000 and 1500 kCal for a short period saw impressive weight loss, even without any increase in exercise or physical activity.

On average, during that first week, subjects lost 7 pounds without doing much else other than changing their diet. Does that sound promising to you?

Even better, these people reported that they gained muscle rather than losing it—something that is practically unheard of in the diet world.

Typically, weight loss comes with muscle loss, but these individuals were able to build muscle. They also reported that they were happier and healthier in general—their mental health and general well-being increased.

Overall, those are some pretty compelling reasons to start considering the Sirtfood Diet—if you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and be healthier; this is a great way to do this.

Of course, it will take some diligence and dedication, but if you can commit to this process, you, too, can reap these benefits. You can begin to be a healthier individual, inside and out.

The Diet is designed to last three weeks. At the end of these three weeks, you are encouraged to continue consuming sirtfoods and drinking the green juice. You may also decide to repeat the plan if you feel the need to.

This book is structured to guide you through the three weeks of the Sirtfood Diet. It also offers a fourth transitional week to show you how sirtuin rich foods can be included in an everyday eating plan without effort for tasty, pleasant, and fulfilling results.

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, this diet can work for you. All you have to do is follow the guidelines provided in the following sections.


Three main reasons usually lead people to adopt a plant/based diet.


Many people embrace a plant-based diet out of the belief that it is a healthier way to eat.

Modern medicine has expressed an opinion on the excessive consumption of red meat, stating that:

The excessive consumption of red meat, especially processed meat (cold-cuts), increases the risk of developing certain cancers proportional to the quantity and frequency of consumption. Modest consumption of red meat (not of cold-cuts) is considered acceptable.

- International Agency for Research on Cancer

No illness is caused only by consuming red meat. However, epidemiologists agree that individuals who follow diets rich in animal proteins, especially processed and red meats, have a higher risk of developing diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, cardiovascular problems, obesity, and cancers. Regarding tumors, the risk increases significantly for gastrointestinal ones, such as colorectal and stomach cancer, and some hormone-dependent tumors, such as breast, prostate, and endometrial cancers.

Eliminating meat, and eventually other animal products, and consuming large amounts of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains like in the Plant-based Sirtfood Diet, allows the body to enter a more favorable position with respect to these pathologies.


The majority of those renouncing meat say they have done so because they believe it is unethical to kill animals for food.

They are generally conscientious about how animal-derived products, like eggs and milk,    are

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