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Could Your Relationships be Healthy or Unhealthy for You?: Know Who's For You Or Against You

Could Your Relationships be Healthy or Unhealthy for You?: Know Who's For You Or Against You

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Could Your Relationships be Healthy or Unhealthy for You?: Know Who's For You Or Against You

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Aug 20, 2020


A healthy relationship brings into your life peace of mind and joy. A unhealthy relationship brings anguish and prolonged mental stress. How to know if your relationships healthy or unhealthy is by asking yourself these questions. During an argument do you experience yelling and physical violence? Are the people in your life controlling, judgmental and manipulating? Are your relationships of trust, honesty, support, good communication and mutual respect?
Aug 20, 2020

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Could Your Relationships be Healthy or Unhealthy for You? - Priceless Royalty

Table of Contents

Meaning Of

Chapter 1: Your Spiritual Relationship

Chapter 2: My Spiritual Relationship

Chapter 3: Your Child and Teenager Relationship

Chapter 4: Influence to Influential

Chapter 5: Your Relationship with Family. Friends and Others

Chapter 6: Love You From a Distance

Chapter 7: The Final Word

You Can Be Perfect

Examine Yourself and Relationships

The Lord's Prayer

Could Your Relationships Be Healthy or Unhealthy For You?


GOD: The supreme reality; the Being worshiped as the creator and ruler of the universe, a being or object believed to have supernatural attributes and powers and to require worship, a person or thing of supreme value, I AM THAT I AM, the Most High, Creator of heaven and Earth and all things above and below, ALPHA and OMEGA the beginning and the end.

TRUTH: sincerity in action, character, utterance, the body of real things, events, facts, actuality, the state of being the case, a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality, a judgment, proposition, idea that is true or accepted as true, the body of true statements and propositions. fidelity to an original or to a standard, the property (as of a statement) of being in accord with fact or reality.

RELATIONSHIP: The state of being related or interrelated, connection, dealings, respect, affairs, reference, sexual intercourse, the state of being mutually interested or involved ( as in social or commercial matters.)

WITH: Against, from, in mutual relation to, in the company of, as regards, towards, compared to, in support of, because of, through, given, granted, in the opinion of, despite.

OTHER: Being the one left, being the ones distinct from those first mentioned,additional,alternate, separate, difference.

Chapter 1


The unveiling truth was given to us to save souls and expose lies. The truth sets us free from damnation, guilt and shame. The truth is pure and edifying. The truth will convict the spirit. It is for correction and our own good. We will make better choices and avoid situations from knowing the truth about them. Being given the actual facts about the outcome of a situation should never be taken lightly. There’s consequences to pay for knowing the truth and not heeding to it. The truth exposes the type of person we’re dealing with. Having the facts exposes a liar, hypocrite, thief, murderer and cheat. The truth will hurt and convict at the same time heal and restore. From hearing the truth some people would deny it, justify what they do or become offended. Most people go to Church to hear the truth. From the truth some people spirit were convicted and they changed for the better. Most people do not realize they are doing wrong until they feel convicted about it. Most people do not want to hear what they are doing is evil and can lead them to Hell. The truth is, the evil were doing will lead us to Hell. There are actual facts about what will happen to us if we did ungodly things. What human does not want to know the truth about themselves or something to save their own soul? Once we know the truth about ourselves it is up to us to change for the better. The choice is ours to make.

Most people learn things the hard way. Like that saying, a hard head make a soft butt. For some reason a lie sound more interesting to people than the truth. Some people do not believe fornicating, cursing, coveting, gossiping, excessive eating, drinking and smoking is bad, but it is. Everyone have been told not to do something, but did it anyway. Then afterwards sit there with a dumb look on their face. Knowing the fact that someone told us not to do it makes us rebel and do it anyway. Many people are stuck in their ways and to stubborn to change. They have layers of skin over their heart. After many years of living a certain way we become comfortable with living that way. It is a shock to our system when we find out we will reap what we sow if we do not change our ways. Rather we become offended with the truth or not we are going to hear it. It is inevitable. It maybe the Holy Spirit or a stranger telling us the truth. It is better to know the truth then to not. If we do not receive the truth for correction now, tomorrow maybe too late.

Situations were born the moment man disobeyed God. Generational curses, blame, death, lies, division, hate, trials and tribulations were brought into existence. Where there’s disobedience, disrespect and free will, there are ungodly situations bound to happen. Some situations with people we can avoid and some we cannot. Some situations we react to and some we think about before we react to them. The outcome of our situation is determined by the choices and decisions we make. Having any dealings with someone is a good or bad situation bound to happen.

God knew us before we came into the world. Our life is already written. God wonderfully and uniquely created each person for His purpose. But, how soon do we forget God and our purpose with a world full of desirable sins. Desirable sins is the reason most of us do not have a relationship with God and know our purpose. We must admit our desirable sins and wicked behavior is why we were or are in situations. Some people would not be dead, have HIV or incarcerated if it was not for money, sex, liquor and drugs. To know our purpose we have to first rebuild a relationship with God. The significance of having a relationship with God, is so that we can hear Him when He is guiding us through life. God is always available. He is never too busy when people are. He knows who, when, where, what and how our fate ends.

God had a book written with basic instructions before leaving Earth. The Bible tells us our purpose and gives the tools we need to fulfill that purpose. The Bible tells us about God, ourselves, others, past, future and Satan. The word, gives us wisdom, strength, boldness, power and a way to have a relationship with God. God words in the Bible are like living water on the inside of us. Some people will not read the Bible, because they feel it was rewritten by man. This is an excuse! Man has nothing to do with the Bible changing our lives for the better once we read it. Some people do not read the Bible, because they do not understand and have the patience to. We need to stop being shallow and impatient with the Bible. If we can read a manual to a game or vehicle, we can read God’s manual. His manual is much more fulfilling and life changing. When reading the Bible ask God for wisdom and knowledge. We cannot live by bread and meat alone, but by every word that comes from out of God’s mouth. Food sustain our body for a minute, but the word sustain us for a lifetime. Our soul and flesh can overcome the wiles of the Devil by using the words of God. We have to meditate on His word day and night. It will keep us from self-destruction. We will not know how powerful and life altering the Bible can be for us until we read it with our whole heart. God knows if we are reading the Bible to get closer to Him, vainglory or to discredit Him.             

God is the creator of all things and nothing should come before Him. Any person and thing we love and desire more than God we will lose or give us more problems. Ever notice how the things we love give us the most problems? We treat people and material things like they are a god. We put them on a peddle stool. People have committed adultery, suicide and murder, because of the love they had for someone and material things. Most people and their children can be healed from sickness and saved from death if they put God first in their life. We cannot heal or save a life without Him. People have forgotten about God and how He plays an important part in their life. He is our first and last love. He love us more than we can ever love anyone and anything. The people and material things we love, we abuse, kill, deceive and manipulate. People and material things are not promise to us. They are given and taken away for a reason. We are forgetting it is God, who is allowing us to be alive to enjoy and love the people and material things we have. We have to put our love and desires for someone and something in their true perspective. It is written that if we love and desire anyone and anything more than God we are not worthy of Him

God is of love and wrath. To say He is of love only would be incorrect. There are many stories in the Bible about the love and wrath of God. To name a few, Noah’s flood and the extermination of Sodom and Gomorrah. Everyone in the Bible felt both God’s love and wrath. God love us so much, He will send someone in the belly of a fish to warn us about His wrath that is coming. Any Father who loves his children will discipline them for disobedience. God tells us in the Bible how disobedience leads to destruction and obedience leads to everlasting life. God sees and knows every good and bad deed, choice and situation we go through. Man would be extinct if God judged him the moment he sinned. God has not executed us for our evil doings. We may think we’re being punished because of the bad things that happen to us. But, we have not yet begin to feel the wrath of God for the sins we have committed. The good and bad seeds we planted around the world, we will reap one day. Some of our sins and good works do go before the judgement of God. Just because, sinners prolong their days does not mean they will not be punish one day. We complain about our parents disciplining us, but they do not every time we’re disobedient. They give us mercy the same as God. Everyday we wake up is God’s love and mercy upon our lives. But, the more we continue to sin the closer the wrath of God is upon us.

God’s first commandment is to love Him with all our mind, heart and soul. Our second commandment is to love one another with brotherly love. The love God has for His creation is without boundaries. His love is unconditional and pure. His love will never fluctuate, lie or deceive. It will never cause confusion and pain. God, breathe love into us. If God’s love for us is unconditional, our love for one another should be unconditional. There is no such thing as, I love God, but I hate him or I love my family, but I hate her. How can we love God, but not all mankind? We cannot love God, doing evil to one another? We cannot pick and choose what people to love and hate. How can good come out of a situation when there is hate? No situation will change. Hate, rejection, separation and favoritism are all conditions we have on love and show one another everyday. Which is why our love fluctuates. We have boundaries and conditions on our love for one another. We cannot give love, then take it away. There are no limits, boundaries or conditions on love. Love, loves everybody. Love is what love does. Many situations could have been avoided if people had unconditional love in their heart. Unconditional love does not retaliate or hold grudges. The love of God is not in us if our intentions are to purposely hurt someone. If we can love unconditionally the people we were taught to love, then we can love unconditionally the people we were taught not to love. Having conditions on love is an open door to Hell.

God sacrificed His only begotten Son for us. Why we cannot sacrifice the things we take pleasure in doing to serve God? Some people feel it is hypocritical to serve God still sinning. Why wait to serve God? Do God suppose to wait on us? Our sins are multiplying and tomorrow is not promise. When someone speak to us about God, we should not turn them away. That is God calling upon us. God knows what the Devil is trying to do, we do not. Some people believe God will not hear their prayers, because they are a sinner. Let God be the judge of what we are doing and not ourselves. How will we know if God can move in our lives if we do not go to Him? God love for sinners to come to Him. When the Devil tempt us to do evil and we do it, he leaves us hanging to deal with the mess we got ourselves into. We are the ones sitting there with a dumb look on our face. We are letting our desirable sins hinder us from serving God. God always taps us on the shoulder for us to love and serve Him. It is us who tells Him later. When will we serve God wholeheartedly? God said the road to Heaven is narrow and the way to Hell is broad. Do the math. People who do serve and believe in God is not crazy and Jesus fanatics. They are on the right path to Heaven. They serve and believe in something a lot of us is missing out on. If we keep telling God, we will serve Him later, the day we decide to serve Him will be too late. The last thing we should want is for God to take His hands off of us. God said "diligently seek His face while He can be found." This should tell us something. To get with God now, while we have a chance. Trying to seek Him on Judgement Day will definitely be too late. 

Asking God for forgiveness is letting Him know we acknowledge the sins we committed. Most people ask God for forgiveness, but return back to doing the same thing they ask Him to forgive them for. Why ask God for forgiveness for a sin we will repeat? If we truly want forgiveness for our sins we have to repent. Repent means: to turn away from. There are many sins we’re committing and do not even know it. This is why we have to repent everyday. When we repent, we are asking God to forgive us for our sins, we will never have the desire to repeat again. We have to be remorseful for our sins or we will be a repeat offender and repenting for nothing. It is insane to keep doing the same thing over expecting a different result.

Why is it hard for us to forgive ourselves and others? So many people are in a relationship harboring unforgiveness in their heart towards someone. This is an unhealthy relationship. There is nothing healthy about being with someone you cannot trust and forgive. To be with someone we cannot forgive says a lot about our character. Knowingly or unknowingly people take their relationship, mind, body and spirit through some unnecessary pain and stress. The hurt and pain we were caused will have power over us, because we cannot forgive and move forward. Some people can forgive with no problem and with others it takes a lifetime. Some people make it hard to forgive what they have done, because they continue to do the same things you forgave them for. Which no matter how many times someone hurt us we are to forgive them for it every time. If we are blessed with another day we have a chance to forgive ourselves and others. We have to learn from our mistakes and bad choices in people. We have to be equally yoked with the company we keep. When someone hurts us there is a healing process we have to go through. It takes renewing of the mind and prayer to forget the distress someone caused us. Nothing or no one should have that much power over our emotions that we cannot forgive and move forward to greater things in life. We cannot get into Heaven harboring unforgiveness in our heart. Remember, we have done things to people we want them to forgive us for. If we want Jesus to forgive us for our sins we have to first forgive ourselves and others.

(John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.) 

(John 8:38 I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.)

(2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:)


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