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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 4

My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 4

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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms: Volume 4

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Jun 14, 2020


Zhou Yi downloaded a future trembling app and was pleasantly surprised to find out that this app was actually linked to the myriad heavens the video. He released was praised by countless immortal emperors and god kings and was even rewarded with various treasures.

From then on zhou yi's ordinary life became colorful and colorful the little sister goddess was pleading for a dotcom relationship and the female emperor was also interested in him the devil realm ancestor did not hesitate to use the nine revolutions divine technique to bribe him in order to become popular online my voice booms through all worlds i am so strong that i am afraid of myself.

Jun 14, 2020

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My TikTok Connects Myriad Realms - Le TianXiaoZhu



Ye Hongsheng burst into tears and started begging for mercy.

Big brother, big brother, I beg of you, please let me go, I don't dare to do this again. No matter how much you want, I'll give it to you!

Money?! Is this a matter of money?! Blue veins popped out on Zhou Yi's forehead. His two hands grabbed the two of them and pressed them against the wall, Do you know how many people you have forced to death!? Do you know how many people's lives have been completely destroyed by you?! "

Zhou Yi forced himself to suppress his anger and told himself not to get angry. The reason the police didn't care about them was probably because they had a powerful force backing them.

Tell me, who are those people standing behind you?!

A cold voice came out of Zhou Yi's mouth as he questioned the two people in front of him.

Yes … It's the Ye Family … It was Ye Chen who told me to do this … Ye Hongsheng was the first one to be scared and said while crying.

Ye Family... This is really a narrow path for enemies to tread! The anger in Zhou Yi's heart had been completely ignited, Tell me, what happened to the Ye Family? How did Ye Chen snatch the position of Patriarch?

The reason why Ye Hongsheng was still alive right now, was because Zhou Yi wanted to ask about the matter of Ye Family.

Both... It was all done by Ye Chen, it has nothing to do with me. Please let me go … Ye Hongsheng was scared silly and said while crying.

Stop the f * cking bullsh * t. If I tell you to say it, just say it!

Zhou Yi cursed and punched Ye Hongsheng's stomach again. This time, no one knew how many of his ribs were broken!


Another mouthful of blood spurted out. Ye Hongsheng was already in a weakened state:

I say … I said, Yes... It was Ye Chen who colluded with many high ranking officials and people from other families, and squeezed all the benefits from the Ye Family … He, he deliberately provoked trouble with Lee Family and let Lee Family people injure Patriarch Ye Xun … I had thought that Patriarch Ye Xun would die for sure …"

Hearing this, Zhou Yi felt like he was on fire with anger.

What an ingrate, it's that Ye Chen!

Unexpectedly … For his own benefit, he would rather destroy his own father!

It would be better for such a fellow to die!

I... I really have nothing to do with this, I just... is only responsible for the financial side of things... Let me go, I beg you, let me go …"

At this moment, Ye Hongsheng looked completely dispirited when he spoke, as if he was about to die.

You … To the point where countless university students died, to the point where people would rather commit suicide and tell me to release you?!"

Anger appeared in Zhou Yi's eyes. His hand was tightly holding Ye Hongsheng's head. He was afraid that Ye Hongsheng's head would be twisted off by him in the next moment!

Just then, a scream came from behind Zhou Yi:

Zhou Yi! No way!

At this moment, countless police officers rushed out from behind and surrounded Zhou Yi. Soon after, two people rushed behind Zhou Yi; they were Liang Qi and Yang Ze.

At this moment, Zhou Yi's body was completely stained red with blood. He looked like a demon god descending.

Seeing such a terrifying Zhou Yi's back, the pool of blood on the ground, and even's corpse, Yang Ze's face immediately became ugly.

How was this a human? He was simply a terrifying devil from hell!

But it was too late. With the sound of Kacha Kacha, Ye Hongsheng's head was torn off by Zhou Yi just like that.


Ye Hongsheng's head rolled back and forth on the ground like a rubber ball. His eyes were still filled with fear and he didn't even have the chance to scream.

Blood spurted out from the headless body and stained the entire wall. There was another sound as the headless body fell onto the ground …

In that instant, the entire corridor seemed to have turned into a living hell.

The corner of Yang Ze's mouth twitched. Even though he had experienced some battles with the criminals, when he saw this scene for real, Yang Ze felt disgusted.


This was the only evaluation Yang Ze had of Zhou Yi!

Bureau Chief Yang, this guy dared to openly kill someone in front of you, why aren't you taking action?

At this moment, a mocking voice sounded behind Yang Ze.

The moment he heard those words, Yang Ze's hands began to tremble. He saw a figure walking in front of Yang Ze. It was the secretary of the deputy mayor, Zheng Hong — — Ma Wu!

When Yang Ze saw Ma Wu, his eyes became erratic again.

If, if Ma Wu is not here, Yang Ze completely has a way to let Zhou Yi deal with this situation safely.

But... He didn't know why, but Ma Wu had appeared at this very moment!

Commissioner, the murderer is in front of us, why are you letting him off so easily? Could it be that Chief, you are related to this guy?" Liang Qi started to add insult to injury, and said with a face full of mockery.

All of this was planned by Liang Qi. Liang Qi purposely reported this to the deputy mayor. Moreover, Liang Qi's family was also related to Ma Wu.

Ma Wu had long since agreed with Liang Qi that this time, he must capture Yang Ze and replace him with Liang Qi!

Liang Qi, you!

Yang Ze's voice started to tremble. Hearing Liang Qi's words, Yang Ze immediately understood. I'm afraid... It was this guy who was behind all of this!

The deputy mayor still has things to do, so he can't rush over right now. He told me to take a look first. What, is Director Yang really related to this murderer?

Ma Wu interrupted Yang Ze and said arrogantly.

Yang Ze clenched his fists even harder. This time, it was Yang Ze who was being mischievous. He originally said that it would be 20 minutes before he would make his move, but … Who would have thought that a traitor like Liang Qi would appear in their police station!

Chief Yang!

Ma Wu's voice became even louder. This time, it was filled with viciousness.

All police, arrest Zhou Yi!

Finally, Yang Ze couldn't bear it anymore. He endured the anger in his heart and roared.

Yang Ze's heart trembled. He could only apologize to Zhou Yi. He, Yang Ze, could not joke about his future.

All the policemen rushed towards Zhou Yi. However, when Zhou Yi heard this, he suddenly turned around and that terrifying appearance appeared in front of everyone.

The blood covered their bodies and their bloodshot eyes looked like that of a demonic god. Coupled with their terrifying killing intent, it caused all of the policemen to stop in their tracks. No one dared to approach them again.


Heh … How laughable …

At this moment, Zhou Yi suddenly laughed as if he was mocking him:

For the sake of the people, I will eliminate this scam company that has destroyed who knows how many families … But the result? Is he actually going to face a prison?!"

When these words were spoken, the entire audience fell silent.

Indeed, everyone had seen what a certain loan was taken for.

But, who would dare say another word?

Who didn't know that behind a certain loan was the support of the bosses of various forces? Who would dare to offend him?

Only Zhou Yi would dare to do so!

What were you thinking when these online loan companies forced college students to commit suicide one by one? What are you doing?

Zhou Yi's cold gaze swept past these people once again. He said with a cold voice:

When the families of the victims are destroyed, when some of them run away from home and don't dare to face all of this, what about you? Do you fucking cops do anything for them?

What a joke, I've cleared all the obstacles for you, and now you want to catch me after I get rid of these damn companies? Is this your bullshit justice?!

What Zhou Yi said was like a resounding slap to his face.

What could Yang Ze do? Yang Ze was just a small police chief. He had to look at the faces on the board every moment when he did something. If he did anything wrong, he would probably face the insults and ridicule from the board.

He … What ability did he have to uphold so-called justice?

Yang Ze clenched his fists tightly. With his flushed face, he roared:

What are you all thinking about? Attack!

If you f * cking have the guts, then you f * cking dog police officers will come and catch laozi!

In that instant, a terrifying killing intent was completely released from Zhou Yi's body. Zhou Yi's face even contorted from anger. Aura suddenly exploded from his body, quietly forming a force field around him:

I'll go all out with you today. I'll kill whoever dares to come up!

None of these people dared to step forward, and some of the policemen were scared by Zhou Yi and took two steps back.

At this moment, a carefree voice suddenly came from behind him:

What's going on? Why is it making so much noise?

A man in a military uniform of 35 or so years old walked up from the stairs step by step and stood between Zhou Yi and the policemen as he said lightly.

When the policemen saw the ranks on the men's uniforms, their faces turned pale.

This is... Commander!

When Zhou Yi saw this man, his eyes became serious.

This person … He definitely wasn't a good person!

The killing intent released from his body was enough to intimidate Zhou Yi.

Only after experiencing countless battles on the battlefield would one be able to produce this kind of terrifying murderous aura. This was a true soldier.

With just a single glance, Zhou Yi was able to deduce that the strength of this soldier, was at least Middle Period of Martial Master, or maybe even higher!

When they saw this soldier, regardless of whether it was Liang Qi, Yang Ze, or Ma Wu, they all put on a respectful look.

Meng … Commander Meng. You... Why are you here …

Ma Wu was the first to smile apologetically. As the deputy mayor's secretary, he was the one who knew how to act based on appearances the most.

But in reality, an extremely bad premonition rose in Ma Wu's heart. He felt that things were not that simple. Why did Meng Hee suddenly appear? Ma Wu couldn't wrap his head around it.

This is Meng Hee, the commander of the 16th Division, the descendant of the founding marshal!

Meng Hee did not even look at Ma Wu. He just picked up the documents that were scattered on the ground. The more he looked, the more he frowned.

Ma Wu felt as if he had been slapped in the face. He had already spoken to Meng Hee in such a manner, and the other party was actually ignoring him?

At this time, Meng Hee suddenly said with a low voice and a hint of anger:

How can such a harming company still survive till now?

Hearing that, both Ma Wu and Yang Ze's mouth twitched. They didn't know what to say.

Finally, after a moment of silence, Ma Wucai said with a flattering smile:

Commander Meng, we can slowly investigate this matter. However, this guy is currently shooting a murder for a loan company. What we should do next is to capture him …

Do you really think that I don't know what you are up to after you take a picture of a certain loan?!

Meng Hee's cold words interrupted Ma Wu in an instant. When Ma Wu heard this, his face turned pale.

With Meng Hee's strength, if he really wanted to fight Ma Wu, then he could probably make it so that Ma Wu would never be able to do anything for the rest of his life!

What's your name?

Meng Hee didn't argue anymore. He just turned around and stared coldly at Zhou Yi. As he spoke, he also released his previous killing intent to intimidate Zhou Yi.

Meng Hee did this because he wanted to know how powerful this guy who dared to slaughter the entire company by himself was!

In an instant, the aura of at least the Middle Period of Martial Master enveloped Zhou Yi!

Zhou Yi!

Facing Ma Wu's murderous aura, Zhou Yi was not afraid. Instead, he proudly raised his head and took a step forward.

Seeing this, Meng Hee's eyes revealed traces of shock.

[This young man is not afraid in the face of my killing intent, and he even dares to step forward?!]

As expected, he was not an ordinary person!

Meng Hee was already praising this young man in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face. He just kept his cold voice.

You know that killing people is against the law!

Violation of the law? Heh …"

Zhou Yi laughed mockingly. In a split-second, Loki's terrifying aura was released from his body.

Could it be that it's a crime for him to shoot a picture of countless families falling apart and causing so many university students to rather jump off a building and commit suicide?!

Meng Hee's eyes lit up. He was impressed, what a hot-blooded man!

If no one is going to clean up these filthy trash, I, Zhou Yi, will kill these bastards!

His words echoed throughout the entire corridor.

The audience fell silent. Indeed, what Zhou Yi said was the truth. The reason why a certain loan could be taken care of was because of these higher-ups!

Army Commander Meng, you have to be reasonable. We will take him for what he is. But the truth is, it was Zhou Yi who killed him. We can't just let him go like this!

At this time, Ma Wu gritted his teeth and spoke viciously.


After all, this time, Ma Wu was out on behalf of the deputy mayor, Zheng Hong.

If this matter was done well, Zheng Hong would definitely blame him. This was a responsibility that Ma Wu could not afford to take. Even if he were to contradict Meng Hee, he had to say it this way.

However, at this time, Meng Hee turned around and swept his cold gaze over everyone present:

I, Meng Hee, am certain of this person!

These words were like a bomb that exploded. Everyone looked at Meng Hee in shock.

If Meng Hee really wanted to protect Zhou Yi, it would be useless even if the mayor came!

Army Commander Meng, you can't …

Ma Wu panicked. But before he could finish, he was interrupted again by Meng Hee:

Ma Wu, I'm warning you, if you dare to find trouble with this person again, I will dare to thoroughly investigate you from top to bottom!

This scared Ma Wu so much that his face turned pale. If Meng Hee really intended to investigate him thoroughly, Meng Hee would probably go to jail in less than a day!

Immediately, the entire scene went silent, with not a single sound coming from the entire audience.

Yang Ze, you should know how to deal with these things. Meng Hee's cold voice sounded again. After he finished speaking, he turned around and looked at Zhou Yi, Come with me.

Zhou Yi was silent. He watched as Meng Hee walked step by step towards the elevator and followed his footsteps.

The corner of Yang Ze's mouth completely twitched. He could not believe that Zhou Yi would have Meng Hee's backing …

When they entered the elevator, Zhou Yi looked at the person in front of him and he couldn't help but feel curious.

Why was this person protecting him?

Zhou Yi had a faint feeling that there must be a source here.


The elevator door slowly opened. Zhou Yi followed behind Meng Hee and got into Meng Hee's SUV.

It was Wang Hua who called me. He's an old friend of mine, that's why I helped you.

Meng Hee was the first to speak.

You don't have to thank me. If you want to thank me, then go and thank Wang Hua.

Zhou Yi was surprised when he heard Wang Hua's name, but he still calmed down and respectfully said:

No matter what, I have to thank you this time, Commander Meng.

Zhou Yi had always been respectful towards soldiers.

It's nothing, let me ask you. At this moment, Meng Hee suddenly turned his head and looked at Zhou Yi, Which family are you from?

I don't have any family. Zhou Yi shook his head and said.

Meng Hee's brows tightened when he heard this. He stared at Zhou Yi and found that Zhou Yi didn't have any lies on his face. You came here by yourself?

Zhou Yi nodded. Yes.

Meng Hee lit up a cigarette and blew out some smoke before saying:

Kid, do you have any interest in becoming my soldier? I can't afford to lose to you, you're a talent!

Zhou Yi immediately shook his head and said solemnly:

I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry, but I can't promise you that.

Why? Meng Hee frowned, If you can cultivate to this stage, you definitely won't be afraid of suffering …

It's not because of suffering! Zhou Yi said seriously, I still have too many things to do. If I choose to become a soldier, these things will be put on the back burner. I have my own choice!

Good boy! Meng Hee praised him again.

However, Commander Meng, I owe you a favor. I, Zhou Yi, will remember this. Zhou Yi stared at Meng Hee and said, If Commander Meng needs me in the future, I will stand up for you.

Not bad, not bad, you're a hot-blooded man, Meng Hee laughed out loud, This friend of yours, I, Meng Hee, have made up my mind!

Today, all of Zhou Yi's actions, as well as his neither servile nor overbearing attitude, made Meng Hee praise him greatly.

After exchanging methods of contact, Meng Hee drove Zhou Yi to Sheepfold Night.

After getting off the car and bidding farewell to Meng Hee, Zhou Yi walked into the Sheepfold Night and saw a resentful Lin Yuyan standing in front of him.

Lin Yuyan's voice became a little shrill as she pinched her small waist.

Zhou Yi, you bastard! Tell me what you did last night!"

The moment those words came out, Zhou Yi's mouth twitched. What's going on? Could it be that he was jealous?

Zhou Yi smiled bitterly and said,

I... I drank too much last night... I don't know either …"

You … You hoodlum, this morning... This morning, I saw you with a woman … The more Lin Yuyan spoke, the redder her face became. You two … The two of you …

Looking at Lin Yuyan's angry expression, Zhou Yi was stunned. He didn't even know what to say anymore.

Could it be that this morning … The person who opened the door was Lin Yuyan!

She … Seeing the appearance of Shangguan Mei and himself?

Zhou Yi! I hate you, you heartless man! "

As she said that, Lin Yuyan's eyes started to roll up with tears as she ran out. Zhou Yi rushed out immediately, but he only saw Lin Yuyan driving her car at full speed …

Zhou Yi's mouth twitched. He didn't know what to do in this situation.

Oh, this is … Is your real girlfriend jealous? "

At this moment, an enchanting voice suddenly sounded in Zhou Yi's ear. Zhou Yi turned around and saw Elder Sister Mei smiling charmingly.

At this moment, Elder Sister Mei was wearing a black dress with a cross in her lower skirt. Her fair legs were faintly discernible, making one look forward to the scenery under her skirt.

However, Zhou Yi didn't have the heart to enjoy this benefit. He sighed: What real girlfriend … He's clearly just a colleague …

Even though he said that, Zhou Yi still felt uncomfortable.

I've seen many guys like you. If you accidentally steal something outside, I won't know how to face my wife when I get home.

Elder Sister Mei said flirtatiously as she sat at the side.

Hearing Elder Sister Mei's words, Zhou Yi turned his head and wanted to retort, but he didn't know what to say. After a moment of silence, he said, Elder Sister Mei, could it be … Don't tell me you know it too? "

Of course, Elder Sister Mei stood up and moved closer to Zhou Yi. She whispered into Zhou Yi's ear, It's just that, how do you plan to deal with the little girl who is tied up upstairs? Could it be that he's like the other men who left after wiping his mouth?"


Zhou Yi said in a resolute tone: I, Zhou Yi, would take responsibility for what I do. How could I let her go!

Oh? Elder Sister Mei raised her eyebrows. Go take a look at that cute little girl. I've already prepared some food and placed it in my room, but I don't dare to let go of it … If you don't go, I'm afraid she'll starve to death …

Zhou Yi reacted and also rushed over.


Elder Sister Mei's eyes darted around for a moment, but she didn't say anything and just smiled.

Zhou Yi clenched his fist and walked up the stairs step by step. Then, he opened the door.

In this room, Shangguan Mei was tied to the bed with all kinds of cloth.

Shangguan Mei was still wearing a simple nightgown. Her fair skin was faintly discernible. She casually glanced at Zhou Yi.

What? You want to play S-M with me?

Zhou Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that. Please, am I that kind of person? I am just afraid that you might have a hard time …"

Where's my phone?

Shangguan Mei's voice was flat, but it seemed as if nothing had happened, as if she no longer cared about anything else.

However, Zhou Yi felt that she seemed to have abandoned everything, including … Her own life.

A certain mortgage company has already closed down. The people at the top are now thoroughly looking at a certain loan. You don't have to be bothered by them anymore.

Zhou Yi took a deep breath and said while staring at Shangguan Mei.

Shangguan Mei's gaze towards Zhou Yi was obviously filled with shock, but soon after it disappeared like smoke in thin air, as if she didn't care at all.

You took my phone?

Right. Zhou Yi nodded. He took out her cell phone from his pocket and put it on the table. I'm still afraid …

What are you afraid of? It's not like I'm going to run, so why are you tying me up?

Shangguan Mei said casually as she laid flat on the bed, her eyes dim.

After hesitating for a moment, Zhou Yi finally decided to untie her. Shangguan Mei stretched her arms and picked up a plate of food to eat.

You are... College students? Zhou Yi asked tentatively.

Why should I tell you? After finishing her meal, Shangguan Mei put down her bowl and said, You can rest assured that I won't do anything foolish. I don't have a loan … I'm too lazy to commit suicide. "

Hearing this, Zhou Yi heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that what he had done had brought Shangguan Mei some benefits.

But now that he thought about it, he really was impulsive back then. He rushed over without saying anything. Basically, he had slaughtered someone from his company … Even now, Zhou Yi still felt his scalp tingling …

You … Zhou Yi wanted to persuade Shangguan Mei again, but just as the words were about to leave his mouth, the phone rang. Zhou Yi looked down and saw that it was Huang Jia.

After he answered the phone, he heard her voice:

Zhou Yi, where are you? There's a shoot in the afternoon and this is the last one.

Only then did Zhou Yi suddenly remember that Huang Jia still had something that he needed to take pictures of. He looked at the time, it was already 11: 00 PM. He should hurry up and find a place to eat then rush over.

Zhou Yi said anxiously to Shangguan Mei as he thought about it.

I'll make Elder Sister Mei watch over you. Don't do anything stupid. Wait for me to come back tonight …

With that, Zhou Yi rushed out, leaving Shangguan Mei alone in the room. Her gaze became erratic.

In the Ye Family Dojo.

Chief, something bad has happened! A certain loan company has been sold... He was butchered by a fellow! Furthermore, Ye Chengran was both killed! "

A butler rushed over and said to Ye Chen.

Hearing that, Ye Chen's pupils suddenly contracted. He slammed his hand on the table: What did you say?! A certain loan is the most important source of income for us, which bastard did it!? "

Sensing the anger on Ye Chen, the butler trembled in fear.

Yes … It was Zhou Yi, he … He didn't know why he went to shoot a loan to cause trouble. In fact … Even the people we left behind to bid on some loans were killed by him! "

He really is a madman. How did laozi offend him! Ye Chen was so angry that his whole body started to tremble, Aren't we getting a lot of people on top of us? Don't tell me we're letting him escape?!

But … However, someone stood up for Zhou Yi, but no one … No one dares to mess with Zhou Yi anymore … As he spoke, the butler became even more anxious.

He, Zhou Yi, in Shanghai City, other than Ye Xun, what other powers does he have? Are you speaking nonsense with me?! Ye Chen started to curse loudly.

I... I don't know what's going on, but I heard that … It's the commander of Shanghai City, Meng Hee …

The more Steward Wang spoke, the quieter his voice became.

What?! It's actually Meng Hee?! "

The moment Ye Chen heard this name, he was scared to the point of breaking out in a cold sweat.

No wonder no one dared to touch Zhou Yi in public. Even if the mayor came, he would still have to give Wu Tie face!

What should we do, Patriarch? Am I going to let Zhou Yi go on like this? The butler was even more anxious.

He, Zhou Yi, actually dares to mess with us on the surface. Even if Meng Hee protects him, I still have a way to mess with him! Ye Chen said and his eyes became fierce, To contact the Flying Tiger group now, they are a group of fugitives. As long as the money is in place, there is nothing they wouldn't dare to do!

When the butler heard the Flying Tiger Gang's words, he was shocked.

One must know that the Flying Tiger Gang was not as simple as an underground gang … The real Flying Tiger Gang was divided into two parts. The first part was that the Flying Tiger Guild was in charge of the eastern underground gangs, while the second one was a group of Flying Tigers … That was a criminal gang in the true sense of the word!

Back then, the Zhang Shuo that was robbed in Shanghai City was only a small leader of the Flying Tiger Group!

But … Will they really help us? Furthermore, since Zhou Yi's power is that powerful, can they really do it? " The butler was still worried.

Don't worry, the guy who killed Zhang Shuo was Zhou Yi! The fierceness in Ye Chen's eyes deepened, And, even if we can't touch Zhou Yi, can't we attack from his family?!

At this time, the butler was shocked.

The steward had thought that Ye Chen could be this vicious …

In the police station.

Has there been any news of the Flying Tiger Company? Also, how did we deal with Zheng Cheng?

Yang Ze asked Liang Qi. His gaze was slightly cold.

None... They are really too cunning, and they even colluded with some other forces. There are still many people secretly helping them on the streets."

As Liang Qi said that, his eyes flashed:

Zheng Cheng... He was only sentenced to two years for lack of evidence. "

Yang Ze immediately clenched his fists. Insufficient evidence? What a joke!


You have to know, when Zheng Cheng and Zhang Shuo were caught colluding to sell quality goods and guns, this was a capital offense!

Why, in the hands of the higher-ups, it had become two years of imprisonment!

Yang Ze clenched his fists tightly. He knew that he was just a small police chief. Under such circumstances, he couldn't do anything at all!


This was the only judgement Yang Ze had of himself.

Continue looking up the Flying Tiger Company's information!

Yang Ze suddenly roared at everyone in the police station, and his eyes turned blood-red.

Liang Qi's expression turned strange. He found an excuse to go to the toilet and secretly sent a message:

Be careful, the police here are occasionally looking for you. If you have the latest intelligence, I'll let you know anytime …

Shanghai City, Ancient Town Street.

The taxi stopped at the side of the road. Zhou Yi got off the taxi and saw many security guards and police cordons.

This area was temporarily occupied by the film crew for the purpose of filming.

Zhou Yi walked over. When the security guards saw Zhou Yi, they immediately stepped aside to make way for him.

Right now, Zhou Yi was in a frenzy among the film crew. Everyone knew that he had beaten up Cai Yukun. Who would dare to provoke him again?

When Director Wang saw Zhou Yi, he immediately came over with an obsequious smile. He almost treated Zhou Yi as a superb expert:

Aiyaya, Mr Zhou is finally here. We've been waiting for you for a long time, have you seen the script? Can you still remember the lines?

Zhou Yi's face darkened after hearing this. Last night, Zhou Yi drank too much and even did the same thing with Shangguan Mei overnight. This morning, he had also caused a ruckus because of Shangguan Mei's filming of a loan company.

How about this. Give me ten minutes first. Can I look at the script again to familiarize myself with it?

Zhou Yi said. He sat on the resting table and started reading the script.

But in reality, the lines weren't that easy to remember. Zhou Yi was sweating profusely as he watched.

When the actors around them saw this scene, they were slightly dissatisfied and they began whispering to each other.

Yesterday, I thought that this guy would be a good person. But today, it seems that he's about the same as that Cai I Kun.

Isn't that so? He's simply biting off more than he can chew … Forget about being late, you didn't even memorize the script.

From what I see, he and that whatever Cai I Kun are not good people... I only know how to play big.

Zhou Yi clearly heard this and didn't care about it. He just closed the script: Let's begin.

This time, the director was sweating profusely: Mr Zhou, did you really remember that? How about we delay it for another day?

No need. Let's start now. Zhou Yi shook his head and said unhurriedly, I'm not a big shot. What capital do I have to waste so many people's time?

The moment he said that, the whole audience went silent for a moment.

Aren't you a big shot? If you are not a big shot, who is? If you are not a big shot, who is?

Alright then, then … Let's start now. " Since Zhou Yi had already said so, what could the director do? He could only get everyone to get ready.

While the cameramen and lamplighters were preparing the script, Zhou Yi still lowered his head and looked at the script. At this moment, Zhou Yi suddenly noticed Huang Jia's gaze seemed to be looking at him.

Zhou Yi lowered his head even more. Right now, Zhou Yi didn't even dare to face Huang Jia. After all … After all, he felt that he had let Huang Jia down somehow when he did that kind of thing with Shangguan Mei.

Alright, everyone get into position. Let's begin.

At this moment, Director Wang had already shouted. Only then did Zhou Yi come back to his senses. He hurriedly put down the script and walked to the beach.

The scene playing out was a deductive ending.

At the end of this micro movie, the second female lead Huang Jia willingly quit this relationship and sincerely wished the male lead Zhou Yi and Liu Yinyin a happy reunion.

Hua, I'm tired … Perhaps I was wrong …

Huang Jia raised her head. Tears welled up in her eyes under the sunlight.

I should have understood this a long time ago. From the day you left me, our story has already come to the end …

They were already acting, but for some reason, the moment Zhou Yi heard those words, it was as if he was in a scene.

At this moment, all the lines he remembered disappeared from Zhou Yi's mind.

Zhou Yi's mind was filled with memories of his past with Huang Jia.

He filmed a short video of a Tik Tok for Huang Jia and made red shrimp online with her …

But now, only now …

Zhou Yi lowered his head slowly. His face was ugly and his fists were clenched tightly.

When the audience saw this scene, they all revealed looks of shock. Heavens, what kind of acting is this?!

It was simply … It was like the truth.

Seeing this scene, Director Wang went even crazier. Right now, his mind was filled with scenes of whether he would be able to win any awards from this movie in the future.

He even fantasized about what Zhou Yi would become like in the future, and at that time, how much reputation and money he could earn as a spy who could discover Zhou Yi!

Oh my god, this is what I want! A true city soldier king, a man with iron bones, but with a sense of gentleness!

If it wasn't for the fact that they were shooting right now, Director Wang would probably want to shout out in excitement.

Let bygones be bygones …

After a moment of silence, Zhou Yi slowly raised his head and uttered these words with great difficulty.

Everything, it's about time for an end …

But … Huang Jia's tears could no longer be held back. Drip, drip, drip. They flowed out and fell onto the beach.

There's nothing but …

At this moment, Liu Yinyin walked out step by step. She stood in the middle of Huang Jia and Zhou Yi. She turned around and stared at Huang Jia. Her black skirt gradually swayed along with the sea breeze.

Perhaps, the person who accompanied Hua Li in the past was you. However, in the days that followed, it was me … At his most painful, most helpless, most heartbroken moment, it was me who accompanied her through it. You, are just a past. And now, it is time to put this past aside.

The moment this sentence came out of Liu Yinyin's mouth, Zhou Yi was stunned.

Yes... Acting? Or … Are you telling the truth?

Huang Jia had indeed been by his side during the Yuzhou days.

But now, everything seemed like a joke.


However, the time that she had spent with me was something that truly existed in the deepest parts of my mind!

Suddenly, these words came out of Zhou Yi's mouth, and his eyes were bloodshot.

That's right, even if Huang Jia was not by Zhou Yi's side, but in the end, she still came to find him, didn't she?!

At this moment, both Huang Jia and Liu Yinyin were stunned.

This was a story that had never happened in the original script before. In the original plot, it should have been the conclusion after a few words of flirting.

The other extras were also stunned. It had to be said that everyone had seen the script. Everyone knew how

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