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Orange Recipes

Orange Recipes

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Orange Recipes

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Nov 22, 2020


65 Oranges Recipe - Oranges belong to the citrus group, but are different from lemons and grapes, which contain more sugar and less acid.

Orange recipe

Probably no citrus fruit is used as widely as orange. Due to their fresh, acidic smell, they are eaten fresh on their own and in combination with numerous other salad and dessert foods!


Nov 22, 2020

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Oranges belong to the citrus group, but they are different from both lemons and grapes.

Contains more sugar and less acid. Probably no citrus fruit is used as widely as orange. Due

Due to their fresh, acidic smell, they are eaten in their fresh state both alone and in combination with a lot

Other salads and other sweet foods.

Orange recipe

Orange pudding-1

Take three large Seville oranges, the cleanest variety you can get, away from the Rhine; Take eight eggs

(Leave the white six) Beat half a pound of the double white sugar and put it in your eggs, then beat

They were both together for half an hour; Take three ounces of sweet nuts and beat them with one

To prevent a tablespoon or two of just water from leaking out of oil, add half a pound of butter, melt without water and

Add two orange juices, then orange juice and mix everything together; Put a thin paste on your bowl

And bake it, but not in a very hot oven.

Orange pudding-2

Take half a pound of candied oranges, cut them into thin slices, and beat them in a marble mortar near a pulp.

Take six eggs (leave half the white part) half a pound of butter and an orange juice; Mix them up

Sweeten together with finely powdered sugar, then bake with a thin paste.

Orange pudding-3

Take three or four Sevil oranges, do the cleanings you can get very thin, boil the peel in one.

Transfer them to boiling water two or three times for plenty of water and tamarind flavour.

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