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Truth Loves Liberty

Truth Loves Liberty

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Truth Loves Liberty

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May 21, 2018


This book is a must read for every human being. It is the spirituality, psychology and sociology of the Love of the Liberty of The Truth. After you read this book you will understand how these relate holistically to the two spiritual motivations in the universe: The Truth of the Love of Liberty versus the addiction to The Lie of fearful lustful selfishness. False prophets are attempting to keep us enslaved. They tell us we have no choice in how we act and think. They convince us to give up our power to lifeless objects and negative spirits. They devalue the invaluable and inhibit the implementation of which, all for false profits, while children die of starvation. Do not believe them. We all have a choice in how we choose to think and what motivates us. There is a reason why anyone would feel negative. There is a reason why the world is spiraling out of control. The invaluable of The Truth of Love and Liberty is infinitely more important than unabated consuming and superficial fake pleasures. In the invaluable of The Truth we will finally manifest our destiny and become The United States of Liberty and Justice for all. Even if you do not want to do any good thing in this book, don't inhibit those who do and at least hold all of the leaders of The United States to the standards set forth. Yet for those who realize quickly and take it to heart, you will feel the greatest empowerment of Truth Loves Liberty.

May 21, 2018

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Truth Loves Liberty - Jason Krone

Truth Loves Liberty

Jason Krone

Copyright © 2018 Jason Krone

All rights reserved

First Edition

Page Publishing, Inc

New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc 2018

ISBN 978-1-64214-304-1 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-64214-305-8 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America

I use to exist and believe in The Lie.

Every time I would get arrested I would say, What are these cops problems? Why do they keep picking on me?

My probation officers would tell me to take Responsibility. I would think, I am taking Responsibility, I got caught didn’t I?

I thought I never learned how to act right, which was strange because I was always judgmental, telling everyone else how to act, but when it came to myself, I thought, how do I do this common sense I keep telling everyone, because I can’t do it, not without a life time of therapy and a whole bunch of prescriptions.

So I started seeing a psychologist in kindergarten. They diagnosed my problem as ADHD, told me it wasn’t my fault and that I had a disease/disorder and then they gave me drugs. I believed them. I was a kid. They were the experts.

When I got older my family would wonder why I kept taking drugs. They only gave me drugs as a kid but that was to fix my problem. Completely unrelated, they thought it must be addiction. He does not have a choice. It’s not his fault. It’s a disease.

Think about that for a moment. If it’s not my fault, I have an excuse to never change. Whatever’s fault it was would have to change. If I don’t have a choice, how can I choose to stop, and if it’s a disease, why do they keep arresting me for it?

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16. For a decade in a half I would tell my friends that I was quitting. I would say this while I was smoking and my friends would tell me that I’ve been saying that for years.

I would feel really bad that they didn’t believe me and I would tell them that I was being serious this time, as I would light up another one.

What I realized is the feeling of wanting to smoke was like a child throwing a tantrum in a store and the feeling of not wanting to smoke was like the parent.

I would always give into the child that was self and my self knew, bug me for long enough and I would do whatever the obsession was.

The only difference between a child and a parent in a store is the parent could leave the store.

I couldn’t leave the frustration of conflict in my head, though I did try to with massive amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Is it any wonder where I got that idea from? Do you have a problem? Take drugs!

Even as I had substantial depression and anxiety as a kid, all the way till I realized The Truth, the solution from my psychiatrists was to take drugs. Of course they call them prescriptions but the premise was the same. You feel negative, obsessed and imbalanced? Avoid negative feelings with prescriptions because it isn’t your fault.

I could never learn my lesson as the many different experts were trying to convince me that the way I thought wasn’t really my fault. While the law on the other hand was trying to convince me of the exact opposite; take Responsibility for your actions.

As far as the child and parent in my head, I kept saying I wanted to quit but I kept doing the opposite. This is why my self didn’t believe me. I couldn’t convince my self, because I was lying, but the moment I told my self The Truth, my self never bugged me to smoke again, because I wasn’t lying. This means I had no doubt whether I smoked or not. I do not smoke. No Doubt.

The problem was the world was trying to convince me my whole life that I had no choice but to be a slave to my self. They were influencing me to believe that I had to be out of control and that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it except live in torment and be consuming.

I was believing in this and it is absolutely wrong.

I had not realized yet. There was a reason why I was out of control, had no will power, was imbalanced and always felt bad and negative. I realized I did not have to be forced to be controlled as a slave to my self.


You may have heard that you need to believe in your self.

We are all born without the choice except to accept believing in our self, in how whatever way our self makes us feel.

This is addiction. This is immaturity.

Age is just a number and there are many adults who act exactly like children all their life, never maturing.

Immaturity is the inability to overcome the control of self over you.

Too many are believing that being controlled by their self is just how they are. They accept choosing not to grow, learn, and improve. They choose to never mature.

Imagine if you were born just how you are, never changing. You wouldn’t be able to walk or talk or do anything except be helpless. Instead we learned new things and these realizations changed the way we thought, to give us new abilities that we couldn’t do before we were aware of them.

We all need to mature and overcome the addiction to our self. In this you will simply use the choice of your will power, through The Truth, to overcome negativity, otherwise you will always be forced to give in to self and please it to avoid frustration.

What you believe makes it true for you, but that doesn’t make it The Truth. For example, if you feel like you want to murder, yes that is true you feel it, but The Truth is you should not feel like you want to murder. The Truth is, you should be believing that you do not think like that.

What you choose to actually do is what you are believing in, in that moment, even if you believe many conflicting beliefs.

Yet if you say or feel you are believing something but you do the opposite, can this ever be truthfully believing in what you said?

In The Lie many will say they believe something and then later they will make a statement they think they believe, yet it contradicts the previous statement. Whichever statement they doubt the least is the one they actually are believing in. Just as in the example of smoking, I believed two contradictory thoughts. The one I doubted the least was the one I was believing in.

What you are believing will either close your eyes or open them and will either increase your awareness or reduce it. It simply depends on if you believe in your self or seek The Truth instead.

In this, rather than defaulting to believing the least doubtful thought, in The Truth one can choose believing in the thoughts of No Doubt.

It was not until I had no doubt in, I do not smoke, this started my believing it truthfully.


Addiction is not a choice for three reasons:

Addiction is not a choice because you have no choice but to be born addicted to self. We are all born immature.

Addiction is not a choice because it is when you doubt you have a choice but to be forced by your self, to think and act the way self tells you.

Addiction is not a choice: for Liberty, Love or The Truth. Addiction is a choice for slavery: to self, perpetually in doubt of what is truthful and in doubt least of what is The Lie.

No one has to choose the addiction to selfishness because it is the default. It is the way we all start when we are born. You don’t have to choose to be negative, because it will just happen without you thinking. It will happen without your choice. Selfishness will happen without your choice. These, the path of least resistance, are the default.

Doing whatever you feel, simply because you feel it, even if you know it is not right, doing this is the default of the not a choice, and is to be in doubt of what is right and what is wrong.

This does not mean that you cannot choose differently. It simply means that you are not choosing differently.

Choosing to stop being negative is a truthful choice.

Choosing to stop being selfish is a truthful choice.

Choosing to stop the kind of thinking that you know is wrong and having no doubt in doing so, this is a choice.

Choosing to do the opposite of negativity and selfishness is a choice, because these things will never just happen without you making a conscious effort to stop doubting their wrongness the least.

Choosing to seek The Truth and not your selfishness and own way, only seeking The Truth is a truthful choice, not living in fear as this is the default.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions done for the wrong reasons. Do not be tricked by your self. Selfishness posing as selfLessness, The Lie posing as The Truth and fear posing as no doubt, these are the most manipulative tricks of addiction to no choice.

Addiction is a disease because belief in it leads to and is the imbalance that attempts to consume perpetually, into eventual nonexistence, for no truthfully good reason except for the fake pleasure of pleasing self/selfishness.

The underlying cause of all addiction is to the doubt that selfishness casts and is always one sided and imbalanced, in its attempts to make you doubt The Truthful way.

Unlike a child and parent in a store, you can’t leave your head to escape the influence.

The only thing you can do is be frustrated by the child/self/selfishness in the store of your head that is throwing a tantrum to get what it wants, then try to avoid this frustration with all abuse, thereby releasing it negatively through more addiction of selfishness. When this happens something MUST be consumed, such as people, the environment and even you.

We are all born addicted. The only difference between each other’s addictions is the way it manifests itself.

The underlying cause for all addiction is believing in lusts obsessions of false pleasure of the justifications of selfishness to remain in The Lie. These obsessions and justifications can literally be anything your self can imagine.

All addiction is of selfishness which attempts to create doubt in the good things you need. I think I need cigarettes. I don’t actually need cigarettes to live. I imagine I need cigarettes because lust makes me feel it. This isn’t The Truth, but because I am believing in lust, that I need cigarettes, then it is true for me. That is how the doubt of self convinces you. The word cigarettes can simply be replaced with anything selfish.

A true opinion is anything you can imagine. Only of The Truth is The Truth and is never made up in the imagination of lusts selfish fearfulness of The Lie.

Selfishness can be anything except The Truth, but can be true, yet still a lie as it’s a manipulation. This is The Lie of half-truth. There is no such thing as a half-truth. A half-truth is a whole lie. The Truth is always whole and never a half-lie. For example, if you feel like you want to murder, yes that feeling is true, but it is not The Truth because murder is never of The Truth and as such you should have no doubt in shutting it down.

Self will try to justify many whole-lies, posing as the impossible half-lie, which turns into The Lie of half-truth and then becomes true for you when you start believing in it.

I don’t need cigarettes to live. This is The Truth. My self’s lust imagines I need cigarettes. The feeling is true to me. Since I don’t actually need cigarettes to live, the feeling I am truly having is an obsession of lust of doubt caused by self’s manipulation of me, and if I am believing that I can’t do anything about this feeling, then I have no power over it.

In the example of smoking, when I felt like I wanted to quit at the same time as I wanted to smoke, my self was making me imagine that I wanted to smoke. This was causing me to doubt whether I wanted to smoke or whether I wanted to not smoke. Then whichever feeling I doubted the least was what I did.

The three reasons for addiction are of The Lie:

Fear: the controlling influence and frustration of negative emotions and motivations.

Lust: the obsessive controlling motivation influencing to superficially feel good, meaning relieving the frustration of fear without doing the truthful good that would genuinely overcome the frustration and fear.

Selfishness: the manipulation of lust’s creating of doubt to justify wrong over what is right and create confusion. For example, my self trying to convince and confuse me – through many attempts to justify - that I actually wanted to smoke, when truthfully I did not. I did which ever feeling I doubted in the least.

The addiction is lustful selfishness. All fear produces frustration. Then attempting to relieve the frustration through lust by giving into selfishness, the outcome is imbalance, which when not overcome by The Truth will far outweigh the creation of unselfishness, meaning the consumption far outweighs the creating balance.

All frustration from The Lie creates stress. All stress when dealt with negatively, through avoidance of the truthful way to overcome it only increases negativity and never defuses. Perpetuation of this abuse leads to death.

Society tries to justify certain consumptions of The Lie while demonizing others, but anything can be abused and all things can be used to accomplish the avoidance of the frustration of The Lie, be it drugs, religion, hoarding riches, overeating, consumerism, even harboring negative emotions.

All selfishness is negative as its motivation is for self foremost. It is the most insincere.

Selfishness does not place The Truth first, but instead only when convenient. This leads to inconsistency in actions and motivations as it is of The Lie of whatever the whim - of the imagination of self - is at that moment.

Addiction is not a choice: to do what is The Truth.

Addiction is a choice in which you are believing in The Lie.

Even if you are believing that you do not have a choice, this is a choice, to continue believing, you do not have a choice.

However, since we are all born in addiction, after you have heard you have a choice, choosing to continue believing that you have no choice or doubting it, is to continue in the slavery of being a slave to your self. This is a choice to doubt in The Lie the least, over The Truth.

Do not believe anyone who tells you that you do not have a choice in how you think or act. Anyone who is attempting to convince you that you do not have a choice is trying to enslave you.


You must overcome the addiction to selfishness, otherwise you will move from one abuse of avoidance to another. For example, there are those who abused drugs to avoid the frustration of selfishness, but then they quit drugs because society said the addiction was the drugs. Then instead of abusing drugs, they’ll just have an abus iv e negative attitude, and/or switch to abusing something different such as religion, food, cigarettes or many other things. They remain addicted to selfishness and they remain frustrated. The problem wasn’t the drugs. Their addiction was to the motivation of selfishness. It was their attitude and motivation that was the abuse and addiction. The drugs were only the manifestation.

All selfishness produces frustration and how we avoid it is manifested in all abuse.

Addiction is a disease. Selfishness causes the abuse that leads to the death of self, the death of others and the death of the environment, consuming merely to consume.

For example, abusing drugs and alcohol is bad.

But the abuse of the rich and powerful has killed more people - through their indifference and by war over resources and land - throughout time, than all of the deaths caused by drugs and alcohol combined.

Their addiction to selfishness is their insatiable desire of lust for money, to horde more money than anyone can ever possibly use. This is all done to avoid the fulfillment of Loving others, while avoiding the frustration of fear caused by carrying out that which is selfish consumption for fake pleasure.

And this is what we find successful? We demonize drug abuse but glorify the rich in power.

This is addiction. The rich are addicted. Their obsession for money is like how an addict obsesses about drugs and it is done for the same reason. Greed is always done to avoid fear.

This selfishness is the disease that causes starving children to die, because one billionaire could feed all of the starving children for 1,000 years or more. They wouldn’t have to die.

Yet, we accept addiction to socially acceptable things as okay, but being addicted to other things is unacceptable? It’s all addiction; avoiding doing what is The Truth, then consuming the lust to avoid the pain by justifying selfishness.

Addiction is a disease. Children dying are just one of many causes that the scourge of the disease of selfishness’s justifications causes and enables.

Addiction is an absolutely preventable disease caused by not choosing Liberty.

Addiction is not a non-preventable disease as those with non-preventable diseases cannot choose whether or not they get the disease.

However, many physical diseases are caused by the addiction to selfishness, for example, choosing to accept getting cancer as you know the risks of smoking.

Addiction is The Lie. The Lie is

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