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COVID-19 Lockdown: Unreported Truths & Perspective: COVID-19, #1

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COVID-19 Lockdown: Unreported Truths & Perspective: COVID-19, #1

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Is this really happening?

I watch in almost disbelief that all schools and businesses are closed across the country. I watch on TV, read online and hear what reporters, politicians, governmental officials and many in the medical community are saying and it just does not add up. The information I am hearing in the media does not correlate well with what I see and what I hear from many physician colleagues across the country. I understand that COVID-19 can be bad but as a doctor, I question is this much fear and panic warranted?  What is the risk to me, you or our families? Is this virus as bad as many report? Do masks protect us and if so, which are better? How can we protect ourselves? I just cannot help but get a funny feeling that something is not right. Am I missing something? Is the public not being told something? Is there some other or ulterior motive for all of this? How can the predictions be so off? How many people have really died? How are the number of deaths calculated? Why can't we get answers? I realized there are many questions and no one seems to really have answers. I get the feeling I am in a bad dream or an episode of the Twilight zone. I decided to do what I normally do when things don't add up or are confusing, I did research. I investigated for myself and instead of trusting opinions, I trusted data. After doing extensive reading, discussing with many colleagues and professionals, and much analysis, I discovered that there is a lot of information that many do not know. If they did, perhaps people would not be as fearful or as panicked. People may be surprised, even shocked to learn how the number of deaths are "calculated" as opposed to actually being counted. People will be surprised about testing. The types, number of tests and the inaccuracy of many of them. When you read about the consequences of the lockdown, you will realize that the lockdown has significant consequences well beyond ruining the economy. The shutdown may ultimately cause more deaths than the virus itself.  When I set off to research this important topic, I was in search of the truth, whatever it may be.  The pandemic and decisions that must be made are complicated. Anyone who says otherwise probably does not have a grasp of the complexity of the matter. But, once you read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series, you will gain information and facts that will reinforce what you believe, make you think differently, better understand the issues and hopefully gain more perspective on the matter. You will see the answers to these questions and many more: 1) What is the Coronavirus and where did it really come from? 2) What is the difference between the Coronavirus and COVID-19? Very important difference 3) How many people have caught or tested positive for coronavirus? 4) How many people have died from COVID-19? How is this number calculated? 5) What types of tests are there for Coronavirus? How accurate are they? 6) Why were the predictions so wrong? 7) What are the consequences of the lockdown? Deaths? Financial? Suffering? 8) What "mistakes" may have been made? 9) How can we be better prepared in the future or prevent a similar pandemic in the future? After reading this series of books, you will likely know more than many politicians, government officials and reporters on TV. I encourage you to read this, learn the information and then reach your own conclusions. Don't be AFRAID or PANIC...Be INFORMED!
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