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I Will Fear No Evil

I Will Fear No Evil

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I Will Fear No Evil

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Nov 3, 2020


A Missionary Memoirs Rosa B. Brooks, Social worker, Ex-Police Sergeant, Missionary/Evangelist. Born Again Christian since 1971. Mother of one daughter, living in an Atlanta Suburb.
Your obedience to Christ is paramount to your faith. “Gal.1:10- For do I now persuade, men or God? or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ!
My call to Africa came from The Lord. While viewing the ruins of Jericho, the anointing of the Lord came upon me, and he said, “I want you to go to Africa.”
As time went on, God began to unveil his plan for my call to Africa. He wanted me to minister his Word, not only in Africa but in other countries, some I have yet to visit. The Lord said to study his Word intensely, and I would see his “Glory.” As an Independent Missionary, I traveled alone in 9 countries and lived in over 40 villages. I saw the wonder-working power of God and the salvation of many. I had encounters with all manner of evil, but the power of God within me prevailed. One person can make a difference, and one person can be the answer to someone else’s prayer, let that person be you!

Nov 3, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Rosa was born in Miami, FL in 1953, she lived with her parents and 5 siblings. They all graduated from Miami Northwestern Senior High School, Rosa graduated in 1971, she got an A.A. degree from Miami Dade Jr. College and continued study in Criminal Justice, at Barry University. She is the mother of 2 daughters, one is deceased. Her life took a positive turn when she had an out of body experience and subsequently gave my life to the Lord two years later, in 1971. God had prepared her for what was to come and the call on her life.Rosa was a social worker and a food stamps supervisor in the poverty-stricken communities of Liberty City. She became a Police Sergeant for the City of Miami Police Department, before being called by God to do Missionary work overseas in Africa and India. Rosa became an Independent Tour Coordinator in 1994, conducting African Tours in Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, and Egypt. She took groups touring and to invest in trade, land, and start church fellowships. She has had several newspaper articles on her tours and was a freelance writer for Africa-USA Magazine in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 1996 she was enstooled as a Queen-mother over a rural village in Eastern Ghana named Akorabo. Her enstooled name is “Nana Ayerko Korabo”. In 1998 she moved to a suburb of Atlanta, GA. Her Missionary work was in 9 countries including China for 8 years. Her feet have touched 32 countries around the world.She authored the book “All Kinfolks” in 2006, where she was tracing her roots and did a large study of 72 genealogies on African Americans in Southern Georgia, Virginia, The Carolinas, and Florida. Her call to Africa has led her to start “Servant of God Ministries”. She has lived in over 40 villages in Africa and India, preaching the Gospel. Her autobiography book "For Thou Art With Me" is a story of suffering, hardship, and tragedies, but God has brought her through it all!

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I Will Fear No Evil - Rosa B Brooks

I Will Fear No Evil

A Missionary Memoirs from

Africa & India

Rosa B Brooks

Copyright © 2020 by Rosa B Brooks, Author

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author. Whether graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system without the consent of the publisher." Because of the dynamic nature of the internet, any web address or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this book are solely those of the author. Some of the names has been changed, but the stories are non-fiction and did occur. All scripture quoted in this book is the King James Version (KJV) Bible.


Servant of God Ministries



Printed in USA by 48HrBooks (


I dedicate this Book to my daughter, Vickie,

And all Missionaries called by God

Table of Content

Table of Content


Chapter 1

The Trip That Changed My Life – 1993

Chapter 2

Trip to China – 1997

Chapter 3

My Purpose in Africa

Chapter 4

First Missionary Trip to Kenya – 2007

Chapter 5

Rural Towns in Kenya – 2008

Chapter 6

Tarime, Mwema, Tanzania – 2008

Chapter 7

The Congo Trip 2008

Chapter 8

Trip to India – 2009

Chapter 9

Trip to Uganda – 2009

Chapter 10

Kenya – 2010

Chapter 11

Changuage, Tanzania – 2010

Chapter 12

Trip to Uganda – 2010

Chapter 13

Kenya – 2011

Chapter 14

My Encounter With a Witch Doctor

Chapter 15

Kenya – 2012

Chapter 16

Tanzanian Churches 2012

Chapter 17

India Trip – 2012

Chapter 18

Trip to Zambia – 2013

Chapter 19

I Moved to Tanzania – 2015


I was watching the news and saw the horrible famine and starvation that was taking place in Africa in the '80s. It compelled me to donate to one of the charities that was trying to feed them. These horrific scenes stayed in mind, and I remembered them in prayer. I never knew God would ask me to go to Africa. I didn’t feel that there was anything I could do to make a difference. I didn't have any money or any support to help. In this book, you will read how my act of obedience to the Lord has made a difference in someone's life. Some have told me I was a sign from God or an answer to a prayer, the first foreigner, the first visitor, and even an angel. All these things seemed small to me, but they meant the world to others. It renewed their faith and hope in God.

When this trip to Israel came about, I didn’t know that I was walking toward my destiny. Having been baptized in the Jordan River, thereafter we went to Jericho, which was where the anointing of God flowed upon me. He said, I want you to go to Africa. Over 14 years later, God began to unveil his purpose for me concerning this call.

I stayed focused on the work God set before me, regardless of the devises of the devil that came up against me. I am sharing with you some of the things I went through in my obedience to God over my eight years of missionary work. There was no time for complaining about my discomforts or dislikes. God places you in a situation in which you have to endure hardness as a good soldier of the Lord (2 Tim: 2:3-4). The Lord reminded me of my beginnings. I was brought up in poverty, and through this experience, he prepared me for Call (read, For Thou Art with Me – My Autobiography). I considered it a joy to be used by the Lord. Paul said in 1 Thess: 5:12, to know them that labor among you.

I experienced God's glory and saw the miracles he did; they were straight from the pages of the Bible. We have limited him because of our unbelief. God is still working miracles today, no matter where you live. There is nothing too hard for God (Jer.32:27)! As you read what I experienced by trusting and believing the Lord, I hope it inspires you to do the same.

Chapter 1

The Trip That Changed My Life – 1993

It was June 1993. I took a trip to Israel, The Holyland Tour, and Rome with my church, The Apostolic Revival Center in Miami, FL. Bishop Gilbert and Geneva Smith sponsored this trip yearly, and I decided to go. They talked about it being the trip of a lifetime and said that every Christian should go on this trip. We walked where Jesus walked and saw a lot of things and places from the Bible: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Joppa, Bethsaida, Masada, the Dead Sea, the Wailing Wall, Haifa, Golgotha's Hill, the tomb where they laid Jesus, the Sea of Galilee, Vatican City (home of the Catholic Pope), the Roman Coliseum, and many other sites.

When we went to Jericho, I was in awe of how the remnants of Rahab the harlot's house were still standing over against the wall; it was the only structure left standing. Everything else had fallen, just as the Bible says (Jos:2:1-21, Jos.:6:22-25). As I was walking back to catch up with the group, a strong wave of heat flowed over me from head to foot, and I was crying. I just stood there, with no one else around me, and I heard the voice of Jesus say, I want you to go to Africa. I was still crying when I caught up with my pastor and told him what had just happened to me. He said, God is calling you to be a missionary. He also said, We will be praying and asking God where he wants you to go to in Africa. Africa is three times the size of America; I was so excited about getting started. Jesus did not say which country, so I started praying and seeking him about it. For the next few months, I met so many African people; I met some everywhere I went.

This call and desire for Africa was upon me since that time. As soon as I returned home from the trip, I put an ad in the newspaper, asking others to join me on a trip to Africa. One African woman, who was a seamstress, asked me why I don’t go to her country. I asked her, Why? She said there were a lot of cultural things to see, like the slave castles, the Ashanti, and the Cape Coast. Plus, they spoke English. I got interested because I love Black history.

So many people were interested in the trip. I was surprised at the number of calls I received: more than 125. As the deadline for the trip approached, most of the people had excuses for not going; only two ladies and I went. We enjoyed ourselves and traveled to three countries in Africa; it was so fulfilling for me. I went to Africa the next year, and later, I became a tour coordinator, doing yearly tours with people all over America. We toured Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, and Egypt; I did this for four and a half years. I was a Queen-mother over a village, and I started a church fellowship with an African pastor and a pastor in Florida. I conducted business in Africa and lost all my retirement earnings from my last job. I tried all kinds of business ventures, and none worked out. We tried to obtain precious minerals, precious stones, oil, other minerals, and commodities and had no success. I was asking God, Why is this happening to me when all I wanted to do was help Africa in some way? I started to get discouraged with the Africans and the way they conducted business – so many dishonest practices. To add insult to injury, I met false pastors who did not seem to fear God. I had to stay focused on the poor sheep they were over in obedience to God.

My First Message in Africa What Kind of Love Is This?

I had gone to Ghana alone to surprise the kids in my village. I wanted to give them a village party, so I brought cookies, candy, and instant drink mixes from America to surprise them. It would be a first for them. During the Sunday morning church service, the pastor announced that I would be preaching that night; he never asked me, and I was shocked because I was a behind-the-scenes type of person in my church. I was the newsletter editor, and I worked on other committees and programs: a shy person. I had never thought about preaching or talking in front of a crowd of people. When I got back to my room, I fell on my knees, asking the Lord, What am I going to say? Should I tell the pastor no, I can't do it? The Lord calmed me down and gave me this message: What kind of love is this? I felt the presence of God.

We were caught in a heavy traffic jam while traveling to church that night, and it caused us to run two hours late. I was nervous about this and thought all the people would have gone home. To my surprise, the church was filled with more than 300 people still there, waiting patiently. It was my first time ministering before an audience of people; to God be the glory. Several young men saw me a few years later and told me they still remembered that message and how it had blessed them. I received a letter from one of those young men, who was a musician. He shared a dream the Lord had given him for me; it spoke prophetically about this call on my life and said to study the scriptures because he would be using me to bring forth his Word. He said I would see the Glory of God. At this time, I could not believe that the Lord wanted to use me this way; I had no training and had not attended any Bible schools, but I started to study his Word intensively. As time went on, the Lord showed me ministering and others confirming it. The Lord dealt with me strongly as I studied his Word daily; he opened scripture to me and gave me an understanding I didn't have before. He took me to school (2 Tim: 2:15)!

Church Fellowship – 1996

I introduced this pastor to a missionary who came on the trip with me later that year; they formed a fellowship. The African pastor visited America for the first time and was taken to different places to preach. My pastor asked if we could have him come to minister at our church some 100 miles away. The hosting Bishop and his wife began to make excuses and would not allow him to go to our church. I was disturbed by this, but there was not much I could do. Finally, this African pastor asked if I would come there; he wanted to give me a gift and talk to me about something. I felt like something was wrong, so I drove there to see him. He had been sick, but in privacy; he told me how these people were forcing him to go to this church. He didn't want to take the boat ride there because he was fearful of getting on the boat. He wanted me to intercede for him without causing a problem. I prayed and the Lord directed me to do it in a way such that they would understand how he felt. They had continued their fellowships for a while, but it eventually stopped.

After some years, I went back to Ghana to conduct some business, and I contacted this pastor. During this time, I was not a missionary and I had stopped doing the tours. However, when I did a fellowship at his church, we gave offerings to them. We talked, and he wanted me to go on the radio with him; he said he would pick me up. He never did and started avoiding my calls. His staff made all kinds of excuses for him until I stopped pursuing him. It left me feeling it was all about the money!

Later, I found out that this pastor was a wolf in sheep's clothing; he had several women in the church he dated in front of his wife; the members knew about it and still sat under him. He had taken ill through witchcraft and could not get out of bed for three months. They told me he was in a zombified state. The doctors had no explanation for his illness, and as mysteriously as it came, it left. This information was told to me by his members, who wanted me to come to the church. I asked them, Why are you in this church under such a person? They grew silent. So many Christians sat under wolves, not knowing they were enabling the devil to destroy souls. Come out from amongst them, says the Lord! I had no more interactions with them. (2 Corinth.6:17)

A Witch Doctor Killed Their Son

Before my last visit to this pastor’s church, he asked me to come outside of the main church building to a smaller building they used for the children's church. They had other sick and demon-possessed people in need of prayer waiting there. He took me over to a lady who brought her six-year-old son, who lay there with a big, swollen stomach. He told me that the father had converted to voodoo under this witch doctor, who vowed he would kill both of their sons if their mother didn't renounce her Christianity. The mother came to the church after one of the sons was killed by this witch doctor. Now, having seen this swelling and movement in her son's stomach, she was desperate for help. We began to pray, and I laid hands on this child's stomach and this thing was moving up and down in it. We were rebuking the devil and calling on the Lord for the deliverance of the child. I noticed how quiet the pastor was; he prayed and quickly left, as if he was afraid. When he came back, he asked me to leave; he wanted to go home. I didn't want to leave because my heart went out to the mother and child. I encouraged the other Christians there to keep rebuking this spirit and to not be afraid because we have power over the devil. The Lord was merciful, the child was delivered and doing fine. The husband returned to the Lord. This pastor showed no concern for those poor people. All over Africa, I have seen many Christians say they are serving God, but many are still using witchcraft and other ancestral roots; instead of trusting the Lord.

Chapter 2

Trip to China – 1997

In 1997, I had the opportunity to go to China, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Macaw, and Mainland China. I was an international courier and was offered a trip to Hong Kong for nine days; the price was $200 roundtrip from New York to Kowloon. A 7 to 10 minute ferry ride would take you to Hong Kong from there. There was a storm in the Pacific Ocean; I felt at peace about it and took the trip anyway.

Because I was on a nine-day assignment, I had free time to do some touring and shopping. I did my homework and found a budget hotel called the Chung King Mansion, near to the airport in Kowloon. I called them and got information about the bus route to take from the airport to the hotel. About 17 hours later, we landed in Japan, stayed there close to two hours, and got to Kowloon four hours later. The landing was near the homes and apartments; it was an incredible view. I could see people sitting at their dinner tables, eating. Some were watching TV, and some were sleeping in their beds. We were so close, it seemed we would fly into their houses.

A global summit was held in Hong Kong. I was in the middle of all these expensive hotels. I couldn't rest because I was so excited.

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