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Jul 19, 2017


A young racing hopeful is plunged deep into the motor racing world, clinging desperately onto a thread of a life-line.

'Yes, Formula racing returns. Louder, more monstrous. Never failing to give the environmentalists a headache, in fact we have exploding heads everywhere near every state of the art race track around the world. Wet dreams aplenty for every petrol head in and around the neighbourhood. Jeremy Clarksen did not get that vasectomy'
Jul 19, 2017

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Chicane - T.H. McCallan

Kennedy - Chicane




For when I am gone I hope to be welcomed with open embrace at whichever gate.


Fear gives us drive.

Spectacular rush of adrenaline

Near death experience sort of equivalent to that feeling of purging your innermost thoughts to a stranger

you start to sense danger when this feeling becomes all too familiar.

Politician – everyone is a politician.

Confessions, Somewhat harmless stupid thrills, slowly shifts away from one side of spectrum -

Blue to red

'Hi Dr Trevor'

Trevor: Call me Trevor, will you?

Grab a seat.

'Thank you very much'

(Sits down)

'fine photograph'

Trevor: Yeah, myself and Hoss Tannkeheimer, Old boy got himself in a bit of trouble last week. A bump on the head they called it

He’s in good hands now.

'Is he dead?'

'Specialists.  A team of them

We are supposed to keep a hush about it, you know. Oh you don’t know

you are how old again? Let’s see here.

Same birthday as my baby girl 24th of June

Anything planned for your 20th?'

'Win a permanent seat with you, Doctor, Trevor'

Doctor Trevor: Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet.

P.A compiled a few NTKays.

‘Need to knows’ from the email you sent her.

I am…


I Came 2nd overall in the junior formula, at the penultimate stage of the series aged nineteen.

Had a couple of set-backs with the car though

Front just wouldn’t hook up in the fast corners, the understeer was intense and for a third placed team in the standings we were unbelievably slow in the wet, half a second slower than the Rēsuchīmu formula racing II team

They were number five in the championship standings.

So I guess it was a good result salvaging fourth and my teammate coming fifteenth in that particular race. 

Good points anyway. We were able to scrape second in the constructors too.

Trevor: Good point. You did well with the equipment at your disposal, Jeff.

It was a good sprint to the chequered flag.

You were certainly best of the rest last season. Everyone loves an underdog…

But that is not what we want from any of our sheep at Red Rooster FR team.

Oh Jesus I sound like a pet shop assistant, don’t I?

You’ve got your seat carved out and your gear ready, licenses? yes – time to get you on the track for the test.

Just sign here.

Jeff:  Alright.

Trevor: No reading it first, nitro?

Jeff: Nitro?

Trevor: You leave all the fury to us… you do the fast, okay?

Come into the garage with me; let’s introduce you to Martin. He is going to be your guardian angel this afternoon.

Don’t worry you’ve been doing well this season with Mclean

Once again the equipment has let you down.

And we know it’s not the engine so let’s see that skill Jeff.

Martin de Winkle, an enigma at first interaction, all his reactions are of the micro but very effective kind. Subtle I should state. Very gentle.

Martin: So, ever driven Il circuito del motore? Quite a mouth…

FR III, my first championship win. My team mate Tim Harrison, was incredible that season. He was perhaps the best the category had ever seen. He certainly destroyed me in the first half of the season. five straight wins out of the ten, I wasn’t holding my breath.

I tried everything. It had nothing to do with luck - he was just that tenth of a second faster than me.

My mind was not in a good place. Tim certainly had the team and the sponsors on his side, until he fell Ill and had to miss race six. He had eighty-five points on the board from five straight wins and I had fifty from five second places.

He had a replacement for the Italian round and to be frank, his replacement was completely useless, but the car was fast enough.

Commentator: A sunny summer’s day at Il circuito del motore. The teams are ready to go on race day six of this FR III championship race.

In pole position taken with consummate ease in quali, is the team mate of Tim Harrison, Jeff Kennedy.

Commentator 2: The seventeen year old must be delighted to have been presented with a chance to possibly turn the tables around on Harrison. Harrison has been hit with a bug, and will not be happy having to sit this one out.

Jeremiah Shah is in the spotlight today, having been called up from designated reserve driver post.

Commentator:  It’s the sixteen year old’s chance to impress.

We are minutes away from lights out on this glorious 3.6 mile circuit. Comprising of eleven turns with ambient temps at twenty eight degrees and track temperature at fort degrees centigrade - those tyres are going to take. A. Beating.

Commentator 2: Absolutely John, with the very long straights and fast sweeping corners, those tricky chicanes, I wouldn’t trade this spot for the cockpit anytime soon. There just aren’t any guarantees that your brakes would last the whole race.

Commentator: Yes Rubens. You wouldn’t, it requires a particular type of insanity than screaming your socks off on the edge of your seat hoping that the ingenious moves for position don’t turn sour. 

I started on the harder compound tyre. The plan was one stop, on lap 17 and then a sprint on the softer compound with the chequered flag waiting on lap 30.

Jerry was on the soft at the start. He managed to qualify fourteenth.

With sixteen cars on the grid

Commentator 2: The Mclean III junior team are surely in the driving seat for the constructors and the drivers’ championship, and with Tim missing from the grid, it surely mixes things up a bit John?

Commentator: Tim Harrison has been superb

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