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Intimate Notebook inspired in Frida Kahlo

Intimate Notebook inspired in Frida Kahlo

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Intimate Notebook inspired in Frida Kahlo

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Jun 13, 2020


With the sensitibity and genius of an artist, Frida Kahlo embarked on a journey of self-discovery and liberation in her Diary. throughout multiple forms of expression: free association of ideas, doodles, collages, drawings, paintings, poems, letters, descriptions and short stories from her own life.
​Inspired by the Diary, La Vaca Independiente als
Jun 13, 2020

Informazioni sull'autore

Claudia grew up in a family of educators, and since she was young, she has been interested in learning and exploring the world. Her need for inquiry and discovery led her to art and its potential as a path for transformation. She is the founder of several organizations and initiatives in the fields of Education, Art and the Conservation of Nature and Culture. Her approach manifests itself through the co-creation of spaces for transformative experiences. “For me, art is a discipline that activates and refines consciousness to shape internal and external realities with ethical and aesthetic forms. Active consciousness is the capacity to observe, direct and transform thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to manifest new possibilities”. -Claudia Madrazo- In 1992, she founded La Vaca Independiente® [The Independent Cow], a social enterprise focused on the principle of integrating art into daily life as a path to personal and social development. She created the innovative education program dia® [Development of Intelligence through Art] which has trained more than 25,000 teachers to bring new perspectives into the teaching space benefiting more than 500,000 students in Mexico and adults in different contexts. In 2012, she founded Fundación TAE® [Transformation, Art and Education], a not-for-profit organization to expand the boundaries of art, integrating creative processes in Mayan communities. She's a founding member of Academy for Systemic Change, an initiative to enable leaders, communities and networks in critical systems to catalyze and facilitate societal, environmental and economic well-being on a scale that matters. Claudia Madrazo is committed to conservation and sustainability issues and sits on the boards of The Nature Conservancy, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, and the National Geographical Society. Claudia has a degree in Communications and Mass Media from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City and a Master’s in Museology and Semiology of Cultural Objects from Essex University in the UK. She is the author of nine books, as well as numerous essays and articles.

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Intimate Notebook inspired in Frida Kahlo - Claudia Madrazo

The artist’s





through art

The potential

of personal


The road to


and self-expression

How to use

this Intimate



for clearing,


and observing

your mind





and activities



The artist’s



Who were you, Frida Kahlo?

What do we discover in your

intimate diary? What does it

reveal about your inner world?

We know Frida Kahlo largely because of the intensity of her personal life: as the passionate wife of painter Diego Rivera, and as the subject and theme of her own work. Yet beyond the self-portraits and autobiographical aspects of her painting, Frida constructed herself as a "work of art", as a continuous creative force, as a subject of her own invention and personal construction. She was a woman ahead of her time, who dared to be and feel outside the boundaries of conventions, to live out her profound capacity for love and to express her passions.

In 1992, La Vaca Independiente released a book of unpublished photographs of Frida Kahlo entitled La Cámara seducida and edited by Carla Stellweg. That book opened my eyes to another woman: not the stereotypical picture of Frida as the tortured, victimized, heart-rending painter of her own tragic story, but that of a joyful, bold, sensual woman who forged her own identity.

Years later, Frida found its way deeper into my life. Seated in the kitchen of La Casa Azul*, enveloped in the atmosphere of that magical place, I opened the pages of a masterpiece that had been silent since Frida’s death, her personal diary.

It took us several years to get Frida’s diary published. Finally, in 1996 we were able to bring to light the mysterious book El diario de Frida Kahlo, un íntimo autorretrato published in English as The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait. For me, this work became over the years, not just a gateway to the most profound dimensions of Frida’s personality, but a tool for exploring my own inner self and understanding the art of living. That encounter with her psychological, spiritual and aesthetic intimacy allowed me to develop a closer relationship with her inner resources and to acknowledge the power of the personal diary as an ally and companion in my deepest personal processes.

With that facsimile publication in my hands, I launched an investigation of my own, striving to assimilate, unravel, the complexity, of this epic and cryptic personal document. Beyond its substance as an artistic expression and its surprising literary and visual richness, Frida’s diary spoke to me of her inner process and her human magnitude; of her spirit, transmuting pain, with joy, humor and profound admiration for life.

In the course of this long dialogue with the diary, connecting with Frida and those moments of self-encounter where she sat down and met with those pages, I began to sense and discover that those creative gestures, expressed in these note book, contained clues and guidelines for my own reflections: technical tips, creative and conceptual resources, ideas that gradually illuminated my own personal inner journey.

Twenty years later, that personal journey of exploration inspired by Frida’s diary,

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