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50 Vegan Salads

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50 Vegan Salads

Lunghezza: 147 pagine31 minuti


Quick, easy, and healthy, with a touch of style and famous salads from world cuisine. This book has both regular and ultra-detox recipes.

Join the fun!

This book is all about abundance: fruit salads, Greek salad, tabouli, coleslaw and even some sprouting. It’s a great way to have a large, delicious meal or side dish, full of healthy nutrients and ready in minutes.

50 recipes for a crunchy adventure. It’s a whole new way of cooking!

“It’s always great to share food with the people we love, and Raw Munchies book series is all about making something special to have together. It could be an exotic smoothie, a healthy spaghetti, or a portobello mushroom steak. It’s been my greatest challenge and joy to create this book series and open up to this new art: to bring popular and gourmet recipes from around the world to the raw vegan table.” Reut Barak

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