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Keepers of the Clock

Keepers of the Clock

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Keepers of the Clock

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Aug 12, 2015


Descriptions of church interiors, deciphering of symbols, personal experiences of special happenings and true stories. Positive thoughts.

"Humility and prayer, and the perseverance and persistence in the goodness is a good recipe for a normal life at all times.

Share your experience with others to be better understood."
Aug 12, 2015

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Keepers of the Clock - Silvije Sattolo

Keepers of the Clock



Silvije Silvio Sattolo




Rovinj, Istria, CROATIA

YEAR 2014/2015

ISBN: 978-953-58338-1-9


Handle with care

Front cover our 24 hour clock and Precession clock

Back cover page Coat of arms and national flag of Croatia

Keepers of the Clock

All cultures have something theirs

Also, all cultures have something in common, the same

The church of St. Mark, evangelist, upper town, Zagreb, Croatia


First I thank God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Triune God who has enabled me life.

Many thanks to God that he gave me a clean soul, bright mind and a healthy body.

Thanks to all my teachers and professors who have positively contributed to my learning. Also thanks to all those who in any way contributed to the creation of this work, the book.

Special thanks to my family to Peter, Emma, ​​Eugene, Susan and my mother Djurdja for support, encouragement and patience throughout all this time.

This book contains a sermons full of positive energy, legends and mysteries of the key people and symbols decodeded through time and space. Towards the end there are interesting travel notes desrcibing each situation with good outcome and positive conclusions.

Exact dates have its weight of importance in the text.

The aim of this book is the understanding of ancient knowledge, respect for God and nature, and to build confidence in yourself as a good man, a good wife, a good family.

Rovinj, 05.25.2015. Spiritual Monday and Youth Day.

Art  and  Knowledge

Knowledge is virtue and responsibility.

Know when to share knowledge.

One should feel the right time.

Yesterday was April, 7. 2013. Really nice day for a long walk to a Mass in the church of St.Euphemia in Rovinj. Once again I learned some important facts about the symbols. Two keys that are located on the vault of one of eleven altars in the church of St.Euphemia are the keys of death and of life that holds Jesus Christ. Each of these two keys has a large square and a small square.  Reading sermon by St. John who in his sermon addressed all seven churches.

I stood staring at the ceiling, as if looking at the sky full of stars. Through the stained glass (glass windows in various colors) penetrated the sun's rays and created a beautiful view. The altar with two keys has many interesting symbols. Amongst them are three symbols very similar to the chessboard. There is also a shell with seven petals (the same associated with the Celts). All this was done in a light beige plaster. Angels looking up in the sky. The central image shows the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her arms, and below them the saints and the people holding out their hands towards them. All in all, the altar displays the redemption of sins, deliverance from hell.

The interior of the church is full of symbols and statues. I will describe only two. Behind the main altar is the image of the last supper. Special in that it contains thirteen apostles with Jesus. One apostle, Judas is on the way out, leaning, and the thirteenth is approaching the others sitting around Jesus. The painting was created sometime in the mid-sixteenth century. The painter is not known.

Right in the corner of the main door there is an exhibition of the restorated paintings performed in Zagreb. It shows a portrait of Jesus on the Mount of Olives. Jesus is concentrated, praying, looking in the sky. An angel hovers in front of Jesus holding a chalice in extended arms. Behind them in bushes, makia are hidden people in uniform, soldiers. Near them several apostles are in deep sleep.

According to legend, the stone sarcophagus containing the body of St. Euphemia came to Rovinj by sea from Asia Minor in year 800 AD. Sv. Euphemia lived in Chalcedon, today's Turkey. Submitted a martyr's death 304.A.D. The present church of St. Euphemia was built during the second half of the seventeenth century, namely 1673. Rovinj used to be an island.  In the 17th century the island was connected by a causeway to the mainland. The height of Church of St. Euphemia with the statue of St.. Euphemia is 64m. The view atop the bell tower goes all the way to the Dolomites in Italy.

On April ,8.2013.

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