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The Principal Thing

The Principal Thing

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The Principal Thing

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Jun 29, 2016


The Principal Thing elucidates the need for 'applied wisdom', without which man may battle ceaseless with retardation in life. It links knowledge, understanding, wisdom and applied wisdom and demonstrates how man can also be pregnant, giving birth to witty inventions, and fulfilling his purpose.

The book provides appropriate answers to pertinent questions about life such as: how did I come into existence? What is my purpose of existence? Was man designed to rule man? Can any man solve all the problems of his nation? When will terror end? Why is democracy failing and the need for a modified democracy? Why Africa has remained underdeveloped and how Africa can live its purpose? Why and when will we have BREXIT leading to GEEXIT, FREXIT, and GREXIT etc? And how can man and every nation fulfill her purpose of existence. It is a guide to a fulfilled living for every man and nation.
Jun 29, 2016

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The Principal Thing - Christopher Ibeh

The Principal Thing

The Principal Thing

Christopher Uchechukwu Ibeh

Foreword by

Prof. Agodichukwu Okolo

Lulu Press, Inc.


Copyright © 2016 Christopher Uchechukwu Ibeh

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

First Printing: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-365-21877-4

Lulu Press, Inc.

3101 Hillsborough St.

Raleigh, NC 27607


The Principal Thing merges philosophy and religion in explaining the fundamental problems confronting humans: knowledge, understanding, wisdom, purpose of existence, etc and relates them to the intractable problems hindering the development of the Africa continent. Current civilization is crumbling because the builders have rejected God, the chief corner stone, and have chosen instead other ‘stones’ for the construction of their buildings. This book looks at some of the ‘stones’ that our leaders have employed in conducting the affairs of our nation which are incompatible with God’s guidelines. Since there is purpose for our existence, unless we follow God’s guidelines and let the love and fear of God filter into our political ideologies and social structure, it will be impossible for men and women by their own strength and volition, to move from selfish competition to loving cooperation. Selfishness and individualism, the book demonstrates, corrupt even the noblest intention. People who love each other as God loves will cooperate with each other to satisfy necessary needs. This kind of love, though, has been rejected by society builders. And without it civilization is beginning to crumble. There is no hope for civilization that substitutes God’s love. All through the book, the author demonstrates (through extracts from the bible) the truth that to build without God is to build in vain.

The Principal Thing is must read not only for those in positions of authority but for all who want to lead a purposeful existence.

Prof. B. A. Okolo

University of Benin


This book is dedicated to the almighty God.


I will like to express my gratitude to Mr and Mrs Ibeh for giving me education, and to my siblings: Anayo, kelechi, Chidinma, and Chinwe Ibeh, my friend Peace Okonkwo, all members of New Covenant Anglican Church and all staff of Hamilton Technologies for their emotional support.

I deeply appreciate Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, Prof. S.T. Chiemeke, Prof. Chris Kilsby, Mr. Sobere Diri, Dr. Prince Igwe, Prof. (Rev.) M. Nwadiani, Ven. S. O. Makun, Rev. G. Onuchukwu, Pastor S. Ohiomokhare, Prof. O. Imasuen, Prof. C.N. Akujieze, Prof T.U.S. Onyeobi, Prof G. O. Asuen, Prof. W.O. Emofurieta, Prof. E.G. Imeokparia, Prof. L. Anike, Mr. G. Okafor, Engr. S. Eferurhobo, Prof. J.I. Omada, Late Dr. Egbuniwe, Dr. James Bathurst, Dr. Geoff Parkin, Engr. F. Rogers, Engr. C. Okorie, Mr. O. Ifeonu, Mr. C. Ifeonu and Mr. U. Ifeonu, who  through their ‘articulate drive’ have unknowingly contributed to the success of this work. I am also thankful to Prof. Agodichukwu Okolo for editing this work.

Christopher U. Ibeh.


•Men who lack wisdom cannot overcome real challenges in life and without wisdom; one may go through his whole life battling ceaselessly with retardation. The Lord's wisdom is about all things noble, constructive and beneficial, leading to fulfilment.

•Wisdom, by its nature, is contagious, but some people are immune to wisdom because of how they have embraced foolishness. Whenever possible associate with wise men and learn from them. Notice how they attend to their affairs, reach their decisions and fulfill their purposes

•Natural things don’t just exist by chance; they are designed for a reason and by a master designer. Humans did not just come into existence by a stroke of luck or by chance; they are products of a designer.

•Democracy is built on the assumption that the opinion of the majority is always the right thing to do or the right way to go. By this, in a society of corrupt and morally bankrupt people, a significant majority may opt for a leader that mirrors their opinion. In democracy, emphasis is placed on quantity rather than quality, hence the need for a modified democracy.

•The European Union with Britain as a member has not ceased to exist because the time required for it to fulfill her purpose has not elapsed. At the expiration of that time, there may not only be BREXIT, but GEEXIT, FREXIT, GREXIT, etc. Whether a person or a nation is fulfilling its purpose or not, it is given the right amount of time required to fulfill its purpose.

•Meaningful existence, originality, success with fulfilment, witty inventions are only possible with persons or people fulfilling their purposes. Purpose drives impact and impact rewards purpose. Purpose compels you to act; it brings into focus the things that matter most.

•We have seen modifications of English language used by other nations, American English, Australian English, etc., but they do not wholly depend on the parent language, the English language; all serve to preserve the originality of a people. A change in British English will not result in a corresponding change of these English languages. However, in Africa, we don’t have a wholly defined language; we copy and continue to copy with no plan for originality. Any change in the British English today changes Nigeria’s lingua franca.

•Today, some Africans are willing to sell themselves as slaves at no cost, just transport them to the western world. Africans have not yet gained independence in their minds. As a nation, we have lost track of our purpose

•Each electoral period brings a new inflated hope that a certain man will help us in finding a lasting solution to our

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