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The Connoisseurs Cookbook: 40 Savory Nutella Recipes for Die Hard Nutella Lovers

The Connoisseurs Cookbook: 40 Savory Nutella Recipes for Die Hard Nutella Lovers

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The Connoisseurs Cookbook: 40 Savory Nutella Recipes for Die Hard Nutella Lovers

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Oct 9, 2020


Even though it's the world’s favorite spread in its own right, you can also incorporate Nutella into a variety of other dishes.

Blend this sweet spread with a spicy or savory kick with our 40 recipes for die-hard Nutella fans.

We have spicy soups, stews, and savory sandwiches:-

• Nutty Bacon and Cheese Beef Burgers with Caramelized Onions
• Slow Cooker Black Bean Chilli with Nutella
• Chicken Wings in Spicy Nutella Sauce
• Brie, Nutella, and Basil Panini
• Smoky Butternut Squash and Cacao Soup

Feel the heat with our spicy cookies and cupcakes:-

• Paprika and Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies
• Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Chili Chocolate Ganache & Chili Cream Cheese Frosting

If you are nutz about Nutella celebrate World Nutella Day on February 5th by creating our 40 sweet n’ savory recipes.

Oct 9, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Martha is a chef and a cookbook author. She has had a love of all things culinary since she was old enough to help in the kitchen, and hasn’t wanted to leave the kitchen since. She was born and raised in Illinois, and grew up on a farm, where she acquired her love for fresh, delicious foods. She learned many of her culinary abilities from her mother; most importantly, the need to cook with fresh, homegrown ingredients if at all possible, and how to create an amazing recipe that everyone wants. This gave her the perfect way to share her skill with the world; writing cookbooks to spread the message that fresh, healthy food really can, and does, taste delicious. Now that she is a mother, it is more important than ever to make sure that healthy food is available to the next generation. She hopes to become a household name in cookbooks for her delicious recipes, and healthy outlook.Martha is now living in California with her high school sweetheart, and now husband, John, as well as their infant daughter Isabel, and two dogs; Daisy and Sandy. She is a stay at home mom, who is very much looking forward to expanding their family in the next few years to give their daughter some siblings. She enjoys cooking with, and for, her family and friends, and is waiting impatiently for the day she can start cooking with her daughter.

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The Connoisseurs Cookbook - Martha Stephenson



Nutella has come a long way since its introduction in 1964 by Pietro Ferrero but just how good is your nutty knowledge when it comes to the world’s most popular spread?

Did you know?

World Nutella Day takes place on February 5th every year

The Poste Italiane issued a Nutella commemorative stamp on May 14th, 2014

Every 2.5 seconds someone buys a jar of Nutella

Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero’s net worth is just under $24 billion

There are some 5 million Instagram posts with #Nutella

Every day around 1.35 million pounds of the spread is produced

The Ferrero Group use virtually ¼ of the world’s hazelnuts

Nutella was once free for Italian children, due to its bring your own bread policy whereby bambini could take their slice of bread to the market and get a complimentary smear of Nutella

In 2015 a French judge gave a ruling preventing a couple calling their baby daughter Nutella, on the ground that it would make the child open to derision

African Chicken Nutella Stew

An African inspired chunky chicken and veggie stew flavored with curry and hazelnut.

Portions: 4

Prep Time: 10mins

Cooking Time: 1hour

Total Time: 1hour 10mins


1 tbsp. butter

1 tbsp. olive oil

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts

2 garlic cloves (peeled, chopped)

½ onion (peeled, cut into thin wedges)

4 large potatoes (chopped)

2 carrots (chopped)

10 ounces chicken stock

5 ounces water

1 tbsp. curry

1 tomato (seeded, diced)

½ cup Nutella

Fresh cilantro (chopped)

2 tbsp. plain flour

2 tbsp. water


1. In a large pan, heat the butter and olive oil over moderate heat. Add the chicken breasts and cook until lightly brown. Add the garlic, followed by the onion, and fry until softened.

2. Add the potatoes, carrots, followed by the chicken stock, water, curry, tomato, Nutella, and cilantro.

3. Simmer for half an hour or until the veggies are fork tender.

4. Combine the flour with the water and stir to incorporate.

5. Increase the heat under the pan and add the flour-water mixture, this will help to thicken the stew.

6. Cook until sufficiently thickened and serve with crusty bread.

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Bacon & Nutella Soufflé

Crumbled bacon inside a soft soufflé is a winning combination of texture and flavor.

Portions: 2

Prep Time: 15mins

Cooking Time: 15mins

Total Time: 30mins


1 tsp butter (softened)

½ tsp sugar

1 cup Nutella

¼ cup heavy cream

1 medium egg yolk

½ tsp vanilla essence

Pinch salt

3 medium egg whites

1 tbsp. sugar

6 strips bacon (cooked, crumbled)


1. Preheat the main oven to 425 degrees F. Lightly grease 2 (6 ounce) ramekins with softened

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