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Nov 16, 2020


Represents all aspects and angles of bitter love and the dark arts. Read at different times in your life you may find a different meaning in each read through. As we did in book one, with the work constructed of the writer's essence, enjoy poetry itself. As a writer, I appreciate the support of my readers and you inspire me to create more.

Nov 16, 2020

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Two - Dominick Santarsiero


   I can still hear the board as it slammed with a mallet

a cold chill down the spine

that left a bad taste on the pallet.

acceptance is fine

the process is mine

to feel the universe divine.

I can remember the tree's as the sun set behind

A calm fire to help the day unwind.

the days were of days and next never sure

but that is just a memory of what happened before.

we prayed to the sky

enchanting lullaby

touching the earth enjoying her song

the days ahead, the pity of fools, who would have known we were wrong.

but we stuck to our own, that's the way we had it

and once again I heard that forsaken mallet.

As I remember those tree's

my heart starts to pound

the embrace within I'm now rooted in ground

unfortunate for it will all come back

but it will be my mallet this time around.

   Here we are again

a glance into mirrors

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