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Steinwinter Conspiracy. The Conspiracy That Started over Three Letters on a Canopy

Steinwinter Conspiracy. The Conspiracy That Started over Three Letters on a Canopy

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Steinwinter Conspiracy. The Conspiracy That Started over Three Letters on a Canopy

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Oct 20, 2020


Steinwinter Conspiracy started over three letters on the end cap of a Canopy hanging on the side of a building. The story begins in the year 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee. I had gotten introduced to an experimental Semi Truck which back then was at its Prototype stage, and it was dubbed the Steinwinter 2040 by a Mr. Walter Charles, better known around town as (Shorty). The Prototype was the brainchild of a German Nationalist named Manfred Steinwinter living in Stuttgart, Germany. I had not a clue that I would eventually one day become entangled in a conspiracy that started in the State of North Carolina, and reached out to the State of Tennessee, and continued onto Stuttgart. During constructing the Prototype, Manfred Steinwinter had run out of funding and is, forced to go about looking for investors, which eventually led to him, Shorty, and me coming together. Never in the history of Cargo hauling had there been anything like the Prototype; it’s so revolutionary that it was a threat to all who built Cargo Carriers because it hauled more cargo than any other Truck, and it eliminated drivers. It looks more like a sleek train engine than a Truck. Only its scale and the familiar roar of its massive diesel engine hinted at its real purpose.

Oct 20, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Author Stax Pitman comes from Castellammare Del Golfo, Italy. Mr. Pitman travels the world in search of unusual stories. Like 'Steinwinter Conspiracy,' the development of a Prototype Semi-Truck named the Steinwinter 2040; to date, nothing like 2040 has come along over one hundred years. The greed of man, coupled with a corrupt legal system, had caused its demise. 'Rocky Stallone' lived his life as many ah Celebrity that his peers thought of him to be and got away with it. 'A Mirrored Image' is the story that brings the reader awareness that has until now remained a secret or conspiracy theories to how the United States of America Incorporated Government operates the Sovereign United States of America. 'Hidden Secrets Revisited' is a Numerology book, i.e., a book that teaches people how to find their secrets hidden within them that they never realized. Like their present, past, future, personality traits, self-awareness, and many hidden secrets you never knew you have.

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Steinwinter Conspiracy. The Conspiracy That Started over Three Letters on a Canopy - Stax Pitman


The Conspiracy that started over three letters on a Canopy


Stax Pitman

Steinwinter Conspiracy and who the story is about will remain Anonymous; however, the travesty of justice that prevailed over allegations of a crime that never took place is essential here and must be, told.

Steinwinter Conspiracy is about the Steinwinter 2040 Truck, from its beginnings to its tragic demise, should not have come about; however, as a result of man's greed to possess what is not his starts a conspiracy that becomes entangled in legal battles of fabrications and lies starting in Nashville, Tennessee’s Chancery Court, and ultimately ends in a Middle District of Tennessee, at Davidson County Federal Court.

What follows is not a story of gossip, fiction, hearsay, or Conspiracy theories. However, be assured the following read is, based on actual events.

Publisher: Vatore&Harper Ltd

Author: Stax Pitman

Title: Steinwinter Conspiracy © 2018

Rewrite © 2021



Without limiting the rights, under copyright reserved, under no part of this publication, may it be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior written permission of both, the copyright owner, and the publisher of The Steinwinter Conspiracy. The storyline of this book, in its entirety, is fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons otherwise not in the story, living or dead, is purely coincidental, as are some names of places. Upon purchasing, Steinwinter Conspiracy, you, the buyer at this moment, forever release discharge, acquit and forgive the publisher and the author from all claims, actions, suits, demands, agreements, and each of them if more than one, liabilities, judgments, and proceedings both at law and in equity arising from the beginning of time to the end of time. Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for what any individual chooses to do with the written words. The release is all binding upon Steinwinter Conspiracy's purchase and ensures the parties' benefit, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be, reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher or the book's author. The author retains sole copyright to his contributions to this book.

Steinwinter Conspiracy


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Chapter 2

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Chapter 13

The Take Down

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The Kangaroo Court Begins

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The Receivership

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Steinwinter Conspiracy


Walter Charles, better known around town as Shorty, in May of 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee, introduced me to an experimental Semi Truck prototype dubbed the Steinwinter 2040 named after its German creator, a Manfred Steinwinter, living in Stuttgart. Only if I could have known at that May afternoon meeting that my future had just gotten engraved in something yet known as the 'Steinwinter Conspiracy,' would I had ever gotten myself involved?

The presentation given by Mr. Charles was that Mr. Steinwinter while assembling his prototype, runs short of funds and is forced to go about looking for investors, which eventually leads to a connection to Shorty, and that leads to us coming together.

Just looking through the three-fold color brochure Shorty had presented, what I saw was a cargo hauler like no other I had seen before. It was so revolutionary that even I could realize it will be a threat to all others who built cargo carriers. The Steinwinter 2040 can haul more cargo than any other tractor and trailer. It looked more like a sleek Train than a Truck.

The Prototype was only four feet tall and riding only 24" inches above the road; the driver and passengers travel in sports-car luxury. Its full Cab could accommodate two or three bucket seats and a nonconventional sleeper. On the street, it rose to be a total of six feet from ground clearance on its air-ride suspension; this feature made its trailer to couple easier by allowing the tractor to back under its trailer or Container chassis and then rise. A driver also had the option of adjusting the suspension to accommodate changing road conditions.

The tractor measuring just over 21' feet long and eight feet wide, the standard model, with its custom-designed trailer, run on a 29.5' foot wheelbase. In its standard configuration, it acted like a tractor with a heavy-duty trailer. It could carry a 20' foot unit piggyback and tow another longer unit and other uses, a cab-over, a tour bus, a mobile hospital, or a high-speed racer. The tractor could have up to five live axles powered by the standard diesel engines from 130 to 700 horsepower and could use any commercially available engine. The motor was located behind the sleeper and in front of the rear axle.

The mechanical parts of the tractor were standard for the trucking industry. Because 20' foot of the trailer is, carried over the tractor, it can haul a 60' foot trailer. Having much of the weight above the tractor is safer. It gives the driver both better control and protection from a loose load that might come through the back of the Cab. The 60' foot trailer is an integral part of the tractor-trailer unit. It had three axles and steered in conjunction with its tractor. The trailer's design allowed multiple brokerages, loading from the back, sides, and even the front.

Steinwinter Conspiracy

Chapter 1

Let's back up to the beginning. It was a grave day for me when Shorty came walking into my office on Seventeenth Avenue in Nashville, especially since his reputation had already preceded his entrance. It was no secret from the people who already knew him knew living deep within his soul resided the Devil himself. His demeanor lent itself towards being one of the lowest, rotten, cheating, lying, and despicable individuals living upon the planet.

One evening, I met him a few years before when he knocked on a motel room door where I was visiting at the Shoney's Inn on Demonbreun Street. In those days, I lived in Dallas, Texas, where I had an artist management and development company. Usually, when I wanted to record an Artist's demo, I preferred to use one of the many recording studios in Nashville.

How I wound up at Shoney's Inn the night I met Shorty was the result of an Artist, and I flew into Music City, where we took a limo to the Inn, where after checking-in, I headed for my room to get a short nap. Upon awakening, I prepared for the upcoming evening and left my room with my destination being my Artist's room.

My chosen path that night to get there happened to pass by the swimming pool, and they're sitting in a chaise lounge; I notice this person. He and I nodded to one another as I continued by. Upon reaching my destination, I knock on the room door, and my Artist answers. No sooner had I closed the door behind me when I hear a loud knock upon the same entry. When I turned and opened it, to my surprise, standing there is the same person I had just seen at the pool. I stood there for a moment without saying a word and finally spoke,

Yes, what is it I can I do for you?

I am looking at a Comedian/Actor's mirror image known as Martin Short, which alone got my attention.

The man replies.

Sir, hello, let me introduce myself; my name is Walter Charles. However, everybody calls me Shorty; could I have a moment of your time, Sir?

Why I did not brush him off and close has always been a mystery? It was most likely because I was more curious about why a person looking like Martin Short wanted a moment, so I let the conversation continue. Shorty is looking for a job and is hoping I might give him one. It seems one of the town's losers that were plentiful had seen me checking into the Inn, and that person told Shorty. However, our first conversation did not reward his employment.

Several months later, we again ran into one another. By then, I had moved from Dallas and opened offices on Seventeenth Avenue in the Music Row area, known as in the recording industry. One afternoon, I looked up from my desk and saw Shorty walking through the door; he carried what looked like a brochure in his hand.

Well, what do I have the honor of your presents, Shorty, isn't it?

Yea, that's right, Shorty, I have come across an opportunity that might interest you. Here look at this brochure?"

He hands me the brochure and on the front cover is a full-color depiction of the most unusual semi-truck titled the Steinwinter 2040. Looking at the pictures, I saw a semi-truck so revolutionary with aerodynamics that it made it looked as if it could virtually rid itself of any wind resistance. I knew right off that alone would improve on fuel consumption, something fundamental to the trucking industry. If real, it is a carrier that could handle unlimited cargo and weight and came assembled to any length. I've never known or seen any other semi-truck in the history that could transport cargo that could ever claim such feats; its technology exceeded all other means of carrying cargo loads worldwide. Without a doubt, the brochure got my attention, and I asked Shorty to tell me all he knew about the Semi.

Shorty, The Creator of the Semi truck, is Manfred Steinwinter over in Stuttgart, Germany. He has managed to assemble a couple of prototypes before running out of funds. With the idea of bringing the Semi into production, he needs further capital. His first investor, as I understand it, he was partnered with Mercedes Benz. I do not know what happened between them, but there was some disagreement after the prototypes-finished and Mercedes pulled out. Since then, Steinwinter has been unable to borrow money from the Banks in Germany.

While Shorty is telling his story, I am thinking?

Should this Semi be the real deal, it would be a perfect asset for a public traded Corporation I was President in Utah.

Shorty continued. How I happened to have gotten involved with this Semi; some months ago, I am in the Cookery; you know the restaurant over on West End? I am sitting up at the food counter when this guy comes up and sits right next to me, and he lays a brochure down on the bar top. I glanced over, and what caught my eye is the picture on it. It turned out to be this Semi. Well, I am now curious, and I started up a conversation with the guy. He said his name was Lenny Dorchman, and the Semi on the cover he referred to it as the Steinwinter 2040, an experimental Prototype built in Stuttgart, Germany, by this Steinwinter. This Dorchman fellow is a sales representative for Steinwinter International of Zürich, Switzerland, who owns the Prototype's rights and is trying to attract new investors. He mentioned the Tennessee Department of Economics had once traveled to Stuttgart to view the Semi, which brings him to town. He was not with Steinwinter when Economics came over. He had a meeting set with the Tennessee Department of Economics to determine what interest they might have had concerning the Semi. However, I have no understanding of what gotten revealed? Before we parted ways, he said to me that he would give me a finder's fee? I thought of you.

Hearing what Shorty had to say only whet my appetite that much more, and I wanted to learn more about this unusual attraction, and I have Shorty call this Dorchman. Using the phone number supplied to Shorty by Dorchman, he makes an effort to contact the man only to get a Herr Rudolphi in Berlin. He informs him Dorchman is no longer with Steinwinter International; however, could he be of some assistance? In their brief conversation, Shorty learned the Corporation is indeed still looking for funding. When he asked what Herr Rudolphi could tell him about Steinwinter, he said,

Herr Manfred Steinwinter is an inventor of many things automotive. He worked for most of his life as an engineer at Mercedes Benz. He's a man of six feet and forty pounds overweight at two hundred and fifty-two pounds, a jolly face man of forty-eight with advanced receding hair that he keeps cut moderately. He is German-born in 1944, around the time World War II is winding down. He has a thing about Americans. Growing up, he first heard of Americans as the people who, for no reason, had attacked his homeland. As a child, to his way of thinking, all Americans were warmongers. He was a teenager before learning all about Hitler. At that age, his embarrassment for being a German causes him to gain a fear; should he ever go to America, the people there were sure to kill him for being German. Therefore, he vowed never to go.

Days after that phone call, my curiosity is still getting the best of me with the thought of Steinwinter International needing capital; as stated by Herr Rudolphi, I felt I might have the answer, and I now had to talk with Herr Steinwinter. I contacted Shorty to ask him to stop by my office. When he showed up, I asked him to make a phone call to Herr Rudolphi and request the phone number of Herr Steinwinter.

The Steinwinter Conversation,

Herr Steinwinter, "Several years earlier, I had been in the employ of Mercedes as one of their chief designers. While there, I got an idea for a particular type of cargo transporter. I brought my opinion to my employer, and they liked it; however, it is not something they wanted to do in-house. Therefore, the project is built-in total secrecy, and to do this, I am to quit working for Mercedes. With their financing and furnishing me with a warehouse, I started to construct what is now called the Steinwinter 2040 Prototype. Mercedes and I had a five-year agreement whereby they would solely finance the project. We would share in the profits, with Mercedes receiving sixty percent and I receiving forty.

I built four Prototypes, and after trial and error with the first three, I finally had a master, and now I turned my attention to building the extended 60 foot Trailer, which is where my problems began. The Trailer's front axle must turn in conjunction with the front axle of the Tractor. Everything I tried failed until my five-year agreement had ended. Mercedes refused to continue financing any further research, no matter how much I pleaded. I felt I am close. Nevertheless, Mercedes pulled out. I really could not blame them because, without the Trailer axel not turning, the Prototype was not any better than any other Trailer.

After the findings were, pulled, I went to the Government for a grant. That gave me two more years of research. Then for giving up a percentage of the project, I can acquire more needed capital from Bus manufacture, and finally came a time when I solved the Trailer problem. However, part suppliers have trouble getting supplies to assemble the Prototypes, which is a big problem.

When it is time to test-drive the Truck and Trailer prototypes, I had to drive them right past the front of Mercedes' main office building. No sooner had I returned to the warehouse did the Mercedes CEO come running over, offering me the same deal as we had years earlier.

Because of "General and German Pride', with Mercedes pulling funding years before, I would have

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