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Mind Over Bladder: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Continence

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Mind Over Bladder: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Continence

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Mind Over Bladder is a trusted and informative guidebook for bladder control, written with respect and humor by a nationally known urogynecologist, revised and expanded for the 21st century woman.

Urinary Incontinence plagues millions of women worldwide, vastly more women than men. The reasons for this are many, including we have children, go through menopause and our anatomy is pretty different. Since these issues affect approximately 30-40% or greater of all women, can include issues with prolapsing organs (bladder, uterus, rectum) and can limit a woman’s freedom and ability to live a full and active life, an actual guidebook seemed not only necessary but overdue. Mind Over Bladder answers this need.

Informative, respectful and written with humor by a leading urogynecologist, Mind Over Bladder asks and answers the question of “What is incontinence and what can I do about it?”. This unique approach begins at the beginning takes women through basic bladder and pelvic plumbing to getting a diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan. Mind Over Bladder arms women with information and practical solutions to help lead better, drier and happier lives.

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