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Some Good Sweet Treats

Some Good Sweet Treats

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Some Good Sweet Treats

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Oct 3, 2020



In Some Good: Sweet Treats, Jessica Mitton follows the success of her first cookbook, Some Good, with the course that everyone’s been waiting for—dessert! With decadent chocolate delights, oat-based goodies, muffins, cakes, squares, and cookies, these recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Because these sweet confections, baked wonders, and delicious desserts are made in ways that are healthier and more nutritious. Now you can make truly tasty treats that are gluten and dairy free, incorporating healthier ingredients that will make everyone feel Some Good!

Oct 3, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Jessica Mitton is a Culinary Nutrition Expert and an award-winning Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. She has been featured across many publications and media channels, including the Academy of Culinary Nutrition's From Scratch cookbooks, CBC Radio, and the national magazine, Optimyz. Jessica is the author of the hit cookbook, Some Good, which was shortlisted for a Taste Canada award.

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Some Good Sweet Treats - Jessica Mitton


I’m a huge cookie fanatic. In fact, my husband, Gareth, calls me the Cookie Monster! But I don’t reach for the kinds of cookies you find in the boxed packages lining grocery-store shelves—I’m talking about real cookies: homemade and still steaming, right out of the oven, with the quality you only get from the perfect cookie—a visceral experience of taste and texture. Soft, slightly chewy, but with a little crispness at the edges. Melting in your mouth with an explosion of sweetness. These are not anaemic cookies made from dubious ingredients. These are wholesome, hearty treats from another time, crafted with a little forward thinking from natural, delicious, and nutritious ingredients.

I love cookies, and I love baking in general. Baking is therapeutic for me. You could call it meditative. It isn’t just the promise of that sweet treat at the end. The process of making that delicious treat can be stress relieving and satisfying. But it’s also the peace of mind that comes from using healthy ingredients. In my first book, Some Good, I wrote about how, in the Western world, we are getting further and further removed from where our food comes from, and how it comes to arrive on our plates. As our lives become even busier and we rely more and more on the quick, ready-to-eat alternatives, our relationship with our food is becoming as unhealthy as the food itself.

It is my hope that my cookbooks will encourage people to get back in the kitchen and rekindle their relationship with their food. I want you to experience the gentle rhythm of whisking the flour; the slow, gentle pour of batter into the pan; and the physical satisfaction of chopping nuts. I want you to feel the sense of reward and fulfillment that taking something you created and sitting to enjoy it—whether serenely alone or socially with loved ones and friends—can bring.

I also want to share my knowledge of healthy, clean ingredients. As a Nutritional Consultant, I’ve studied nutrition for a long time, and I’ve also had some personal health issues to work through in the past that led me to learn more about the kinds of ingredients to include and exclude in one’s diet. While you may be able to find a wide range of sugary treats easily accessible on store shelves, you’ll also find that many of them are filled with a ridiculous number of unnecessary highly processed sugars, artificial flavours and preservatives, rancid oils, additives, and emulsifiers. And the quality of the ingredients that are used is often suspect.

For me, both in my profession and in my kitchen, using quality ingredients is of the utmost importance, along with purging those nasty, health-damaging ingredients. In this cookbook, you will find treats that prove you can use good-quality ingredients without sacrificing sumptuousness. In addition, every single recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free, so if you have allergies to gluten or dairy, or choose not to consume these foods, this cookbook is for you! Wholefood ingredients are where it’s at, and that is exactly what you will find here. No funny business—just real food.

Recipes include homemade chocolate and chocolate-based goodies, muffins, cakes, oat-based treats, cookies, squares, and frostings. You’ll also learn about some pretty awesome baking essentials, see why gluten and dairy are no-nos, and discover some healthier go-to sweeteners. It is my hope that this book will become a conduit to a world where health and treats arrive in harmony, not as two options at separate ends of a spectrum.

I believe we all need a little sweetness in our lives, and we don’t have to sacrifice our health to have it! Enjoy!


Kitchen Tools

‘Be prepared!’ It isn’t just good advice for Girl Guides and Boy Scouts—it makes life in the kitchen a whole lot easier, too! Starting with the right appliances and kitchen tools will make the baking experience run as smoothly as syrup from the jar. There are a few must-have favourites that I find make the process of creating my sweet treats as enjoyable as consuming them (Well, almost!). While these tools are useful to have around, they aren’t all necessary for every recipe in the cookbook.

CHEF’S KNIFE. No baker, cook, or chef is ever far from their chef’s knife. With just a little practice, its long, curved blade makes slicing and dicing a joy. From chopping nuts and dried fruit to the ever-challenging task of removing the seed from an avocado (a quick slice in the middle of the seed, twist, and ta-da!), the chef’s knife is your versatile best friend.

CUTTING BOARD. Critical for protecting your work surfaces as well as keeping your ingredients organized and safe from cross-contamination, a cutting board is a must for the sweet-treat baker-maker. Many of the recipes in this book involve chopping delicious dried fruit or nuts. The All-Good Granola, on page 119, is one of my favourites and has the best texture when you finely chop the dried fruit and nuts.

BAKING SHEETS. Since no cookie is getting baked without a baking sheet, I have

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