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52 Pickup: These Are the Words I Give to You to Share with Everyone - V2

52 Pickup: These Are the Words I Give to You to Share with Everyone - V2

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52 Pickup: These Are the Words I Give to You to Share with Everyone - V2

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Dec 28, 2020


God provided a gift to write to help me heal from the inside out. When I first came to Christ, I had a lot of things to work out such as Anger, Bitterness among other things. God used writing poems to grow in my walk with Christ. The theme verse of my book Matthew 10:32-33. I was nervous to share my testimony wondering what others would think It's amazing to be humble, vulnerable and truly honest! Enjoy the poems, regardless if you use them in 52 days or 52 weeks, these devotions helped learn how to forgive and grow closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Dec 28, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Steve Schofield was saved in 2005, and began writing poetry shortly after that to deal with life’s stresses. He lives in west Michigan with his wife Cindy and their three sons. They are active members of the Greenville Community Church.Steve is an IT professional, and has long been a self-described “internet geek,” so he used that skill to develop several successful online applications that fund his writing habit. .“I give thanks to God for using me to share these poems and stories. He has inspired me to tell them, and there were many times I could sense the Holy Spirit assisting me in my writing. There certainly is nothing like having our Creator speak directly to you; words can’t describe it! I only hope that I can help someone else along their own path, whether they are Christian yet or not. I feel this is my purpose, and if I only reach one person... that would be enough.”

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52 Pickup - Steve Schofield


Many thanks to my wife, Cindy, and my three sons, Marcus, Zach, and Tayler, for supporting me—and putting up with me! Thanks also to my spiritual advisors from Greenville Community Church, Pastor Joel Heron, Pastor Nate Winkleman, Pastor Paul Spittka, and Pastor David Gonzales— thank you for your dedication. And a huge thanks to Scott Forsyth for helping me accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

There are a few others who also have influenced me on my journey. Rob Gallini, thanks for sharing stories at lunch; I wasn’t saved at the time, but the stories were comforting. My Aunt Cindy (Lillie), who has such deep faith and is a shining light in our family. Most of all, I give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through whom all things are possible.

Thanks to God for using me to share these poems and stories He has inspired me to tell. There have been many times I could sense the Holy Spirit assisting me with my writing. God uses many forms to speak to people—sometimes through prayer, other times through people and even in songs. There is nothing more awesome than having the Creator speak directly to you—words can’t describe it.  God is good all the time!

Table of Contents


What’s in a Name?

How I Was Inspired to Write the Book

My Story and Testimony

Target Audience for the Book

Section 1—Truck Frame


Topic 1—Anger

Topic 2—Bitterness

Topic 3—Clear

Topic 4—Define a Man

Topic 5—Eternal View

Topic 6—Flat

Topic 7—I Am

Topic 8—Joy

Topic 9—Is God Normal?

Topic 10—Pray Silently, Pound Loudly

Topic 11—Potential

Topic 12—Sting

Topic 13—Total Faith

Section 2—Truck Body


Topic 14—Whisper

Topic 15—Apathy

Topic 16—Challenge

Topic 17—Contentment

Topic 18—Despair

Topic 19—Failure

Topic 20—Focus

Topic 21—Is God Safe?

Topic 22—Listen

Topic 23—Rejected

Topic 24—Shock

Topic 25—What Temptation Tries to Do

Section 3—Engine


Topic 27—Witness

Topic 28—Scales

Topic 29—Attitude of Fear

Topic 30—Change

Topic 31—Control

Topic 32—Down

Topic 33—Fester

Topic 34—Glimpses of Doubt

Topic 35—I Sin

Topic 36—More

Topic 37—Persistence

Topic 38—Respect

Topic 39—Sleeping in God’s House

Section 4—Accessories


Topic 40—The Broken

Topic 41—Unobtainable

Topic 42—Perspective

Topic 43—Be Ready

Topic 44—Choice

Topic 45—Crack Sealer

Topic 46—Empty

Topic 47—Fix It

Topic 48—He

Topic 49—It Stinks No More

Topic 50—Static

Topic 51—Thirst

Topic 52—My Savior Wears Bibs

The Spare Tire

Truck Bed  (Credits and References)


What’s in a Name?

I’ve dreamed of owning an old pickup truck since high school when I saw one of the cool rich kids driving a metallic purple one with small blinker lights and a big motor. I thought it would be cool to have an old pickup to drive around on warm summer days—more specifically, a 1952 pickup (the inspiration for the title of this book). Life has gotten in the way, though, and this big boy toy has not materialized in my driveway.

When I began collecting devotional poems and stories, I said, God, what am I supposed to do with all these stories? Through the process of writing this book, here is how God answered my prayers:




Wait does not mean God is saying no to a prayer. In His time, a prayer will be answered.  One day coming home from work, God answered me. I would take the poems and stories, make a weekly devotional book, and call the book ‘ 52 Pickup . The title of the book would be unique, and some of the themes people could use from the name of the book are:

Fifty-two separate God-inspired stories (I hope!)

a deck of playing cards

Fifty-two weeks in a year

Hopefully, if someone would like to own a 1952 pickup, too, that’s what the name will mean to him.

In one afternoon, the format and initial outline came to mean fifty-two stories to pick up and read. At that point, I already had written forty-five stories. I just had to get to fifty-two.

Additionally, the book is divided into four sections, with thirteen stories in each section (the layout is based on a devotional book written by a friend of Kristie and Paul Golke, who are friends of mine and they let me borrow).  God proved through answering my prayers that He has a good sense of humor. There were thirteen people at the Last Supper. First, thirteen is my favorite number.  Second, I get to witness my story, and lastly, I get to own a ‘52 pickup . It just was not what I had imagined.

How I Was Inspired to Write the Book

It wasn’t until I graduated from college that I recognized my issues with anger and negative thoughts. These were occasionally a distraction in my home and work life.

Fortunately, through my employer, I had access to counseling. Through these sessions, I learned to write about my issues as a coping strategy. It has been a way to transfer my negative thoughts and focus on something else at the moment. Over time, the negative thoughts seemed to fade.

I began the counseling and writing before I accepted Christ and was saved. After I accepted Christ as my personal Savior on August 5, 2005, I started to recognize the negativity in my everyday life, and the more I read God’s Word, the more I recognized how the negativity impacted my life.  But once the Holy Spirit got a hold of me, I learned to grow and apply examples taught in the Bible.

Nevertheless, the negative thoughts continued, and I tried taking medicine to help cope with them. I eventually was diagnosed with adult attention-deficit disorder and a slight form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. What I’ve learned through this is that the Enemy can use negative thoughts and compulsions to distract people from their journey with the Lord. It takes diligence to stay the course, seeking a relationship with the Lord every day.

One day, an idea popped into my head, and I just started to write something that turned out to be a poem. And one poem turned into another poem and another. I would take a thought, express it in such a manner as to help relieve my negative feelings, and then associate it with something I learned in the Bible.  The story was a compare and contrast concept that I could use as a reference for future instances. I’ve personally used many of the stories as reminders. The poem expressed my most inner feelings and thoughts and related to something happening at the time in my life. There were times the particular poem or story lined up with scripture that I recently read or heard. A majority of the time, the inspiration came in the middle of the night, or early morning. This drove my wife a little crazy and made me realize these are God inspired words (plus the words made so much sense, I knew it wasn’t me!)I felt the Lord moving through me with His words. I had to continue writing.

My Story and Testimony

I was blessed to grow up with two loving parents. My mother stayed home, and my father was self-employed as a convenience store owner. I helped at the store until it was sold when I was a teenager.

I learned many important life lessons while working at the store: how to balance cash drawers, write personnel schedules, make decisions. But most of all I learned responsibility. I made $1 an hour my first summer. I saved all summer for a boom box that cost $187. 

My family also went to church regularly. Until I was in middle school, we attended a local Baptist church that was pretty conservative. I don’t remember any of the stories, who taught them or any specific message.  I remember how good I felt after attending church and how my mom once told me how calm I was after coming home from church. 

Middle school was a period of growth and experimenting. I owned a three-wheeler that was my pride and joy—until I was in an accident. I was riding down railroad tracks and someone

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