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Knowledge BLASTER! Guide to Weight Training and Total Fitness

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Knowledge BLASTER! Guide to Weight Training and Total Fitness

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You already know (don't we all?) that you can't just sit around and drink and eat and watch TV and still be healthy!

But there is so much information out there, telling you how to get fit and have a healthy body and avoid this or that disease... well, it's just too much. Information overload, right?

So why listen to us?

Well, our story began with helping a friend study for the contestant quiz of the Jeopardy! Game show. After a few months, we got really good at compressing large and sometimes chaotic amounts of knowledge into simple and organized little works of art.

And, fitness-wise, we needed some work. Okay, a lot of work. So we started collecting info and compressing, and pretty soon...

KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Guide to Weight Training and Total Fitness separates the facts from the myths and gives you an all-around view of this fascinating fitness phenomenon. We'll help you decide what type of training suits your needs, and give you the exercises, routines, and nutrition tips to reach your goals.

Whether you're a wannabe lifter or seasoned athlete, this little study guide answers your important questions:

Does weight training provide the type of cardiovascular workout that benefits the heart and aids in weight loss?
Will women become huge and masculine if they lift weights?
How can I build muscle and increase flexibility?
What foods and vitamins provide good nutrition, energy, and muscular growth?
Are those expensive nutritional supplements necessary for building the kind of body I want?
Does muscle turn to fat if I stop working out?
What routine should I use?

This guide walks you through the basics (what are sets and reps) and the intermediate (is circuit training or priority training better for me) and introduces you to the advanced stages (what are supersets, giant sets and plyometrics.)

Of course, you'll need to know a lot about the foods you'll be eating. Part Three: Eating Right is Half the Game explains calorie counting and the roles of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in sculpting your body.

Besides the loads of practical advice and actual pictures of ordinary people performing the exercises, you get:

You are never too old to begin, but you are never too young to get a doctor’s OK first.
Don’t try to impress anyone by lifting more than you should.
Don’t expect fantastic results overnight or in a pill.
Pain means stop.
Life is good.

Don't just train hard, train smart!

The KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Series compresses a great mountain of available information into easily digestible morsels.

You can use this reference work as a launch pad to propel yourself into more in-depth studies. However, if you find this little study guide provides all the information you need, then consider your knowledge...

We wish you the best of luck in your quest for knowledge in this fascinating subject. 'Bye now.

And, oh yes, buy now!

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