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Girls In the Garden

Girls In the Garden

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Girls In the Garden

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31 minuti
Sep 21, 2018


When two sisters finish planting their spring garden, strange things begin to happen as a mysterious mist comes down all around them.

As the seeds they had just planted grow into full grown plants before their very eyes, they also find themselves shrinking in size.

Join the girls as they try to get out of the garden while encountering talking vegetables and flowers, a studious earthworm, dangerous fire ants and a daring ladybug named Lenny.

You’ll be glad you did!

This is the seventeenth story from the Koralee & Klara Adventures series.
Sep 21, 2018

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Girls In the Garden - Tony Cianchetta

Girls In the Garden

Girls In the Garden

Copyright 2018 by Tony Cianchetta


This story is dedicated to my great-nieces, Koralee and Klara.

Uncle Tony

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Story created, written and illustrated by Tony Cianchetta


Koralee and Klara are two little sisters. And like all little kids they like to play ‘pretend’.

But what’s unusual is the way the kids play. Together Koralee and Klara create vivid, living worlds for their adventures. 

So, whether it is traveling through time investigating ancient Egypt, saving the world from evil masterminds as super heroes and secret agents or pretending to be inside the computer when they play video games, the kids go all out in their own special and imaginative way.

If you ever wondered what kids really ‘see’ when they play pretend, these stories are for you.

Because when these two sisters play together anything can, and usually does happen…

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Chapter 01

In the suburbs of Roundup, two figures work in a garden in the morning sun.

Dressed in coveralls and wearing boots and garden gloves, they move about the raised bed. As they rake out the soil and add new compost, the backyard garden begins to take shape.

Slowly they make neatly spaced rows in square sections all around the garden.

Then, as they move around each row, one of them drops small seeds into the dirt as the other follows behind, covering the seeds up with soil and marking the rows so they know what is planted in that spot.

When they are finished planting all of their seeds, they roll out a garden hose and water each square section until the light tan soil turns a dark brown, full of the moisture that will help the seeds to sprout.

When they are done the two figures turn to look down the rows of their garden and admire the results…


Gee, that was hard work, Klara Sauer said to her sister Koralee as she wiped the sweat from her face.

It sure was, Koralee answered, I sure hope all these seeds sprout.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t, Klara replied, we followed the directions on all the seed packets.

Yes, that is true. And we did everything mom and dad told us to do to prepare the soil, Koralee agreed. I think everything will grow just fine.

As the girls turned to step out of the raised garden bed the sky suddenly grew darker.

What’s going on? Koralee asked. There isn’t a cloud in the sky today, it shouldn’t be getting dark now.

I don’t know, Klara answered looking up at the sky. "It’s not only darker

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