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Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation

Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation

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Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation

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Jun 17, 2017


Howard West, author of "BLOOD PRINTS OF THE GODS" has done it again with undeniably his best work yet. This book, "HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLE: We Live in a Computer Simulation" is a terrifically written manuscript that brings the top researched disciplines under one hypothesized umbrella to give the reader answers to the most asked and hardest questions concerning God, life and universe. The book brings to light every aspect of the mysteries of existence in reference to a Creator, how reality functions, and life' purpose. It does this by unifying the studies of, SCIENCE: Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Cosmology THEOLOGY: Judaism, Christianity, Islam COMPUTER SCIENCE: Number Theory, Mathematics, Holographic Principle, Computer Simulation RELIGION: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Ancient Babylonian Mysteries, Authentic Kabbalah.
Jun 17, 2017

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Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation - Howard West

Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation

Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation

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Howard West Books 2017: HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE/ Howard West Books

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ISBN 978-1-365-95170-1

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We owe a great deal of our wellbeing to science and technology. The world of science, several centuries in the making has definitely contributed many blessings to our world. It has helped us to stay warm, to be healthy, comfortable, entertained and there are a host of other wonderful things that could be said about science.

From the scientific field of Quantum Physics alone; humanity has been given an enormous understanding on how our physical universe works. Take the miracle of vision for an example. For a very long time no one understood how the miracle of vision worked. In the distant pass we thought the eyes emitted something that illuminated the objects we saw. It was Leonardo da Vinci who showed that rays of emanation was not coming from our eyes, but were instead coming from the actual objects, and then entering into our eyes. Although this was a huge step forward; Leonardo still could not explain what the emanation was. This was because he had little understanding of what light was and how light worked.

We began to grasp a great understanding on how light works in 1905 with Albert Einstein’s explanation of the Photoelectric Effect where he showed the world, light was made of individual particles (photons).

We know now that light behaves like a particle and a wave with crests and troths. We know now, light bounces off and emits from objects in our vicinity and then enters the optical nerves in our eyes. And from this we create a constant visual map of our surroundings. In like manner, sound waves that reach our ears, along with our other senses help us to draw a mental portrait of what is going on in the physical world around us.

Information via Our 5 Senses

But the information received via our five senses (sight, touch, hearing, tasting, and smelling) can only really tell us about exterior reality (i.e. the physical world of our environment.) Our picture of the world, via our five senses, is constructed out of a multitude of impressions that consist entirely of the outsides of things. Thus, the interior reality of what it is actually like to be a thing other than ourselves, (e.g. another human being, or even an animal or object) can never be known directly via our five senses. Even when we use sophisticated measuring devices, or ultra-powerful microscopes; we cannot escape our fixation of looking at the outside of things: how they appear as objects in a physical world. It is not possible for today’s mainstream science to probe the phenomenology of the inner world of ourselves and our physical universe. It is not in the nature of today’s mainstream sciences to do such.


During what is termed in history as the Enlightenment Era: a philosophical movement which dominated the world of ideas in Europe in the 18th century; there was a social movement to remove religion and superstations from philosophical thinking and scientific reasoning. During the Enlightenment Era the science community grouped many religious ideas that were pondered upon during the prior Catholic Church reign as mere superstitions. Unfortunately, the study of consciousness and human intuition was grouped together as religious superstitions.

But after hundreds of years of the science community going back and forth concerning what is superstition and what is ok to discuss; the subject of consciousness could no longer be placed on the backburner (i.e. ignored) as something not real. People experiences via consciousness had need of explanation. The masses wanted to know what consciousness was and how it worked. Thus, science decided to explain the phenomenon of conscious awareness as a byproduct of the physical brain, making consciousness a part of neuroscience. There should be no wonder why after hundreds years, today’s mainstream science do not have a clue to how the conscious works and what is actually is.


The English word science is derived from the Latin word; scientia, which means to know. The Latin word scientia used to be a reference to knowing all there is to know (i.e. everything concerning life and existence.) Within the last half century, its English translation has been restricted to knowing the observable (i.e. the physical). Today, the word science is defined this way,

The systematic study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world.

Science Cambridge English Dictionary"

Mainstream science is the study of the structure of physical reality and how physical objects (galaxies, stars, planets, cells, atoms, protons, quarks’ and gluon strings) behave in a physical world. Today’s world of science has nothing to do with metaphysics: the study of the interior of reality (i.e. the first principles of existence or being something.)

Arguably the greatest scientist that ever lived was Sir Isaac Newton. Scientists today downplay the fact that their hero Newton: probably the smartest scientist to have ever walked the earth was a practicing alchemist. Alchemy is branched off of metaphysics and is an art that is considered by the scientific community as pseudoscience (not real science).

A Perplexed Community

It seems the more the mainstream sciences of today ignores the interior of reality the more they become puzzled with how our external reality works. For instance, some one hundred years ago the scientific community became mesmerized and transfixed with the introduction of the reality of a quantum existence underlining our everyday physical world.

The quantum world is a super-microscopic physical reality that is just as real as the physical reality we see and interact with daily. But the quantum reality is too small to observe without sophisticated instruments.

Someone would say,

So what; there is another microscopic world out there that we can’t see with the naked eye? We’ve seen this before with the discovery of the world of cells, germs, DNA, bacteria, etc.

Yes, with mechanical eyes we have seen and thus studied microscopic worlds within our physical world, but none like the world we call Quanta. The super-microscopic world of Quantum Physics is tens of thousands of times smaller than the world of Microbiology. And the quantum world is much stranger than you have ever imagined.

The late great Danish physicist Niels Bohr who made foundational contributions concerning atomic structure and quantum theory for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 has said this about Quantum Mechanics:

If Quantum Mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet

Quantum Mechanics Quote: Niels Bohr, Brainy Quotes

What has been baffling the scientific community for the last one hundred years up to present day about Quantum Physics is this: the laws in this super-microscopic quantum world do not obey the concrete laws found in our macroscopic world of Classical Physics. In a nutshell, there are things going on in the quantum world that all of mainstream science cannot explain. And some of these things go against our logic and reasoning.

Take what is termed Quantum Tunneling: a quantum mechanical affect where it is possible for particles (e.g. electrons) to cross energy barriers even though the particle’s energy is less than that of the barrier. This is impossible in Classical Mechanics: a mechanics where Newton’s Laws is fundamental. In Classical Mechanics, what took place with the particle and the energy barrier in the above illustration would be like a jelly bean on one side of a six inch thick brick wall magically appearing on the other side of that brick wall. This just cannot happen with Newton’s Laws (i.e. Classical Mechanics: the macroscopic universe we see and interact with daily.) But Quantum Physics permits this.

Another phenomenon that has mainstream science scratching their heads is what is termed in Physics, Photon Entanglement. Entangled photons maintain opposite spins no matter how far apart they are, even at great distances across the universe. Yet, to interact with one instantaneously affects the entangled other. This is impossible with Classical Physics because; Einstein’s physics says all action is limited by the speed of light. Yes, even the late great Albert Einstein was stomped by this quantum world; calling Photon Entanglement Spooky action at a distance. These things as well as many other things cannot be explained with Classical Physics.

More to Life than Physicality’s

Let the reader understand, the world of Quantum Physics is a world that is just as real (physical) as the physical reality we see and interact with daily. The quantum world is the foundation of our physical reality. Therefore, to understand our physical reality (i.e. our universe,) the microscopic quantum world must be understood first. This book, HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE: We Live in a Computer Simulation breaks this quantum world down with simplicity and gives the reader enormous understanding on how the quantum existence functions. And with understanding it the quantum world you will find that it works like a computer. Although this may be hard to grasp, just know for now, our entire technological world: computers, smartphones etc. all operate through the world of atom nuclides and subatomic particles (i.e. the world of Quantum Physics.)

Note: No science thus far has explained our physical universe with explanation like the Holographic Principle. The Holographic Principle is a fundamental truth that states the description of our three dimensional reality is encoded on a lower two dimensional light-like boundary to the region. Where Cosmology and other sciences fail in explanation; the Holographic Principle explains with simplicity. This book will indulge heavily in the concept.

The quantum world, as stated above is the foundation of our physical reality, but not all of reality. Our existence does not begin with the quantum world. There is a non-corporeal (internal) existence that underlines all physicality’s. In fact, the quantum world mediates between the internal (conscious) and external universe as we will see with the unfolding of this book Holographic Universe.


One of the dangers in believing and teaching that the world described by mainstream science (i.e. a world of only physicality’s and their byproducts) is this: as the scientific community at large teach only on one side of the coin of life (i.e. its external side ;) people may begin to ignore the actual essence of physical reality, which is an internal reality in reference to consciousness.

The example is drawn from the human brain. Today’s mainstream science may use brain imagery apparatuses to probe the thoughts of a person: and by doing so, may receive actual neurological activity readouts from the thoughts of that person. But still, the imagery readout is only looking at the outside (shell) of the thing. Our thoughts definitely possess a physical, measurable, observable coronet that can be measured by scientific instruments. But these readouts are not the same as the conscious experience of actually having those thoughts. The imagery readout and the experience are two sides of the same coin, i.e. the inside and the outside of the thing. But when one teaches only on the external side and neglects the internal side; it is like removing the spirit from the body. The removal of the spirit from the body leaves a corpse. Thus, the removal of metaphysics from science leaves a dead incomplete doctrine.


During one of his lectures speaking on humanity’s insignificance in the universe, the world renowned theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss has stated:

This tells us that we’re more insignificant than we ever imagined. If you take the universe; everything we see, stars, galaxies [all of physical reality] – if you get rid of it, the universe is essentially the same. We [humans] constitute a one percent bit of pollution in a universe that’s thirty percent dark matter and seventy percent dark energy. We [humans] are completely irrelevant.

Lawrence Krauss Something from Nothing Lecture

In Krauss’ lack of understanding he foolishly assumes there is no internal reality – only an external one. And the external universe has no real purpose other than to be. He continued by saying,

Why such a universe, which we are so irrelevant would be made for us is beyond me.

Our new picture of Cosmology is that we live in a universe dominated by nothing. The largest energy in the universe: 70 percent of the energy in the universe resides in empty space. And we don’t have the slightest idea why it’s there.

Lawrence Krauss Something from Nothing Lecture

Note: this is one of the smartest recognized theoretical physicists in the world today.

Let the reader understand there is a perfect and even wonderful explanation for why the physical universe was created (for us). This is one of the main topics we will investigate within the pages of this book. 

My book, Holographic Universe brings to light every aspect of the mysteries of our existence concerning a Creator, how reality functions, and life’ purpose

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