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Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

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Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

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Sep 11, 2019


Surf through my mind and let your mind wander through the pathways of my thoughts in poetry and prose. Gain insight into a budding fiction writing career with the short story The New Brother. Get a glimpse of an unfinished writing project that promises to be an epic tale. Feel the passion rising from the heart. Feel stronger for the experience as you go surfing through my mind.
Sep 11, 2019

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Surfing Through the Mind - Claude P Perry II

Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

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Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

Claude P Perry II


Text Copyright © 2016, 2019 by Claude P Perry II

Cover art copyright © 2016 Claude P. Perry II

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

First Printing: September 2019

ISBN 978-0-359-91364-0

Second eBook Edition

Clan-Per Publishing

2802 Sandwell Dr.

Winter Park, FL 32792


Dedicated to:

My parents, Pete and Liz

My sister, Rianna

My nephews, Sean and Daniel

Caldwell Davis, Jr and Bill Thrasher, the two most influential teachers of my Junior and Senior years of high school who helped me realize my potential

Mrs. Geneva McDonald

My extended family within the SCA

My tabletop RPG friends whose creativity helped inspire me to think out of the box in regards to my own writing, especially Rich and Ann

To all of you who took the time to pick up a copy of this book and peruse these pages.


Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology




Surfing Through the Mind

A Cousin is a Cousin. Or are They?

I Dreamed a Dream Tonight

A Genealogical Connection to the Magna Carta

We Shall Not Forget

I Hereby Declare

Umox, Anyone?

Spectre of the Arcanus (WIP)

A Simple Wish

For Honor and Glory

My Response to the 2014 Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial Uproar

My Review of the Pilot Episode of The After

How Do You Top a Mole on the Front Walk?

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

An Invitation

Happy 239th Birthday, USA!!!!!!!!!

The New Brother

Letter From the Author

About the Author


My writing experience began with the many essays I had to write while I was in school. One such essay I wrote, if memory serves, was about what it meant to be adopted. To my surprise, said essay was submitted for a Tennessee state-wide competition by Mrs. Geneva McDonald and came in third place for the region; I only found out about the competition and results when I was shown a newspaper article about it in the Wayne County newspaper. I wish I had a copy of the essay still.

Regardless, the contents of this book contain various writings of mine over the past. The oldest, Surfing Through the Mind, is a poem I wrote sometime around 1990 while I was sitting in a small bar in Chattahoochee, FL while nursing a beer as a rock band was playing live; I never did drink that beer. The newest piece, Happy 239th Birthday, was written July 4, 2015, as a timeline post on Facebook.

I chose to name this book after the aforementioned poem as a way for readers to have a gander at what goes on in my head when I write. A couple of the poems are song lyrics; I’ll let readers guess which ones those are. A majority of the articles within this book are short essays I had originally posted on a website called Bubblews that is no longer on the web. Readers will find a short story I wrote that has never been published as well as a chapter of an unfinished sci-fi/fantasy manuscript I’ve been working off and on since 1997.

The cover art is of my own design. I left the quite obvious imperfections as a way to reflect that my mind is not as neat and tidy as those who know me might believe. To be honest, I truly do not believe there really is a perfect mind; I am sure, however, there are several psychologists out there who would argue that I am quite wrong in my thinking. My cover art is a reminder that we all have our own imperfections; as a whole,

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