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Brotherhood of Time

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Brotherhood of Time

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Joachim is convinced that there are perhaps no more boring and useless subjects than the History of Religion and Latin. But the book convinces him in the most remarkable way that it would be good to pay attention to these subjects as well, despite the fact that they are taught by a kind of fool, whom students call "Jesus's mate" and who in his free time stands on the corners with the sign: JESUS IS COMING SOON. Is he right?

The Brotherhood of Time is a Christian book that takes place partly in the past and I try to capture the situation of the Church in the 17th century in an entertaining way. I also write a bit about two other questions – is Jesus going to come and about hell. The composition is about 90% of adventures and mysteries and 10% of historical facts and theology, so perhaps it will amuse even those who are not interested in such matters.

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