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Life During Coronavirus

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Life During Coronavirus

Lunghezza: 72 pagine56 minuti


Health and fitness book that is focused on optimizing your wellness during quarantine and surviving the effects of isolation on your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It also includes helpful information on how to improve your immune system to prepare your body for potentially contracting the coronavirus. During this quarantine period, you can upgrade your body by making it stronger with fitness methods at home, and you can adjust your diet to suit your health needs accordingly. This book aims to guide you in minimizing the potential risks of the coronavirus, allowing you to adapt to a positive means of living in the most effective way possible. We have to push aside the anxiety, pressure, panic, and sense of unsustainability we are experiencing and reflect on the manner in which we treat the earth, one another, or ourselves. This is a beautiful time to take into account what’s important in life and to focus on yourself. Giving yourself the time of day is probably something you seldom do in your normal everyday life, but right now, with the lockdown, you have plenty of time to dedicate to yourself. Taking a negative situation and turning it into a positive one is exactly what we need to do to get through this global coronavirus situation, which has never occurred before in our lifetime. This is a trying time for humanity, but we are all in this together.

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