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Sep 4, 2020


Take a peek into what the future may hold in the next 100-years, from technological advancements, to what 22nd-century living will entail.


In this thought-provoking journey through the timeline, we explore the different possibilities in distant decades. Will humanity create a universal currency? Are we determined to self-destruct? Could the world be taken over by advanced robots? These are just some of the questions we explore in 2120.


To draw a picture of what the distant future could be like, we look at the past and present. In futurology, to see how the future could be, we have to examine History and the present time.

Sep 4, 2020

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2120 - Jacob James



The future has always been of interest to me, and I often daydream about what the long term future may hold. And yes, my daydreams are more based on science fiction than reality. In 2120, I mix some of these daydreams with some reality-based assumptions about the future. After all, none of us know precisely how the future may or may not be. Nobody sits down and comes up with a 100-year plan for their life. That’s because your life is assumed to be over 100 years from the time you’re ready to begin thinking about your future.

This book has no intentions of influencing the way the reader sees the future, nor should anybody expect any of the things in 2120 to come to fruition, as you read you may realize that there are some things in this book we don’t want to happen.

I wanted to take a peek into what the 22nd century may be like, and of course, I thought maybe others might wish to join me on this adventure. After all, if I had a time machine, others may wish to travel the timeline. Well, no time machine. But we can use futurology to get an idea of what the future may hold. For those of you who don’t know what futurology is, simply put, it’s the study of the future. In futurology, we look at historical and current events to predict likely future timelines or potential prospects based on historical and current data. 

To most, it may seem like it’s not that important to try and understand a time in which our generation will be a thing of the past, and therefore it has no significant value to us as a person. Well, It may not matter to us as individuals, but as a whole, it matters a great deal.

Every generation from now to the 22nd century will have to work harder to save humanity from a mass extinction event. Thanks to our creations, we have made it easy for us to go extinct. It may not sound plausible, but with all of the ingredients for catastrophic disaster that floods the Earth, Self-destruction is very likely.

2120 explores several possible futures that we may face in the next 100 years. Nowhere in this book do I claim to be an expert on the future. Nobody is. However, predicting likely scenarios based on history and modern times can be pretty accurate, and believe it or not isn’t hard to do.

I often mentioned that a book like this might be very valuable or at least of interest to the next four or five generations, they will most likely find some sort of historical significance in how the 21st century predicted things to come in the 22nd century.

We go to some dark places and challenge humanity’s cruelty. We take a look at historical and current events to draw a fuzzy picture of life and some of its potential issues in the next ten decades.

I will apologize ahead of time for not including or mentioning this or that, and I know that everybody has come to have theories of their own when discussing futurology. This book is no more than a brief dive into the 22nd century; of course, there will be tons more stuff happening in the future not mentioned in 2120. Some of it we look forward to, and some of it we prefer to avoid. 

As a rule of thumb, I ask readers to approach everything with an open mind, I want this to be thought-provoking for you, but don’t overthink it. Not only is it just a book, but it’s also a book about a time in which you are no more.

Will the Earth be full of dark and toxic smog, or will we have clear blue skies? Are we destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again for centuries?

We are repeating the same chaotic paths that our ancestors took; this is why the world keeps getting more crazier by the minute. We never changed course. Made

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