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In Search of Piétons: A Photo Documentary

In Search of Piétons: A Photo Documentary

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In Search of Piétons: A Photo Documentary

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Feb 23, 2015


Talk about exploration and discovery this modern day flâneur traveling throughout France in the early 1990's will showcase a rather unique, one-of-a-kind photographic collection revealed in published format for the very first time.

This is a photo documentary showcasing a collection of 25 uniquely different illuminated pedestrian crossing signs (IPCS), also referred to as piétons, discovered throughout a number of cities, towns and banlieues all across France from 1991 through the summer of 1993.

All photographs of the figures showing the exact street intersection location represent a double exposure technique in order to capture both the red and green figure on the same color film frame.
Feb 23, 2015

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In Search of Piétons - Bill Bolton

In Search of Piétons

a photo documentary


Bill Bolton

Copyright © 2015 Bill Bolton

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means—whether auditory, graphic, mechanical, or electronic—without written permission of both publisher and author, except in the case of brief excerpts used in critical articles and reviews. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this work is illegal and is punishable by law.

ISBN: 978-1-4834-2567-2 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4834-2568-9 (e)

Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.

Any people depicted in stock imagery provided by Thinkstock are models, and such images are being used for illustrative purposes only.

Certain stock imagery © Thinkstock.

Lulu Publishing Services rev. date: 2/12/2015

Table of Contents

I. Foreword

II. Preface

III. Introduction

IV. Chapter 1

Searching for Piétons

V. Chapter 2

Photographic Technique

VI. Chapter 3

Adventures: Finding the ‘Man in the Hat’

VII. Chapter 4

Search Fulfilled, Time to Return Home

VIII. Chapter 5

Piéton Images

Image 1 (Paris) Luc

Image 2 (Villejuif) André

Image 3 (Paris) Jean Paire

Image 4 (Paris) Marcel

Image 5 (Tours) Philippe

Image 6 (Villejuif) Guillaume

Image 7 (Le Kremlin Biçetre) Yves

Image 8 (Villejuif) Pascal

Image 9 (Étiolles) Serge

Image 10 (Draveil) Bruno

Image 11 (Montreuil) Antoine

Image 12 (Montreuil) Victor

Image 13 (La Baule) Henri

Image 14 (Tours) Julien

Image 15 (Tours) Laurent

Image 16 (Tours) Olivier

Image 17 (Avallon) Denis

Image 18 (Paris) Jacques

Image 19 (Nice) Michel

Image 20 (Toulouse) Gérard

Image 21 (Tours) Louis

Image 22 (Tours) Pierre

Image 23 (Tours) Étienne


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