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Healthy Restaurant Style Recipes

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Healthy Restaurant Style Recipes

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This cookbook contains healthy and delicious restaurant style recipes. Here is a sample recipe from the cookbook:


Tips to make healthy Creamy Lasagna


Classic Creamy Lasagna is made in rich way with vegetables fried in butter and ricotta cheese. The sight of appetizing lasagna dripping with cheese and meats is enough to make most people salivate but its high fat content makes health conscious lasagna lovers cut this off from their menu. Here is a healthy alternative to your favorite dish that can give you the same flavor and taste without the added calories and fat.




Replace layers of unhealthy cheese with cherry tomatoes, baby corn and other vegetables between the pasta layers.


Instead of red sauce make white sauce with combination of fat free vegetable broth, egg and a tablespoon of cream for a creamy texture.


Keep the sodium content low in the recipe by minimal use of salt in the preparation.

Use Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese which will give you the rich flavor of cheese with little quantity. Sprinkle this between lasagna layers to support the fontina that can be used to retain original crunchy – cheesy taste.


Preparation tips


In most hotel recipes vegetables are fried for taste and flavor with high content of salt which makes you eat more.


When you make lasagna at home grill your vegetables with small amount of oil and add a small pinch of salt along with pepper to get the required taste.

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