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Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery, #1

Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery, #1

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Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery, #1

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Aug 20, 2020


To become more attractive, arouse more consensus and emotions
without resorting to invasive surgical methods that are often counterproductive. The Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery is an innovative holistic approach to Aesthetic Surgery,  his new paradigms are based on the expressiveness and harmony of the face.
Function and form integrate and complement each other.
Reasoning by sectors and modules or causing huge scars is an approach that belongs to the past.

Aug 20, 2020

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Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery - Arnaldo Rizzo


For Monica, Giulia, Amedeo and Leonardo, sources of strength and inspiration.



Introduction      page  4

1 No to the supermarket of aesthetic.      page  6

2 The holistic beauty.      page   20

3 For every action there is a reaction.     page   29

4 Well begun is half done.      page   35

5 It’s there but you can’t see it.     page   40

6 Beauty is harmony and harmony is beauty.     page  46



One of the purposes of this book is to give answers to some questions that are frequently asked by people who want to improve their appearance, but are afraid of what they see around and on television. 

Every day we see well-known public television people, of cinema, of journalism and politics, but also people from the street, who have faces that are clearly retouched by Aesthetic Surgeries and are often disturbing, deformed, unnatural.

For this reason, many people are scared by the idea of facing some touch ups for fear of losing their natural appearance, believing that this is very likely, almost inevitable, when they decided to improve their appearance. 

This book has the desire of informing the public on how some methods widely believed to be harmless and effective have, instead, important implications, even negative, on the aesthetics and the harmony of the face and, above all, after some time, understanding why this happens and if there are good alternatives.

In this small text I mainly refer to the techniques used for the face, but the same principles can be applied to the whole body.

So, I want to explain "how to not lose your face" in facing the vast world of aesthetics and explain the revolutionary paradigms of Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery, a new approach to aesthetics without incisions, without scalpels, but with minimally invasive methods.

After reading this book you will be able to:

a) Consciously choose which way to deal with the improvement of your appearance.

b) Recognize the possible side effects of traditional Aesthetic Surgery, with which is using incisions and scalpels, which may occur in the following years.

c) Get an answer to some questions and some recurring doubts.

d) Participate with fans and enthusiasts of the aesthetic matter in a new and stimulating debate.

e) Appreciate each person’s physiognomy and individuality with greater awareness.

f) Evaluate how determining the emotions are for each person’s appearance.

g) Have a clear idea of how Morphodynamic Cosmetic Surgery works. 




Often, inadequate approaches are found in public’s opinion, who turns to Aesthetics Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

For example, a phone call or a message comes, and I am asked:

How much does a vial of hyaluronic acid cost?

And a vial of botox?

How much does lip filler cost?

I want to have a lip lifting, how much does it cost? 

I want to put fillers in the nasogenial folds. I did it last month, but it’s gone. 

I want to redo lip fillers, I did that two months ago but now it’s gone

I did botox on my forehead five months ago, I would like to do it again. And so on...


As much as I am able to appreciate a prepared public and with clear ideas, I consider this approach wrong, being the result of a series of widely diffused beliefs and customs; the phrase that I rarely hear from people who contact me, but which is the one I like the most to hear, is:

I would like an appointment to find out what you recommend for me.

But, in order for this to happen normally and widely, we need to dispel a few false myths.

There are two main categories in the audience that adresses to aesthetic surgeons and physicians

a) Those who are afraid of surgery, or who in any case do not want to undergo general anesthesia and invasive interventions for futile reasons,

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