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Easy Spicy Recipes

Easy Spicy Recipes

Easy Spicy Recipes

Nov 30, 2020


Fish is one of the easiest and fastest protein to cook. It can be curried, boiled, steamed, fried,  baked, or grilled in 10 minutes or less. This book contains about 45 natural, healthy, and spicy fish recipes with ideas and tips to try another 45 different variations.

You will like this book if:
•You like fish
•You do not like to spend too much time in the kitchen
•You like spicy food - for their health benefits or you simply like spicy food
•You do not like elaborate and prescriptive recipes but like to experiment in the kitchen

Some of the recipes included are:
•    Fish Fry
•    Baked Fish in Yogurt Sauce 
•    Tandoori Salmon
•    15 Minute Spicy Fish Fr
•    Spicy Fish in Banana Leaf
•    Spicy Grilled Fish 
•    10 Minute Salmon Curry 
•    Salmon with Green Mango 
•    Spicy Pickled 
•    Recipes using Canned Fish
•    Goan Fish Curry 
•    Fish Makhani
•    Fish in Yogurt Sauce
•    Chettinadu Fish Curry
•    Malabar Fish Curry
•    Coconut Milk Fish Curry
•    Kerala Fish Curry
•    Mangalore Fish Curry
•    Turmeric Fish 
•    Seafood Paella
•    Spicy Korean Fish Stew
•    Spicy Mediterranean Shakshuka Fish 
•    Spicy Fish with Kimchi
•    Fish in Creamy Cajun Sauce
•    Sweet and Spicy Brazilian Fish Stew
•    Instant Pot Spicy Spanish Seafood Stew
•    Spicy Herb Baked Fish
•    Spicy Mediterranean Baked Fish
•    Sri Lankan Fish Curry
•    Spicy Salmon with Coconut Sauce
•    Easy Thai Red Curry with Fish
•    Spicy Louisiana Fish Fry
•    Spicy Grilled Fish in Coconut Sauce (Samaki Wa Kupaka) 

Recipes in this book are not a collection of authentic dishes, but a spicy version of fish recipes that are easy to make and 100% healthy and flavorful. Ingredients used are mostly natural without any preserved or processed foods. 

Nov 30, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Joseph Veebe is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Veebe believes many modern sickness and health conditions are due to unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle. His books are a result of his research into healthy living and his experiments in the kitchen where he loves to cook healthy food with fresh ingredients for his family.  Veebe understands that most people do not have enough time in their busy days for elaborate home cooking. So it is essential to simplify the cooking process. His recipes follow an 80-20 rule. 80% of authentic taste and flavor with 20% effort and time compared to elaborate or authentic recipes. All his recipes use fresh ingredients. He avoids processed foods like a plague and believes processed foods have too many harmful chemicals that are not good for long term consumption. Most people do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen to cook up elaborate and prescriptive recipes. Veebe hopes that his recipes will save time & money, help people make healthy choices, and inspire them to experiment while preparing healthy, natural, and delicious food for the family. Almost all of Veebe's recipes use natural ingredients such as superfoods, spices, and herbs that are proven to have many health benefits. Veebe's recipes are meant for everyday cooking. He started writing these books as healthy living notes and recipes to benefit his daughters someday. Veebe hopes others find these books helpful as well. Visit for more information.

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