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Punch Needle Embroidery With Patterns

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Punch Needle Embroidery With Patterns

Lunghezza: 97 pagine20 minuti


Let give the forgoten crafts a modern twist with punch needle embroidery. 


You can literally craft beautiful and stunning finished products with the guide. The book is layed out with step by step instructions how to create your own floral and abstract designs, teaches the basic stitches and guides you in mastering punch needling through a stylish collection of  homeware and accessory projects.


The book design keeping in mind the stages of expertise. At first, you staggered but with continous practice and patterns that are laid out in book, you would be able to craft beautiful bags, cozy pillows and many other accessories and decorative objects.


The core of the book include:

Introduction to punch needle embroidery Introduction to tools and DIY for some basic tools Start your punching Premade Designs with tutorials Patterns Avoiding errors

Start your punching business at home or even decor in free time. 

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