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Let's Talk

Let's Talk

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Let's Talk

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Oct 29, 2019


In the midst of my quiet time with the Lord, I often thought of how I could be a beckon of light to help others that are depressed, lost, have no hope, searching for an answer, needing deliverance, or just downright in need of a renewing of your mind and a fresh new start. While meditating, I would get either titles to dwell on or even what needed to be said to a multitude of people. Many people may never step a foot inside of a church to receive a Living Word that can change any situation by faith at the drop of a dime. But understand, beloved, God put people in places to be an example of His goodness. Demonstration can happen when you mix faith with the Word of God. When mixed together, it takes on a nature of its own (manifestation). Not just the talk but the walk. God is the author and finisher of our faith. This book is a great tool for a time such as this for a divine appointment, open invitation, to renew your relationship with Christ. So open your ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying. There's truly a difference between hearing and listening. People, places, and things may change, but the Word of God will stand forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Oct 29, 2019

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Let's Talk - Marquisha Mitchell


The Observation

Many are seeing, but ain’t nobody saying!

What do you mean by that?

Glad you asked, I’m happy to tell you.

The many problems that we see that exist in this world, hmm, that to you may be a big picture. Let’s take it home where you can possibly understand better. Your community, your neighborhood, your town. As we sit content with us, what about the next? We sit around at functions, discuss among yourselves what we see, what needs to be done, how this could change if, and how someone needs to do it.

Take a moment, think, maybe those many ideas came to not just you alone, but the many people that joined in on that conversation. It sounded good, could possibly even work. But the word will never know because you’re seeing but ain’t saying.

You just may be the key, the answer, the solution to many problems. Don’t shut down, start something. Nothing happens until something is put into action. Your words are just that, words; but if and when put into action, it takes on a life of its own. Life changers don’t just talk, they walk also. That’s faith. It doesn’t stay still, it moves. Imagine if everyone that had a thought would get busy with putting it into action. What a wonderful world this would and could be.

Things that make you go, hmmmm…


Does anybody hear me?

Does anybody see me?

Can anybody hear my silent cry for direction?

Frustration seems to be my friend now, so I embrace it.

It hangs tight with me, not wanting to let go, but I must break free!

I will break free! I know there’s better for me!

Searching for the answer in so many wrong places.

Looking for an example positive that is to follow. Will someone, anybody, please stand up!

Here I am a child, left with making grown-up decisions. I’ve never been taught the way. Never been in this place before. Looking through the eyes of a child at adulthood, it seems very hard from where I stand. How to provide for a child, work, pay bills, raise your family, and still have time for yourself? That’s what I see in grown-ups. Now imagine that very same thing for me as a child.

I will not be a failure!

I will not quit!

I will be my best self!

I will set my standards high!

I will follow my dreams!

I am smart, intelligent, ambitious, a leader

Even if you don’t believe in me,

I believe in me.

God had a purpose in mind for me when he created me.

My destiny is already set.

My past will not hinder or dictate my future.

It will all work in my favor.

God, I come to you for the best help I can get.

You will never leave me nor forsake me.


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