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A Calendar of Realistic Smiles

A Calendar of Realistic Smiles

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A Calendar of Realistic Smiles

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Jul 18, 2020


How to realistically smile every month of the year? How to use the dynamic specific to each season, from the domineering cold of winter to the obsessive yellow of autumn, to bring energy, prosperity, and good will into your life, your mind, and your soul? Eccentric, pragmatic, and provocatively optimistic, the book "A Calendar of Realistic Smiles" can be the perfect gift:

  1. For you, if you want a quick intro to self-coaching on the theme of realistic positivity
  2. For your loved ones, if you want a best practice guide for organizing, communicating, networking, and getting results
  3. For your colleagues and your friends, if you want to get them something nice and action-inspiring!

From December to November, month by month, the 4 authors show you how to replace fatigue with energy. From the mountains of Macin to the land of the Rising Sun, the book inspires you and teaches you how to choose your holiday locations wisely. From spring asthenia to after-holiday sport, authors share their experience of turning every part of the year into a useful resource!

  1. A mosaic of bright thoughts and tested actions that give you the additional motivation you need before Santa comes and after he leaves, for the rest of the year!
  2. A pocketbook, full of provocative ideas, not at all pretentious, to discover and apply especially when you get bored or not in the mood for the things you know you should take care of!
  3. A guide of the year, of each month, including reports and perspectives of the authors about everyday life, as it is oud in present day Romania, with the joys and troubles of the present, but also with confidence in an ever better, brighter future!
  4. A palette of practical, easy-to-test ideas to embellish your perceptions of what is happening to you or, at least, to stop dramatizing and to start enjoying what you already have!
  5. A personal travel assistant, who recommends, with arguments, where to go in what part of the year, to make the most of everything the universe has to offer!
  6. A small pragmatic coaching treatise in the self-coaching version that explains some simple ways to start understanding and acting on some topics that don't give you peace!

To know how to live to the fullest in the season that best mirrors your personality and to want to find, in the rest of the year, strength and beauty, in nature and in people, starting with yourself… this is the subject of the book. The snow wings of winter, the empathic creativity of spring, the multicolored practical ideas of summer and the petals of pragmatic change of autumn, come together, in one place, in the first book of the Mozaic Collection.

Jul 18, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

"Îmi plac oamenii care vor și pot să trăiască în echilibru, să învețe din fiecare situație și să lase lumea un loc mai bun, pentru generațiile care vin. De aceea inițiez proiecte vizionare și construiesc în jurul meu locuri și stiluri de a trăi și a lucra care onorează omul, binele, dreptatea și frumosul." Iulia este coach senior acreditat (ASC) de către IAPC&M, trainer, consultant de management și antreprenor (cofondator și managing partner la ProgSquad), Iulia Dobre-Trifan a pus bazele Clubului și Școlii de Coaching Pragmatic.

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A Calendar of Realistic Smiles - Iulia Dobre-Trifan


Collection coordinated by Iulia Dobre-Trifan




What is the Calendar of Realistic Smiles?

✓  A pocketbook filled with provocative, non-pretentious ideas, to be discovered and applied especially when you are feeling tired or not on top of your game!

✓  A guide to each month of the year, presenting the authors' insights and perspectives on everyday life, with its joys and sorrows, and with faith in a better, brighter future!

✓  An assortment of practical, easy-to-test ideas to embellish your perception of reality, to limit the drama in your life and to appreciate what you already have!

✓  A travel guide with recommendations on where to go when to get the most out of everything the Universe has to offer!

✓  A small pragmatic coaching treaty, written in a self-coaching style, presenting a few simple ways to make sense of some troubling, uncomfortable topics, and to act upon them.

Who is it for?

✓  For parents and young adults, women, and men. For corporate employees and freelancers, regardless of profession.

✓  For proactive and reactive people.

✓  For people who like to read and for people who just like to browse and look at the pictures.

✓  For people who want to improve their state of mind, to add more joy to their lives and to try out new smiles ☺.

How to use the calendar

✓  You could use it for yourself, as a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, whatever may be causing your bad mood.

✓  You can gift it to a loved one or use it to send a message to someone, after you read it, marking the month that contains your message with a suggestive post-it ☺.

✓  You can leave it, accidentally on purpose, on the desk of your significant other, open to the page describing the holiday location that caught your attention.

✓  You can offer it to people you know are in need of coaching, but are not confident enough to take a first step, indicating the section that inspired you to think of them with a suggestive post-it.

✓  Surely there are many other ways that you will discover on your own, as soon as you will have smiled enough to convince yourself of the rapid effect of this "Calendar of Realistic Smiles", on rather gloomy moods!

When to use it

✓  Throughout the year! Start with the season you like the least, and finish with your favourite season.

✓  Smiling, as a state of mind, is not a matter of time, but of will. It is enough to want to smile.

✓  It will take a lot of effort... but you will smile in the end, looking back on the journey... ☺

About the authors

✓  We are pragmatic. We work together and are fond of each other. We are very different in many ways, both in our personal and in our professional lives (see the next section for details).

✓  We have in common, among other things, the desire to spend our time usefully and meaningfully. We do this every day through our learning and development projects, with the individuals as well as with companies.

✓  We had a (somewhat) different formal education from the line of work we chose. We are united in our preference to do things differently, at a level of quality that requires a sustained effort, vision, and a practical sense.

✓  We write because we want to share our experience and the lessons that the harmonious combination of exigence with patience, competence with exploration, experience with innovation, have taught us.

✓  You can find information about each of us from our public profiles on our website and on social networks. To make it easier for you to get an overview, we have included short biographies in the opening of each season, with details that you can only learn from us.


For the realists who face the winter cold with the aim of smiling for the rest of the year.

Andrei Cristian

In a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible,  so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer.

- Plutarch

Author’s Profile: Andrei Cristian



It is cold, the cold puts our blood in motion.

It is snowing.

We clear the snow off our cars.

We drink mulled wine.

We go carolling.

We do a lot of shopping.

We scrape the frost off the windscreen...

What Is happening to us, in December?

We think about the year that is about to end and the year that is about to start.

We visit our family for Christmas.

We want to be better and more forgiving.

We browse books in shopping mall bookshops and wait in endless lines at the supermarket.

The shops are full of gifts.

The first month of winter. It is the month of gifts, of good cheer, of Christmas trees adorned with garlands and of harmony between people. Santa Claus brings all kinds of presents to young souls: tangerines, scented candles, chocolate, superhero figurines, army sets and LEGO sets that we constantly step onto. Magical.

It starts as early as November, when Christmas trees, colourful decorations and sparkling garlands show up in the stores. People are excited to see them, and they start thinking about the gifts they will buy for Christmas and about who they will offer last year's kitchen mixer to, the one they were gifted last year but never used since mixing pancake dough was never a priority. Tough luck.

In the corporate world, teams are doing Secret Santa, a way to ensure cohesion between colleagues and to care for their young, even playful spirit. Because there is a child in all of us, isn't there? We are all sometimes dreaming about childhood: those innocent times when, having no responsibilities, we would get carried away by the sour tangerine scent of home, on December days, while big snowflakes would fall outside, like in a fairy tale.

There are many occasions for celebration in December, most of them having a religious nature. Christmas is the main event, drawing people's attention to gifts and garlands.

Top 3 Realistic Thoughts to Contemplate (While Peeling a Tangerine)

Be authentic

It is said that in December, during the winter holidays, people should be better, more grateful and more forgiving towards... anyone and anything. I think we should be more pragmatic, more anchored in the frozen, snow covered winter soil. For example:

✓  Do not let yourself get caught up in the classic clichés that people obsessively repeat this time of the year. Here I am referring to the famous slogans to be better, more forgiving and dutiful this time of the year.

Instead, try to be more authentic with yourself and with others, and to say what you think. Acknowledge that you do not need a special time of the year to act with decency. You can be good and forgiving, but also authentic, throughout all the months of the year. Nothing is keeping you from it.

✓  Let those around you know what you truly appreciate about them, and how much you value their advice. Give them the gift of recognition, as gifts are not just decorations, candy, and other material things.

✓  The winter cold can help us think, with a cool head, about the level of authenticity of our everyday interactions. It is a good time to reconnect with people we have not seen in a long time, relatives, or friends.

Reflect on last year's achievements and practice gratitude

The end of the year is a good opportunity to reflect on and appreciate the key aspects of the journey that is about to end. We can use this opportunity to think back on these key aspects. For example:

✓  List all the challenges you have faced this past year. Review the main events and acknowledge the lessons you have learned from them. Think about all the people you interacted with throughout the year and about the things you have learned from each of them.

✓  Recall the year that has passed, through the filter of gratitude for you and for others. Reflect on the advice you received and visualize the situations where you followed that advice.

✓  Talk to people who inspired you in the past year. Make a call, write a nice e-mail, have a coffee with someone.

Think about what you want to do in the year that is about to start

Every end marks the birth of a new beginning, in one shape or another; it is the natural way of things. The end of the year echoes a new beginning, a new year full of challenges and lessons from which to extract precious learning. For example:

✓  The famous New Year's resolutions should be formulated in a realistic, measurable way rather than an idealistic one. This is how they become objectives. This is how a well-formulated objective sounds like: I want to travel to 3 different places in the coming year or I want to complete 10 projects at work, or I want to read 30 books.

✓  By assigning measures (numbers, deadlines) to our personal and professional objectives we increase our ownership and our responsibility for achieving them.

✓  Deciding to do something about the inherent unpredictability of everyday life is the main driver for changing the situations we are currently unhappy about. If we feel stuck at work or in a personal relationship,

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