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101 More Things To Do With Ramen Noodles

101 More Things To Do With Ramen Noodles

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101 More Things To Do With Ramen Noodles

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Apr 1, 2011


A new collection of uncommon ways to make ramen!
Ramen-meister Toni Patrick has again worked her magic with these humble noodles to create even more tasty recipes—from breakfast to dessert and everything in between. Grab your fork and give these dishes a whirl: 
  • Ricotta Frittata
  • Corn Chowder
  • Grilled Ramen
  • Broccoli and Ham Casserole
  • Pad Thai
  • Turkey-Pasta Pie
  • Hot and Sour Ramen
  • Crab Lo Mein, and many more
Apr 1, 2011

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101 More Things To Do With Ramen Noodles - Toni Patrick

101 More Things to Do with Ramen Noodles

Toni Patrick

101 More Things to Do with Ramen Noodles

Digital Edition v1.0

Text © 2011 Toni Patrick

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means whatsoever without written permission from the publisher, except brief portions quoted for purpose of review.

Gibbs Smith, Publisher

PO Box 667

Layton, UT 84041

Orders: 1.800.835.4993

ISBN: 978-1-4236-1637-5

I would like to give an extra special thanks to my mom, who has always helped, supported, and inspired me. I love you!

To both my moms, Georgie Patrick and Cyndi Duncan, this book would never have been written had you not given me a shot to begin with.

To my daughter, Robbi, I love you and cherish you and thank you for sharing the ramen with the dog. He is now a ramen lover, too!

To the rest of my family, thanks for your love and support.

And to my grandmother, Geneva Hewitt, I will love you and honor you for eternity.

101 More Things to Do with Ramen Noodles

Table of Contents

Helpful Hints Breakfast Quick and Easy Breakfast Ramen Bacon Fried Ramen Spinach and Eggs Ramen Fried Ramen and Eggs Breakfast Ramen Cheesy Omelet Breakfast Casserole Ricotta Frittata Soups Mexican Ramen Soup Ham and Black-Eyed Peas Asian Ramen Noodle Soup Mayan Soup Spicy Shrimp and Noodle Soup Corn Chowder Chicken Soup Miso Ramen Curried Chicken Soup Tuna Noodle Stew Chicken Chile Ramen Salads Broccoli Slaw Oriental Chicken Salad Cole Slaw Mandarin Salad Nutty-Grape Salad Quick Chicken Salad Tangerine Chicken Salad Sprouting Ramen Salad Polish Ramen Salad Fruit Salad Chicken Fajita Ramen Salad Tofu Salad Oriental Salad Sides Grilled Ramen Chinese Fried Noodles Stuffed Tomatoes Tuna Noodle Spread Baked Ramen Cakes Sweet and Salty Ramen Twisted Ramen Ramen Pancakes Casseroles Chicken Casserole Chicken Broccoli Casserole Ramen Noodle Casserole Mexican Ramen Casserole Cheesy Turkey Casserole Layered Ramen Broccoli and Ham Casserole Tuna Ramen Casserole Tomato-Basil Turkey Casserole Vegetable Bok Choy Ramen Spinach Parmesan Ramen Asian Noodle Toss Broccoli and Ramen Noodles Yakisoba Pad Thai Ohm Raisu Ramen Olive and Red Pepper Ramen Spicy Lime Ramen Italian Ramen Patties Mushroom and Zucchini Ramen Poultry Herbed Chicken Garlic Chicken Toss Thai Chicken Caesar Chicken Ramen Honey Grilled Chicken Turkey-Pasta Pie Turkey Gravy Noodles Turkey Ramen Leftover Thanksgiving Fried Ramen Pesto Turkey and Pasta Meats Meatballs and Pineapple Ramen Ramen Rolled Steak Yatsobi Crock-Pot Beef and Noodles Stuffed Bell Peppers Gingered Pork and Ramen Oriental Hot Dogs Spicy Sausage Ramen Hot and Sour Ramen Pork Skillet Pepperoni Pizza Seafood Garlic Shrimp Ramen Crab Lo Mein Smoked Mussel Ramen Teriyaki Tuna Ramen Salmon Ramen Swedish Ramen Cajun Seafood Noodles Ramen Clam Chowder Pie Spinach Crab Ramen Coconut Curry Shrimp Dessert Chocolate Cherry Cakes Chocolate Ramen Balls Jiggly Ramen Quick and Easy Fried Ice Cream Choco-Banana Crunch Cakes Chocolate Ramen Strawberry Ramen Ice Cream Caramel Ramen White Chocolate Ramen Cookie Thin Mint on a Stick About the AuthorMetric Conversion Chart

Helpful Hints

Extra uses for ramen flavor packets:

Add to water while preparing any noodle or rice for extra flavor

Use instead of bouillon—add 1 packet for every 2 cups of water

Use to flavor gravy—stir into pan drippings along with flour or whisk in water for use instead of stock

Shake and bake for potatoes

Cutlet, chop, and fish coating—mix 1 packet per 2 tablespoons of flour for coating

Mix with bread crumbs for frying

Season ground meat for burgers, meatballs, and meat loaf—mix 1 packet per pound of ground meat

Seasoning rubs for chicken, steaks, and pork chops

Check ramen packaging for vegetarian or vegan manufacturers. Just because it is labeled as vegetable ramen does not mean animal products were not used in the manufacturing process.

The ramen noodles are finished cooking when they turn yellow and begin to separate.

Do not overcook ramen noodles. They will become mush.


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  • (4/5)
    At first glance, one might think this book is geared solely toward the college crowd. While it is certainly useful for them, its also very useful in our house of 30-somethings on a budget. Many of the recipes don't use the seasoning packet, so those with sodium concerns can relax. Most of the recipes are very easy and simple with cheap things you're likely to have on hand (i.e. hamburger, cheese, onion, sour cream, soup) and a lot of variety (soups, salads, beef, chicken, pork, etc.). Most of the recipes are for 2 servings, making it nice for couples, though certainly you could double it for a larger household. The book even has a plastic cover (to protect from splatters) and is spiral bound so you can lay it flat on the counter and read the recipes while you cook. There is plenty of space on each page to make notes (i.e. "next time add more onions"). The only negative thing is that most of these recipes use several pans -- you need one to boil the noodles in (why are there no microwave directions for Ramen Noodles?) while you're making the bulk of the recipe in another pan, then you have to drain the noodles with the strainer ... you get the idea.