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Wabi Sabi: The Aesthetics of Imperfection, Impermanence and Incompleteness

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Wabi Sabi: The Aesthetics of Imperfection, Impermanence and Incompleteness

Lunghezza: 137 pagine1 ora


You Are About To Learn How To Get In Touch With Wabi-Sabi, The Japanese Secret Philosophy, To Change Your Outlook Towards Life, For Good!


A cracked pot is smeared with gold dusted lacquer to show the beauty of its age and damage instead of hiding it…


The cracks in an old teacup are seen as assets, not flaws…


These are just two examples representing the reflective Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, which is the art of finding beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.


You know very well how the western world is obsessed with perfection- no wonder we're generally never contented, never settled, and by and large, never happy.


Wabi-sabi gives us a different kind of view, a totally different form of mindset from our material-based lifestyles. It shows us how to appreciate all that is simple, modest and imperfect. It also demonstrates to us the true meaning of authenticity.


There are many ways of viewing and understanding this concept, just as there are to adopting it, and chances are, you've been desiring to learn more about Wabi Sabi, and even apply it in your life.  If that's the case, you're in good hands.


This book is here to take you through on a journey of discovery to have a deeper insight into this treasured concept right from the basics to its application in different contexts such as love, programming, photography, ceramics, art and poetry.


So if questions like…

How do you develop the mindset to see beauty in imperfection?

How can you adopt Wabi-Sabi in different parts of your life?

What sort of benefits can you expect from Wabi Sabi?

And many others are going through your mind, this is your book so keep reading!


More precisely, here's what you'll learn:

The basics of Wabi-Sabi, including what it is, what it entails, how it works, how it came about and how it has evolved over the years The ins and outs of Wabi-Sabi, the art of imperfection The place of Wabi-Sabi in our modern life Culture of Wabi-Sabi during the past and today Wabi-Sabi as an art in transition How to incorporate Wabi-Sabi in art, poetry, ceramics, design, floral arrangements, the environment, agile programming, resilience, photography, love and in other facets of your life Physical and metaphysical properties of Wabi-Sabi The universal spirit of Wabi-Sabi

…And so much more!


Even if you've never heard about Wabi-Sabi before, this book's beginner friendly approach will enable you to understand it inside out and be able to apply it in your everyday life.


So whether you're here to learn about Wabi-Sabi and take delight in the knowledge, or you want to change your attitude towards life and find happiness, this book is here for you.


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