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Yoga For Beginners: Power Yoga: With The Convenience of Doing Power Yoga at Home!!

Yoga For Beginners: Power Yoga: With The Convenience of Doing Power Yoga at Home!!

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Yoga For Beginners: Power Yoga: With The Convenience of Doing Power Yoga at Home!!

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Aug 28, 2020


Do you want to enhance stamina, flexibility, posture, and mental focus? Are you overweight and want to shed fat? Do you want to build muscles? Do you wish to get rid of stress and anxiety and want mental peace? Is your immune system weak? If so, then Power Yoga is what you need.

Yoga origin can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago, but some researchers believe that yoga may be up to 10,000 years old. The word 'Yoga' first appeared in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda, and is derived from the Sanskrit root "Yuj" which means to unite.

According to the Yoga Scriptures, the practice of yoga leads an individual to a union of consciousness with that of universal consciousness. It eventually leads to a great harmony between the human mind and body, man, and nature.

There are 10 primary types of Yoga. So if you're trying to figure out which of the different types of Yoga is best for you, remember that there's no one right or wrong. You can ask yourself what's important to you in your Yoga practice: Are you searching for a sweaty, intense practice, or are you searching for a more meditative, gentler practice that looks more appealing?

Like you choose any sort of exercise, choose something you want to do.

I've made a complete series on all 10 types of yoga. This is Power Yoga; others are also available!

Power Yoga is popular and athletic; it’s the very essence of modern yoga. It's worth knowing Power Yoga, but even though it's one of the most popular types of yoga in the United States, it can be challenging to identify, because it is known by several names. Other names of Power Yoga are: Power Vinyasa Yoga, Power Flow, Hot Power Yoga, and Baptiste Power Yoga.

This Power Yoga guide will get your metabolism going, your body sweating, and your heart rate tone up; it’ll help you develop muscle mass and make you feel amazing.

This Power Yoga flow allows anyone to reap the benefits of it. It allows you to be relieved of any stress and connect you to the present moment. It will stimulate the core, arms, thighs, stretch chest, shoulders, hamstring, hips, and quads so that the entire body is activated and energized.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

✔️Science Behind Power Yoga
✔️Who Can Perform It
✔️Things You Need to Know Before Starting (What to wear, essentials, and the appropriate atmosphere)
✔️Power Yoga Poses
✔️Best Practices to Avoid Injury
✔️Beginner's Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them
✔️Common Myths and FAQs

This Power Yoga sequence provides a full-body experience to bind you with your soul, lose calories, and work it out. This yoga flow will strengthen and tone your body by various muscle toning yoga postures. It might be the yoga version of "Cardio Workout" without the crazy fitness madness; and that too with the convenience of doing Power Yoga at home.

Yes, this yoga practice confirms that a workout for results doesn’t have to be in a gym or studio—at-home workouts are effective and appropriate. It's for anyone tired of gym workouts or the busyness of yoga studios. It’s for those who want the convenience of doing yoga in his/her living room but still reap significant benefits.

So, are you interested in learning all about how Power Yoga can benefit you? This is a comprehensive guide to take a closer look at what this yoga style can do for you and how you can master it for your overall well-being.

Covering the fundamentals of each pose in exact detail, including how to correct the most common mistakes, as well as changes to almost all body types, this Power Yoga guide has left nothing to help you make daily breakthroughs.

Now don't bother, claim your copy right away!!

Aug 28, 2020

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India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, spanning a period of over 4000 years, and witnessing the fusion of several customs and traditions, which reflect the rich culture and heritage of the Country.Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system of the Indian subcontinent. It is said to have originated in India about 5000 years back...The world is far more advanced than us. However, with this advancement, they have brought many mishaps upon themselves as well. Today, we are dealing with so many things that affect our health adversely. Be it mobile phones, or massive industries.There is an urgent need for a medical practice that heals the body while keeps the other body parts undisturbed, which aims at bettering the human lifestyle, soothes the mind, and calms the soul.And that is why Ayurveda and Spiritual practices are mostly adopted by the western world. Westerners are increasingly adopting this ancient system and trying to learn the ways to be happy and fulfilled.Rohit Sahu is a known Indian Ayurveda and Spirituality author. He has been writing on the subject for over 7 years.Rohit loves to read and writes self-help books related to Ayurveda and Spirituality. He takes a whole different approach and solves an issue at a time. His books are based on ancient Indian culture which one can seek to be content, happy, and healthy in all aspects of well-being (Mind, Body, and Soul).

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Yoga For Beginners - Rohit Sahu


Science Behind Power Yoga

Power Yoga was derived from Ashtanga yoga for those who could not get hold of Ashtanga yoga. A simpler version of Ashtanga, Power Yoga was introduced by western practitioners to make it simpler for their students to learn.

Another way to explain Power Yoga is that it's a multi-disciplinary style of yoga. Through that, we say that it incorporates various forms and disciplines, both of which essentially seeks to offer greater flexibility, increased strength by training, and aerobic activity to those who perform it.

Since Power Yoga incorporates many forms and techniques, which usually include three distinct schemes, you can say that the advantages of performing Power Yoga are a lot more than just one particular yogic style. The fast-paced flow of movement in Power Yoga means that it's an excellent way to stay healthy, and you get the physical advantages of yoga, such as strength, flexibility, stamina, etc.

Power Yoga’s Influence on Body

Medical professionals accept that Power Yoga provides a range of fantastic physical benefits. Tests have demonstrated that it can reduce severe discomfort, lower blood pressure, and also help cure diseases like arthritis. Also, if you're in fairly decent health, you can always benefit from this type of yoga practice. This makes you more flexible, increases your strength and muscle tone, and enhances your overall circulatory well-being. It's an easy and incredible method that you can use to keep your body healthy.

Power Yoga has been popular in the West as it suited those who were interested in practicing yoga, but preferred to be more fit by focusing on the physical aspects. Power Yoga involves doing yoga poses in rapid succession, while not actually pursuing any fixed sequence of stretches and poses generally described with Ashtanga yoga.

While Ashtanga yoga requires synchronizing the breath together with a series of postures, Power Yoga deals with the same, but with fewer complex techniques. Ashtanga yoga is intended to detoxify tissues and organs by generating heat in the body. The consequence is better circulation, a healthy body, and a relaxed mind. There are, however, a lot of variations in Power Yoga.

Power Yoga works because it's intense and energetic enough to give you the physical effects you like, just without the usual sense of fatigue after a long workout session. It is because, as physically challenging Power Yoga may be, it also includes the spiritual and/or meditative aspects of Indian culture. In other words, Power Yoga helps you to work both physically and mentally.

Cardio exercises typically involve treadmills, jogs, walks, and cardiovascular activities. They can also burn twice as much calories as Power Yoga, but these cardio workouts are not meant to tone our bodies. Power Yoga, on the other hand, aims at flexibility, toning, stronger core, and helps to streamline the body.

Power Yoga is not only intended to burn calories but also to increase the lean muscle mass, which contributes to a boost in metabolism. It will help give you achieve a sustainable weight loss.

Power Yoga’s Influence on Mind

As we know, exercise is essential to the stress management cycle. Without that, we’re missing the opportunity to release tension and pent up energy. For this aspect, Power Yoga is a perfect escape, as it helps you to relieve both physical and mental tension. Power Yoga challenging poses performed in fast succession push the body and cardiovascular system, offering a release of physical strength that helps our bodies to feel rejuvenated. Around the same time, the focus in yoga on breathing and mental endurance allows the mind the ability to de-stress.

Just one Power Yoga session is enough to reduce your tension to a certain degree. An engaged activity would be much more effective. As busy individuals, we prefer to deprioritize physical fitness in order to achieve more, which in turn should reduce our stress levels.

Power Yoga teaches strength, compassion, and inner strength. This may be an effective strategy when it comes to coping with mental problems and inner doubts. I always feel that it allows me to be calm and to recognize the bigger picture of life.

Power Yoga incorporates meditation gradually and gently, offering a practical activity that yogis can make as they wish. Some will simply obey the instructions of teachers and reap tremendous results, others will hold on to practice and devote themselves to calming their minds, but in either case, there is a tremendous amount of healing to be achieved through

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