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"Core Redemption": Using Your Trauma to Fuel Your Triumph!

"Core Redemption": Using Your Trauma to Fuel Your Triumph!

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"Core Redemption": Using Your Trauma to Fuel Your Triumph!

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Dec 16, 2019


Trauma will happen to you and you have the right to grieve and recover on your own terms. Whether it happens in your life, your relationship, your marriage, your job or you fail short in your educational goals, you can recover! Because you were created to win. In this book you will read about trauma in different situations as well as the pain and suffering that comes with it. However the dream that God put in you comes with a rescue plan! Trauma is not a permanent fixture. As someone who has experienced trauma and observed the worst of trauma as a former product of poverty, a U.S. Marine and a career professional and former Police Chief, I will take you on a journey of trauma and triumph as we explore traumatic situations with triumphant endings.
Dec 16, 2019

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"Core Redemption" - Kevin Corey



Using your trauma to

fuel your triumph!


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O ne of the immensely popular shows of our recent past has been the show Cheers. The show was centered on folks hanging out at a bar, now people just do not go to bars to drink, they can drink at home. People go to bars to drink in an environment of encouragement. In fact, they have a name for it; it’s called a Happy Hour. Happy hour is designed not only to give you drinks at maybe a little cheaper rate but also to bring people together and create an environment. The establishments figure that if people are not receiving happiness from their job or in their homes, it works to provide an environment where people get what they are missing.

There are those rare moments when God allows someone to come into your life and he or she inspire you, encourage you and they create around you an environment that causes you to be motivated and grow. You are inspired by their life and deeds; such is the case for me when I was introduced to Kevin Corey. Kevin was working for the Fort Wayne Police Department, (FWPD). Kevin was so humble and down to earth that he was just a brother that I wanted to role with. Kevin and his wife Nicole instantly became good friend with Margo and I.

The four of us went to church together, traveled and when Margo and I started our own church, right there was Kevin and Nicole. For years, I watched Kevin serve this city with a Christ-like servant leadership. Kevin was the kind of person so respected that when he had to go bring someone in from the community, I do not ever remember him pulling his gun. He knew everyone and they knew Kevin. He would simply go to the house and like a segment from the Andy Griffin show Mayberry RFD, he would simply go in tell them to come out, and what were you doing?

After years of service and success even though Kevin will tell you he came from poverty, his discipline, military experience and his faith in God wouldn’t let poverty have a grip on him. Kevin moved his family from Fort Wayne to Cincinnati, Ohio where he led a small nearby community as their Chief of Police. I was not surprised Kevin was in pursuit of going to another level in his career. I knew that my brother was destined for greatness.

It was not long after that I heard that Kevin had suffered a stroke, I was taken by surprise. Moreover, I was worried about my brother. However, just like anything

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